How to Get Payoneer Debit card from odesk in Bangladesh

If you need Payoneer Debit Master Card it is not very tough to get it. If you ask Odesk to give they simply send it to you. You can cashout your money by this card from any ATM booth of various banks, especially Dutch Bangla Bank, Brac Bank, Standard Chartered Bank etc. So to get Payoneer Debit Card you have to follow the following instruction: 

It is very easy to get a master card via Odesk. Odesk is a most trustful freelancing website in the world. If you are a freelancer and making money with odesk then Payoneer debit card is the best withdrawal solution for you. So today I will give you tips about getting a free credit card online.

Tips To Get Payoneer Debit Master Card Via Odesk
It is not a difficult task to get a Master Card via Odesk. Just follow some steps below:
1.  You must be registered in Odesk to get this card. If you are not registered on Odesk then go to this links and get registered. Click the following link if you are totally new and want to know How to get registered on Odesk.
2. When you have a Odesk account, please Login.
3. After login you will find your Odesk Account Panel.
4. Click on the WALLET tab in the Header section of the website.
6. When you click here you will have a popup there with many payment options. As we are now learning how to get Payoneer Card free Powered by Odesk from Bangladesh. We have to click SET UP button beside Payoneer option.
7.     Now, you will be asked to give the answer of Security question. This security quiestion was setup by you when you updated your Odesk account.
8.     When you answer your security question you will be redirected to a webpage of Payoneer.
9.     At the bottom of the page your will find a button called GET YOUR PREPAID MASTERCARD NOW! Click on that button.
10.   Then you will be redirected to a new page. Here you will be asked to fill up forms. You have to give your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Your residence address, password, security question & your Identity Number. When you complete all the forms click on Finish to complete the application form.

Now wait for some hours. It may take upto 2 days to get approved/disapproved for the card. But, I think if you follow my instructions you will get your card approved without any problem