How To Delete Upwork (oDesk) Account

ODesk is a prominent online platform where professionals connect and collaborate on a wide range of projects. Your oDesk user account can be used to post new tasks as a client or to find remote work as an independent contractor. If you need to close your existing account for any given reason, however, first you must meet certain potential requirements regardless of your account type.

Closing or Deleting the Account Log into your oDesk account and click the Settings icon from any Web page, which brings you to the Contact Info page. Click “Close My Account” from the main Account section. ODesk requires that you provide a valid reason for closing your existing account to help them better understand your needs. Select from the list of reasons provided, then click “Close Account” to proceed. Note that you must contact customer support should you ever need to reactivate your account, as ODesk’s terms of service do not allow you to simply open a new one.