Elance Access Test Answers 2015

The action of typing a record into a database is:
Data entry
Form entry
Query cultivation
Form making
What is the maximum number of indexes that you can create on an Access table?

Why use a database instead of a spreadsheet?
Databases and Spreadsheets are interchangeable.
Spreadsheets do not chart well.
Databases are easier to set up.
Multiple data from various tables are needed.

The functions of Avg, Sum, Count, etc. can be found in which tool group?
Property Sheet

Microsoft Access does not offer parameterized queries.

Which one of these is not a valid database relationship?

What would UCase("Tech on the Net") return?

True or False: You use an AutoNumber data type when you want unique numeric values to be created automatically by Access when you create a record.

What can you do to distribute the front-end database?
Send via email
Distribute across a network
All of these
Removable media such as CDs or thumb drives

You want to make sure that a unique number is always recorded on a new record. You would set the data type to:

You want to make sure the data in a record is always recorded in dollars. You would set the data type to:

How do you sort data in order?
Right-click in cell and select sort order
All of these
Use Filters
Use the sort function in ascending or descending order

In an appointment database, you want to record the time of each appointment. What would you set the data type to?

What is a drop down list?
The result of a query.
Set by a MACRO.
A way to have a user select from list of values in a table or form.
Only used in forms.

Of these, what could be the purpose for splitting a database?
Makes the database more available to edit by multiple users
Reduce the chance of corruption
All of these
To enhance security

What is a purpose of a report?
To condense data
To rearrange data
To edit data in an expanded format
To represent data in a more aesthetic, professional manner

What would Left("Alphabet", 4) return?

An Access file can be exported into:
All of these

How do you limit the types of records you are viewing in a table?
Use a different font size
Use a filter
Delete the other records

An Access file can import:
Excel Files
Text Files
All of these
Access files

What is an input mask?
Does not apply to Access.
A Zoom setting.
A user-help field setting.
A pattern for all data to be entered in the field.

True or False: Access allows you to import data from Excel.

What does an ACCDE file do?
All of these
Reduces the size of the database
Prevents copying and editing of files
Prevents use of certain functions of the database

Each customer has one address and each customer can have multiple orders. This is an example of a:
Inverted data set.
One-to-many relationship.
Many-to-many relationship.
A query.

What is VBA?
Used in queries exclusively
A data type that can be selected
The programming language used in Access Modules
A primary key setting

What is a data type?
Required to be set by an Administrator
It determines the kind of values users can store in a field
It is used by MACROs to edit data
It is an attribute of a primary key only

To add a table to a database, you:
Import a table from another file
All of these
Right click on a table, and copy it
Click "Table" on Create menu

What would Format("1267.5", "Currency") return?

Which of the following is not an Access object?

How do you save a file?
Click on the Microsoft icon on the top-left, then click save
All of these
Click on the disk icon on the top of the window
Press Control + S

What is an example of a comparison operator symbol?
= (Equals To)
< (Less Than)
All of these
> (Greater Than)

The primary advantage of using indexing is that:
It speeds up searches and sorting on the field.
Uses MACROs effectively.
It reduces the number of records needed.
It forces user compliance in data entry.

What would Format("210.6", "#,##0.00") return?

True or False: You can import an Excel spreadsheet to an Access table.

Each row of a table is called a:

If tables are for storing data, what are queries used for?
Keeping all MACROs operating.
Displaying and printing the data you wish to see.
Enforcing primary key relationships.
Retrieving the data you want from the tables.

Is it possible to create a Crosstab query in Access?

How can you define how various tables of information are related?
Use the Relationships property to define them.
Delete all old files.
Set up Forms with the right data
Build queries.

What would LCase("124ABCd") return?

What happens when you freeze a column?
It makes the selected column move easier
It prevents all other columns from being moved
It prevents the column from moving positions
It hides a column

How to you ensure that a field is filled out properly?
Adjust the field width.
Delete the field.
Use a validation rule.
Change the font size.

True or False: Embedded macros can be attached to the event property of a form, report or control.

