Elance Google Search Test Answers

What symbol works as a "fill in a blank" for an unknown search term?


Which of the following queries returns the flight status of Southwest Airlines flight #11?

Southwest 11
All of these
Track: Southwest 11
Flight: Southwest 11

How would you search for the decimal equivalent of 4/5?

4/5, Google automatically displays the answer as a decimal

To search for results related to freedom fighters or insurgents, enter:

~"freedom fighters" AND/OR "insurgents"
~"freedom fighters" AND "insurgents
~"freedom fighters" OR ~"insurgents"
"freedom fighters" AND/OR "insurgents"
~freedom fighters Or ~insurgents

What is the best way to search for photos of people only in the Images section? (By filtering out inanimate objects).

Add ":person" to the end of your search.
Check the "People" box below the search field before your search.
Click the "Face" link on the left side of the screen after the search is complete.
Add ":face" to the end of your search.
Add "people:only~" to the beginning of your search.

There are 7 symbols that Google recognizes to have special meaning. Which of the following symbols is NOT on that list?


Which are/is correct about intitle: and allintitle:

Putting intitle: in front of every word in your query is equivalent to putting allintitle: at the front of your query
They both are same
allintitle: search titles only whereas intitle: search both titles and meta description
All of Them are correct
intitle: is an old version of allintitle:

How would you search for a page containing both hiking and Mt. Washington in the title?

allintitle: hiking mt washington
pagetitle:hiking mt washington
title: hiking mt washington

True or False: Correct punctuation increases the accuracy of your search.


How do you hide personal search results?

prepend searches with the "global:" modifier.
Google does not provide personal search results
Email anonymous@gmail.com with subject line "Unsubscribe"
Click on the globe symbol in the upper right corner

In the "Search Tools" bar, what is one option you have that you would not get immediately by searching in the Google Search bar?

The map appears next to the search.
The day it was searched.
The name highlighted in the search.
Anytime in the past hour, 24 hours, week or month.
The exact definition of the word searched.

How can you include a range of numbers in your search, for example if you wanted to search for jeans sizes 8 to 12?

eight to twelve, jeans
Jeans 8-12
Jeans 8..12

What is the suggested shortcut to search for a Ford truck within the range of $25000 to $50000?

"ford" + "truck" $25000-$50000
ford truck $25000..$50000
"truck ford $25000...$50000"
truck "ford" $25000 & $50000
ford $25000-$50000 truck

If your Google search uses confusing or nonsensical search phrases (eg banana wingbat England), what will occur?

Google will correct your terms to align with its Verified Search Database, and search a known term instead.
Google will interpret your intentions based on your search history and take its best guess at what you meant.
Google will use your keywords to serve results, even if the keywords don't make sense.
Google will return no results if it doesn't understand your keywords.

The Google Search feature called "Instant Predictions" does what?

Makes predictions to questions you may search in Google.
Instantly shows related search terms for queries with few results.
Shows you search results as you type your query.

If you are searching for "food facts," how could you extend the search to include synonyms for food, including (but not limited to) "nutrition?"

food OR nutrition facts
food synonym facts
~food facts
food OR nutrition OR other facts

What is a sitemap?

A tool which visually maps out topical similarities among websites retrieved by your search terms.
A "heat map" of the most visited pages on a website.
XML document which tells Google's crawlers what to index on your site.
Sitemap is not relevant to Google services.

True or False: You can search for specific text through the "highlight and right-click" method (then choosing the Google Search option).

True... always
True... only if you are using Chrome.
True... only if your browser has Google installed as a Search Provider.

How to perfectly search a document from 1-jan-1950 to 31-Dec-1950 ?

click "Search Tools" next click "Any Time" and set custom range.
search with query [ Document date:1-1-1950 to date: 31-12-1950 ]
Documents 1-jan-1950 to 31-12-1950

Google can filter results by:

publishing date
website size
number of pageviews during a determined time period

Which of these searches shows an effective use of multiple operators?

