How to Complete 100% oDesk Profile

Most of the people understand that, oDesk is the most Important freelancing market in the world. But many of them do not know how to open an account in oDesk. For that I Figure it below & do not feel confusion to make an account at oDesk. Now you just start by following How to Complete 100% oDesk profile.

oDesk market place and choose “Want a job? Sign up!” If you want to earn money by freelancing work.

1) Go to oDesk Market place and start sing up your contractor profile.

2) Fill you basic information look like this image.

3) Login your email that setup to odesk and Click the Verification Link.

4) Click this box look like under image for verify.

5) After Verify, Start to complete your profile just click like below the image.

6) Fill out now your oDesk profile step by step your Name, your real PP Picture, your skills Title, your skills/carrier Objective, Hourly rate, English Level and Categories as like below this image.

7) Select 10 category that you are Expert, Just click the select box as your expertise. As like Website writing, Blog & Article writing, Email Marketing, SEO, SEM, SMM, Public Relation, Customer Service & Support etc.

8) Fill your Local Information, Address, City, State, Zip code and Phone Number.

9) Add to odesk profile on your Skills, Employer History, Education and your special Portfolio Project as follow below the image.

10) Add your certificate and Others Experiences like below the Image

11. Already completed your profile 80%, now you must need oDesk Readiness Test Answers - 2015 for increase 10%.

There have 11 question and time limit 40 minute.Then your profile will be complete 90%, also you should 1other test for complete your oDesk profile 100%. Just Click Here for oDesk Readiness Test Answers - 2015.