Can a primary key be used as a non-primary key in another table?
Does not apply to tables.
Only with a MACRO.

The Is Null criteria searches for fields that are ____.
None of these

What is a report?
A way to store data in a database.
The opposite of a query.
A MACRO controlled document.
The best method for printing the results of data in a database.

Conditional formatting...
is an Excel tool and is not available in Access
can only be done on forms in Access
can only be done on reports in Access
allows you to apply formatting to data when a certain criterion is met

Before you split a database, you should:
Convert the database into an Excel spreadsheet
Create queries for all fields
Create a new table in the same file
Back up the database file

What is the maximum number of indexes that you can create on an Access table?

A primary key can be described as:
The only field in a table
The field the only contains uppercase values
A field or a combination of fields that contain unique values
Any field

In an Access Query, if you would like your result to display blank values, what criteria would you use?
is null
is like 0
is not null

To change the type of data input for a specific field, you:
Change the type in the Datasheet menu, under Data Type
All of these
Change view to Design, and change the data type

This holds data in a database:

What is a primary key?
It uniquely identifies each record in a table.
It uniquely defines each list in a report.
It uniquely identifies each list in a query.
It identifies multiple records in a table.

Which query can you delete records?
Update Query
Record Query
None of the above
Delete Query
Removal Query

What is a form?
An Access object where you can enter, edit or display data from a table only
An Access object where you can enter, edit or display data from a query only
An Excell object where you can enter, edit or display data from a table
An Access object where you can enter, edit or display data from a table or query

What kind of relationships can you do in a database?
All of these

What is the best way to view and print the results of a query?

Of these, which can comparison operator symbols be applied to?
All of these

Which data type allows for text and numbers to be added to a field?

In a query looking for salespeople whose first name starts with "L" but last name starts with "O", what kind of condition will you set?

What would LCase("Tech on the Net") return?
tech on the net
ech on the et

You can edit the field size for allowable characters in:
Datasheet View
Pivot Chart View
Design View

True or False: You cannot assign a Macro to a Command Button.

You can import data into Access from:
An HTML file
All of these

What are ways to collect data?
All of these
Type in everything
Import Files
Create an email with the Access File using Outlook

To edit how a form looks, you go to:
Print preview
Query Manager
Design view
Form view

Which are comparison operators?
greater than ">"
less than "<"
equal to "="
All of these

What does field size do?
Restricts the number of characters in a field to a preset amount.
Sets the size of a report.
Keeps the minimum number of characters in a field above a preset amount.
Sets the size of a form.

How do you make sure that a field from a query is displayed in the results?
A Form pushbutton is added
A Report displays the Query
The "Show" checkbox is not checked
The "Show" checkbox is checked

How do you ensure that a field is filled out in a table?
Set the "Required" setting to "Yes"
Make the field set to the "Memo" data type.
Use a filter.
Zoom to the field.

Can relationships be between primary keys and non-primary keys?
Does not apply to tables.
Only with a query.

Which of the following is NOT a valid data type in an Access table?

Which of these is a proper example of how to write an equation for a query?
(Amount)+(Field Name)
[Amount]+[Field Name]
Amount + Field Name
\Amount\ + \Field Name\

What is a caption?
Used as a user note on an opening form.
The label for a field when used on a form.
Sets a default value.
The same as a text box.

What do you call a value that is automatically entered in a filed for new records?
Date/Time value
Default value.
Primary Key.

A good feature for having a unique primary key is:
Set the font to bold.
Use the AutoNumber feature
Use a MACRO to double check
Double check daily

Which database object acts as a storage container for the data?

What character do you use to concatenate two character strings?
& (Ampersand Operator)
# (Hash Operator)
! (Exclamation Operator)
* (Asterisk Operator)

If you delete a field from a table:
Only the data is erased
Both the field and the data are erased
Only the field is erased
Only a certain piece of data is erased

Which of the following is NOT a valid data type in an Access table?