[site:edu site:org forms for citizens]
[forms for citizens site:org -site:edu]
[site:usa.gov filetype:pdf forms for citizens]
[forms for citizens site:edu OR org]

If you google "-site:youtube.com bird watching", which will you NOT find in your search results?

Videos of bird watching, at all
Informational websites about bird watching
YouTube videos of bird watching

When searching for an image, how do you filter by a primary color?

Add the color name after the search term
Select "Search similar" when you find one with the color you want
Click a color swatch under "Search Tools" in the top sidebar.
You can't

What symbol can be substituted for "OR" in a Google search?


What is the alternate for an OR search in Google ? eg. Term1 OR term2

term1 | term2

On the main Google Search page, what occurs when you leave the search bar empty and click the "I'm Feeling Artistic" button (if the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button spins to this option)?

Google sends you to the Google Doodles home page.
Google sends you to a random artwork at googleartproject.com.
Google does a search for "art."
Google searches for museums in your area.
Google does a search for "artist."

Will Google process the rel="canonical" tag between two domains?

Yes, but Google may choose to ignore it
No, this is considered spam
No, never
Yes, always

Is there such a thing as a Google URL shortener?

Yes, use bit.ly and select "Google shortlink" to create a goo.gl based shortlink.
No, you have to use an external website to shorten any google or other URL's
Yes, http://goo.gl/ is Google's URL shortener.
Google shortens URLs internally, but has not released the tool for public use.

What is the term for capitalized words that join or separate key words and phrases, such as "AND," "OR" and "NOT"?

Boolean operators
Search specializers

Does Google search look at words like "of", "a" and "the"?

Only when they rarely come up in relation to what you are searching for.
Only when they are in quotes.

"Google Search" uses ______, a patented algorithm to prioritize relevant search results.


The "intitle:" search option is used to search _____.

only the title bar of the browser
only the page titles (and not the remaining text in the page)
the page titles (along with the remaining text in the page)
None of these
the title bar of the browser (along with the menu bar)

What happens when you leave the search bar blank and click the Google Search button?

The screen begins to shake.
You are sent to the Google Doodles home page.
Google does a search for "google."
Google does a search for "blank."

How would you search for dogs.about.com as saved by Google?


In Google News, putting "allintitle:" before your search will return results which...

have been deemed by Google's quality standards to summarize the article's content in the title for easy browsing.
contain all your keywords in the post title.
include ONLY your search terms (and nothing else) in the post title.
contain all your search terms in the article, with at least one appearing in the post title.

Which of the following will retrieve only .pdf documents with the word "addiction" in the title?

format:pdf title:addiction
filetype:pdf intext:addiction
filetype:pdf intitle:addiction
doctype:pdf heading:addiction
file:pdf intitle:addiction

What can you use to filter the search results by a specific website?


What is the symbol to find similar search terms?

" "

If Google Instant is enabled, what changes?

As you type Google shows the most popular searches with the letters you have started typing
After you type in your query and press enter, Google will automatically bring you to the first site on its list
Google Instant does not exist.
When you open Google, it will have your most recent search already showing

The operator related: lists pages that are:

available in the title of web page.
similar to a specified web page.
Prefix does not exist.
files of the desired type.

What query is the best way to search for PDF files including the exact phrase: high school

high school filetype:pdf
"high school" filetype:pdf
"high school" ext:pdf
high school file:pdf
"high school" file:pdf

Which of the following would exclude .doc files from search results:

cats -filetype=doc
cats w/o filetype:doc
cats -filetype:doc
cats except:.doc

Search by Image is supported on these browsers:

Chrome and Safari 5.0+
Internet Explorer 7+
Firefox 3.0+
All of these answers are true except Internet Explorer 7
All of these answers are true except Firefox 3.0

What is the name of the filter that blocks/limits objectionable content?


To get door to door directions, after typing destination address, what tab would you use?

Street View

What does the symbol ~ do when you put it in front of a word in your search?

Google will search for that word and related words.
Google will search for that exact word only.
Google will search for related words only (results will not include original word).
Google will omit that word from its results.

What symbol do you use to include synonyms of the search word in the results?