When you press the Tab key, which way does the insertion point go?
To the end of the document
The adjacent field
Within the same field
A new record

Which of these would be a proper way to type a parameter?
#Where was this shipped to?
(Where was this shipped to?)
*Where was this shipped to?
[Where was this shipped to?]

True or False: Data in a subdatasheet can be edited.

What language is used to extend and automate MS Access?
Visual Binary for Applications
Visual C#
Visual Basic .NET
Visual Basic for Applications

What is the shortcut key combination for stopping the execution of a query?

The Where function does what?
Counts the number of records that match in a field
Creates a calculated field
Duplicates records displayed
Limit records displayed to those that match a condition

What is the file extension of an Access 2010 database?

Where in an Access window can you search for a specific record?
2 of these are correct
Bottom of the window, with arrows and search bar
Find menu at the top of the window in the tool ribbon
In the help menu

Which of the following takes you through the process of creating a table
Table Assistant

Access _____ the saved query each time it is opened.

To ensure a value no greater than 30 is entered into a field you would use:
A Caption
An Input Mask
A default value
A validation rule

How do you create a new table by importing an Excel Spreadsheet?
External Data tab->Excel button in Import group
External Data tab->Excel button in Export group
Internal Data tab->Excel button in Export group

Which two objects can a report object be based on?
Query and Page
Form and Query
Macro and Table
Table and Query

Why should you enter sample data in tables after creating them?
To review existing data
To check for potential data maintenance problems
To create a preliminary list of fields
To identify primary and foreign keys

Name the object that is linked to a table that is used to enter data?

You need a shortcut on a form to print a specific report. Which form design tool do you use?
Command Button
Insert Hyperlink
Unbound Object Frame

Which of these is considered a record?
1 column of data
The whole table
A diagonal set of cells
1 row of data

What is each column in a table called?
Advanced Feature.
A row.
An attribute.

When you use the Max function, you are searching for...
None of these
The largest value in a record
The largest value in a field
The first value in a field

Your sales entry form does not tab through in the order you want between fields. You should:
Use a MACRO to enter the data
Manually set tab sequence on the form
Import the sales from an Excel spreadsheet
Delete the form and rebuild it

Which Database Tool allows you to identify tables with repeating information and suggest a more normalized table design?
Analyze Table
Analyze Performance
Database Documenter

In Microsoft Office Access 2010, which "Filter By Group" Options available in database objects pane:
All Access Objects
All of Them

What keyboard shortcut key do you press to get help?

What type of query is used to show data but that does not alter data on the table?
Make Table

What would Len("Tech on the Net") return?

True or false: In the 2007 and later versions of Access, databases are not encrypted when a database password is applied.

What is the difference between regular version and runtime version of Microsoft Access?
The runtime version allows users to use the Access application and use its design surfaces.
The runtime version does not allow users to use the Access queries.
The runtime version allows users to use the Access application but they cannot use its design surfaces.
The runtime version does not allow users to use the Access application but they cannot use its design surfaces.
The runtime version allows users to use the Access queries.

What would Len("Tech on the Net") return?

The Input Mask Wizard is used to....
Change the field name in a table
Create a label for a data type
Hide information in a table from query results
Format data being entered into a table

What does setting "Allow Zero Length" to "Yes" in a text field allow?
It forces a string to be at least one character long.
It sets the default value to zero.
It sets the default value to "blank"
It allows zero-length strings in the field.

What are two ways to enter data into your database?
Via a form and directly into a table.
Via a normal query and directly into a table.
Via a form and a report
The only way is directly into a table.

If you wanted to create a query that removed records from an existing table, what kind of query would you create?
Make-Table Query
Delete Query
Removal Query
Update Query

In query design, if you want to find all records where the CITY field begins with the letter D you would enter:
Not A-C and Not E-Z
Is D*
Like "D*"
Like "D?"

On the ribbon with the Window tools, how can you view opened queries, tables, and reports?
Tile Vertically
All of these

If you wanted to create a query that removed records from an existing table, what kind of query would you create?
Delete Query
Removal Query
Make-Table Query
Update Query

Access will allow Joins between two linked tables on different servers.

If you wanted to create a query that added records to an existing table (without overwriting existing records), what kind of query would you create?
Update Query
Append Query
Insert Query
Make-Table Query

What are relationships for?
To move information between tables
To solidify information
To ensure referential integrity

How do you move to the last record in a table?
Press CTRL+End
All are correct
Click the last record button

True or False: To hide repeating data in a column on a report you would set the Hide Duplicates Property to "No."

Before deleting a query object in your database you need to check whether any report objects are based on it. How do you do this?
Use the Analyze Table tool
Use the Analyze Performance tool
Use the Database Documenter tool
Use the Object Dependencies Task Pane

What are the 3 buttons for sorting data?
Sort numbers, A-Z, clear sort
Erase all sorts, Ascending, Erase one sort
Ascending, descending, clear all sorts
Ascending, descending, clear column

If you wanted to create a query that added records to an existing table (without overwriting existing records), what kind of query would you create?
Append Query
Update Query
Make-Table Query
Insert Query

Can you modify information while viewing a report?
Yes, if the report is active
No - unless you import the data first
No, you can only view information with a report
Yes, if the settings allow it

To find records within two dates you use
The FROM and TO operator
The BETWEEN and AND operator
The WITHIN operator
None of these

Where can you check the number of records you have in a database?
ID number column
Properties of the file
Top of the window
Bottom of the window

You want to limit what people can enter on a Form. They easiest way is to:
Reset the format
Use a drop down menu
Use a toggle switch
Use a text box to state what they should choose from

Where can you find the # of results in a Query?
Pop-up screen
Only in the find window
Lower left of the screen
Data Tools -> Find Query

What would Len("124ABCd") return?

What is most commonly used for data entry?

You have imported data from Excel. You want Access to help you split your data into different tables. What do you do?
Use the Database Documenter tool
Access cannot do this for you
Use the Analyze Table tool
Use the Analyze Performance tool

What is the name of a query to which you can add records?
add query
additional records query
reference query
append query
update query

A best practice in managing a relational database such as the Access Jet database engine is:
Print a backup copy
Make multiple tables for redundancy
Normalizing the data
Link to the Internet

Do you have to have relationships set up in Access?
Only required if you are using a query.
Yes, it is always required.
Required if you are using a MACRO.
No, but it is a good practice.

An Input Mask is:
Used to set the maximum length of a field
Used to define the way data is hidden
A data pattern that restricts users from entering a specific value
A data pattern which dictates how users can enter data into a field

How does changing the appearance of a datasheet affect the underlying table structure?
It does not change the structure
The appearance is the data structure
Resets all queries
Changes only auto-update fields

You can use SQL to write Queries.
Yes, if you have SQL enabled on your database.
No, queries are made using the Microsoft query builder.

Which of these is not a valid aggregate function for a query search?

When you run a query to find records in related tables, Access, by default, uses...
an Inner Join
a Right Outer Join
a Left Outer Join
Self Join

What would Replace("alphabet", "bet", "hydro") return?

Choose the correct criteria to enter when prompting a user for the Customer Name in a Query.
Like Customer Name *
[Enter the Customer Name]
#Enter the Customer Name#
"Enter the Customer Name"

To create a table relationship you would click on...
Database Tools, Relationships
Insert, Relationships
Edit, Relationships
Create, Relationships

Which of the following is not a valid view for an Access Form?
Design View
Form View
Edit View
Layout View

When can you set referential integrity between two tables?
All of these
When the Matching field is a primary key in one table or has a unique index
You cannot add a record to a table that contains a foreign key, without a corresponding record in the primary key table
You cannot change the definition of related fields on fields that have referential integrity enabled.

How do you resize a column?
Merge two cells together
Use functions in Format as Table
Click and drag along the border of a cell
Click and drag along the right border of a field

The Following statements are all true except:
You write the criteria for a query in the design grid
You can select which fields are chosen and hidden in a query
You may use more than one table in a query
You can only have one criterion per line in the design grid

Which term is used to refer to a single piece of data stored in a field?

You require a Grand total to be printed on a Report. You create a calculated field and place the control in which section on the report?
Page Footer
Report Footer
Group Footer
Detail section

You require a form control that provides a text box to which a drop-down list is attached. Users can either type a value directly into the text box or select from the list of choices available. Which control will you choose?
Option Group Control
Combo Box control
List Box control
Text Box Control

In which row of the query design grid do you specify what is used to filter the results?

Normalization is the process of:
combining two or more fields together to create a primary key
All of these
organizing data in a database to produce optimized table structures
adding redundant data to a table to speed up database access

What does it mean to enforce referential integrity.
You can't alter the data in the record.
This isn't a feature in access.
You can now automatically delete all the data related to your record.
You can quickly see all the relationships in your table.
You can't update the data to violate the record's relationship.

What would Mid("Alphabet", 3, 10) return?

How would one bypass the the execution of AutoExec Macro when you open Microsoft Office Access database?
Press and hold "m" Key
None of the above
Press Ctrl + Break (in Windows)
Press and hold Shift Key
Press and hold "k" Key

How do you create a switchboard?
Database Tools->SQL -> Switchboard
Database Tools -> Switchboard Manager
Access doesn't have a switchboard option
Create -> Switchboard

When do you use the Lookup Wizard?
You want to lookup the value of a field from another table or create a list of values to choose from
You want to lookup up the contents of a field in a table in Datasheet View
You want to lookup specific objects that are related to the table
You want to bypass using referential integrity between two tables

What happens when Best Fit is used?
Text is formatted to fit the cell better
Numbers are written in word form and vice-versa
Only affects the rows
Text is formatted to fit the form better

You want to create a flexible query that prompts the user for additional criteria. What will you create?
Action Query
Select Query
Parameter Query
Flexible Query

In a loop that begins with "Do Until rs.EOF = True", what problem occurs if you omit "rs.movenext"?
You get a message saying "Recordset Move is Required"
You get error number 3021 "No Current Record"
The code continues executing but Access appears to hang.
The code takes slightly longer to run

What does an Action Query do?
Does not modify data
Modifies data in some way.
Automatically displays a report
Automatically starts a MACRO

Each sales person has many customers. Each customer can have many orders. In building a query for how much in sales a salesperson is generating, what kind of relationship will exist between customer and orders?
Many-to-many relationship
None exists

How do you password protect your database?
Open Database->Database Tools->Switchboard tools-> Make ACCDB
Open Database in exclusive mode->Database Tools-> Encrypt with Password
Open Database in inclusive mode->Database Tools-> Encrypt with Password
Open Database->Database Tools-> Make ACCDE

What does the Run button do?
Executes and renders the results within a table
Renders a report of the query
Changes the fonts and cells of the query
Executes and renders the results of the query in a new tab

If the "Row Source" property on a combo box was set to "Beginner";"Intermediate";"Advanced", what value would you assign to the "Row Source Type" property on that combo box?
Column List
Value List
Field List

Which of the following helps to study the information in a table and then make changes to streamline the data?
Access Analyzer Wizard
Sync Table Contents
Table Analyzer Wizard
Evaluate Data
Table Data Wizard

Which one listed below is not a valid version of MS Access?

What is one way to run a macro when opening an Access Database?
Press and Hold Shift Key
Use the settings to define which Macro you want to run first, on open.
Select Options from Office Button then change default macro setting to "Run Always"
Create a Macro named AutoExec

When creating or editing a table in design view, the 'Required' field property default value is 'No'.
There is no Required field property

Double Clicking the Active Tab on the Ribbon will:
Hide or Unhide the Ribbon
Close Access
Close the current database
Open a Dialog Box

True or False: You can upgrade a 2003 or earlier Access file (.mdb) to a 2007 or later Access file (.accdb) while a database password is configured.

What is the maximum size of Microsoft Access 2010 database file?
2 GB
4 GB
1 GB
2 GB, minus the space needed for system objects
3 GB

What would RTrim("Tech on the Net ") return?
"Tech on the Net"

What format must the filename be in to be protected?

What keyboard shortcut will bypass autoexec macros when opening an Access database?
Hold down Ctrl+Shift while opening the database
Hold down Alt+Shift while opening the database
Hold down Shift while opening the database
Hold down Ctrl+Alt while opening the database
Hold down Ctrl while opening the database

How do you copy a record?
Right-click the start of a row and click copy
Right-click the start of a column and click copy
Press Ctrl + C in a cell
None of these

In Design View, what is the first step to create a query?
Create->Query Design->Split Form
Data->Create-> Query
Create->Query Design-> Double-click on table name
Database Tools->Relationships->Query

When editing a relationship in the Relationships screen, which of these is not an option?
Enforce Referential Integrity
Cascade Delete Related Records
Cascade Update Related Fields
Disable Referential Integrity

Can an access database application be run in a Linux environment?

Which of these aspects of a Linked Table cannot be changed?
Table definition
Record values
Connection string
Table alias

Access is available for a Mac.

When you move between records on an Access Form, which one of the following events fires?
On Activate
On Got Focus
On Current
On Close

What does DAO stand for?
Database ActiveX Objects
Database Access Objects
Data Access Objects
Data ActiveX Objects

Which of the following is NOT a type of query in Access?

The report header displays on:
The first page only
The first and last page of the report
All pages of the report
Every other page of the report

You put the following code near the top of an Access form: Global rs10 As DAO.Recordset The code causes an error because?
Global variables are allowed but disabled by default
Global Variables cannot be declared in Form Objects
Global variables cannot be of type DAO.Recordset
Access does not allow Global Variables

Which of the following are views that a table can be changed to?
Data Entry
Data View

To filter a table in Datasheet view, what do you use?
Filter by Selection
Filter by Field
Filter by Range
Filter by Record

In the design view of a make table query the destination table name is displayed:
In the propery sheet with selection type query properties.
In the table row of the query design window.
In the update to row of the query design window.
In the header, next to the query name.
In the parameters list.

"Yes/No" answers in Access are commonly stored as:
0 or -1
North or South
True or False
0 or 1

The Yes of a Yes/No data type field equates to which?

Which of the following is not included in the Access Built-In Functions for SQL Aggregate

What does a Pass-Through Query do?
Passes data through validation without inserting new records.
Inserts new records, bypassing validation.
Sends a SQL statement to a remote server for execution.
Sends a SQL statement to a remote server for validation, not execution.

True or False: Union Queries must be created by manually writing the SQL.

Is it possible to use the record MACRO function in Access?
Yes, if your settings allow it
Yes, just as in Excel
No, this is not supported in Access
No, unless you import the data first

What does ADO stand for?
Access Data Objects
Access Database Objects
ActiveX Data Objects
ActiveX Database Objects

In the design view of an update query the top row, labeled field is:
The field name from the table being updated.
Rows that will be included when the query is run.
Fields from the source table that match the table being update.
The criteria field used to select the data to be updated.
The field name from the table used as a source of new data.

Access 2007/2010 theoretically allows how many concurrent users accessing the same .accdb database file?

What must be the same for a relationship to work?
Must have the same data type
Must have the same field size
Must have the same field name
Must have same data type and field size

What are the three wildcard characters Access allows you to use when searching?
*, %, #
*, #, ?
*, #, $
*, $, ?

What would Format("0.981", "Percent") return?

Which of these statements are false?
It is not possible to sort query results.
When a criterion is typed wrong, nothing shows up in results
It is possible to make a query from a query

When you open an Access Form, what is the second event that fires?
On Load
On Open
On Current
On Activate

Field selectors are located...
within the cells
within the field
at the bottom of a table
within the menu command
at the top of a table

What is the "iif" function named?
Inferred If
Immediate If
Internal If
Integrated If

Which of the following Access 2010 macro actions does not require you to select "Show All Actions" in order to use it in Macro Design?

You are creating a Macro and you require the SetValue Action, but it does not exist. What do you do?
Click the Macro Tools Design Tab and choose "Conditions" from the Ribbon
There is no such Macro command
Click the Macro Tools Design Tab and choose "Macro Names" from the Ribbon
Click the Macro Tools Design Tab and choose "Show all Actions" from the Ribbon

Concerning the code below, which of the following statement is False? Dim rst as ADODb.Recordset
When configured properly, ADO recordsets can be disconnected from the database and still be bound to a form.
A Reference to ActiveX Data Objects will be required for this code to work.
Recordset variables must always be named 'rst'.
ADO Recordsets can be fabricated without any database connection

What would Format("210.6", "Standard") return?

Which of the following is considered an "Unsafe Action" in an Access 2010 macro and would require you to "Show All Actions" in order to use it in Macro Design?

How do you widen the columns in the design grid?
Click and drag on the left border of the top of the column
Double Click the right border of the cell
Double-Click on the right border of the top of the column
Double-Click on the right border of the left of the column

You need to create a lookup field where more than one option can be chosen. Where would you do this?
This cannot be done in Access 2010, only one value can be stored at a time
In the Lookup Wizard check "Allow Multiple Values"
In the Properties for the field select "Allow multiple values for this field"
Choose the Multiple Value data type in Table Design View

Concerning encryption, which of the following statement is True?
MD5 Encryption and hashing can be done in Access VBA using .NET functions.
Access has native functions for MD5 encryption and hashing.
Microsoft has addins available for MS Access for doing MD5 encryption.

On printing a report you find that the Comments field is printing </div> for every record in the Comments field. How do you rectify this?
Change the Text Format property for the field to Plain Text
Change the Text Align property for the field to Distribute
Change the text format property for the field to Rich Text
Change the Width Format property for the field to allow for more space

You can add your company logo to a form in:
All Views
Form View
Design & Layout Views
Layout View
Design View

What is typically displayed on a Relationship Report?
The current date and database name
The date and time of the report and the database name
The time of day of the report and the folder name that the database is in
The date of the initial report creation and the user name

What would Instr(20,"Tech on the Net","t") return?

Which is not a benefit of upsizing to an SQL server?
Time delayed recoverability
Support for large databases
All of these are benefits
Improved security

What key displays the Database Window?

To query two tables that are unrelated you:
First have to add fields to both tables to make them related
First create the relationship in the Relationships Window
Cannot do this
Create a junction table which contains fields common to both tables

How do you print a database?
Use the print option after clicking the View tab
Use the print option after clicking the Microsoft button
Use the print option after clicking the Page Layout Tab
None of these

What does DAO stand for?
Database ActiveX Object
Database Access Object
Data Access Object
Data ActiveX Object

To adjust the length of fields in a report while displaying data you would use:
Print Preview
Report View
Layout View
Design View

Which of these can you apply conditional formating to?

Datasheet views are different from continuous forms in very subtle ways. Which of the following statement is false?
Datasheet views can be embedded as subforms.
Datasheet views can be bound to disconnected ADO Recordsets.
Datasheet views cannot contain buttons inside rows and columns.
Datasheet views have built in features for sorting and filtering.
Datasheet Views cannot have code modules associated with them.

What does a group header or group footer do?
Displays the field label of grouped data on the top or bottom of a query
Displays the field label of grouped data on the left or right of a report
Displays the field label of grouped data on the top or bottom of a report
Displays the group label of data on the top or bottom of a report

Which of these statements is true?
A ? Wildcard is not used to search for single characters
You do not need to put a $ in front of numbers in criteria
You cannot use the same kind of criteria more than once in the same query
All of these

You wish to filter data on a report before printing without changing the design of the report. How do you do this?
You cannot do this in Reports
Modify the Query for the report and enter the criteria
Switch to Print Preview, select the Home Tab and click Filter, uncheck the Select All check box, and check the values you want to filter on
In Layout view, select the Home Tab and click Filter, uncheck the Select All check box, and check the values you want to filter on

What type of database is Access?
File server database
Non-relational database
Inverted database
Client/server database