What does it mean when a link in the results area is indented?

It is from the same website as the last unindented link listed
It is a site that should not be viewed by children
It is a shopping website
It is one of the best sites found for the search criteria

How would you search for an exact quote if you only remembered the start, e.g. "a penny saved is a penny earned"?

[ start:"a penny saved" end:unkown ]
[ penny quotes ]
[ start: a penny saved ]
[ quote about penny ]
[ "a penny saved *" ]

To search for "Zune" on Microsoft's official website, what search terms would you use?

"zune" "website:microsoft"
zune site:microsoft.com
zune microsoft only
microsoft.com - zune
zune (microsoft.com)

What is the shortcut to find the weather near a zip code? (example 90210)

weather near 90210

How can you limit your search to only U.S.-accredited higher educational institutions?


On tablets, it’s best to look at streetview in the browser instead of using the Google Maps application.


An asterisk (*) is an operator that represents what?

a blank
all conjugations of a word
the same word
none of these
any string of characters or words

How would you search for the word biking in a url?


Formerly, if you wanted Google to include only a specific word, and not just similar words, you used a plus sign, like this: [ +purple ]. What does Google now use in place of this syntax?

Double-quotes, like this: [ "purple" ].
One equals sign, like this: [ =purple ]
Single-quotes, like this: [ 'purple' ].
Two plus signs, like this: [ ++purple ]
Two plus signs, like this: [ +purple+ ]

What happens when you click "cached" under a link?

The link opens Google's backup version of the site
The link is stored on a list of links on the side of your screen
The link opens in a new tab
The link is saved in your bookmarks

What is the shortcut to find definitions of the word google?

definitions & google
"define google"

What symbol is used for a wildcard search?


What happen when you type 6 + 6 in the search box

Elementary school math comes up
Websites with 6 + 6 comes up
Search results labeled "12" come up
12 comes up as the Calculator result

When you hover over related searches in Google Image results, what happens?

Google replaces your current search with that suggestion
Google searches that suggestion in a separate tab
Google hides that suggestion
Preview images appear for each search
Google displays statistics for how many other people search for that suggestion

Searching for "cache:example.com"...

doesn't do anything
shows pages containing the words "cache" and "example.com"
hides all results from example.com
shows only pages from example.com website
shows Google's cached version of the website

What happens if you click "I'm Feeling Lucky" instead of " Google Search"?

The top news story for your search results appear
The highest ranked site for your search automatically opens
One result from each category will appear as your results
A random site from the search is automatically opened

Which character can you use as a wildcard in Google Searches?


What does clicking the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button do?

directly takes you to the first ranked page of your search
provides you with pictures of various items believed to be lucky
directly takes you to a random search result page
gives you a randomized list of your search

Which Safe Search mode does Google recommend when searching for images?


If you precede a word with a hyphen in a search criteria, e.g. salsa -dance, what results will be found?

Pages with both words, the hyphen is ignored
No results
Pages with the word Salsa but NOT the word Dance
Pages with the word Dance but NOT the word Salsa

How would you search yoga in all .ca (Canadian) websites?

canada “yoga”
site:.ca “yoga”
.ca “yoga”

Which of the following would exclude "Cowell" from a search on American Idol?

American Idol: Cowell
American idol -Cowell
"American idol", Cowell
American idol /Cowell
American idol (Cowell)

What symbol(s) would you use to omit a keyword from your search results?


Which of the following products is not a part of the Google suite?


How many pages of results are available for you to click on at the bottom of the page after you click 'Search'?

10 is the default value and 10, 20, 30, 50, and 100 are the available options.
10 is the only possible value.
15 is the default value and 30, 50, and 100 are the available options.
15 is the only possible value.

Your child has a school project and needs you to find pictures of animals. Which set of actions will provide you with the most options to choose from?

Type in the words ANIMALS PICTURES to the search box
Type in the word ANIMALS and click the Search Button
Search for ANIMALS and then click on the Images link at the top of the page
Go to the zoo with 20 cameras and some dog treats
Click the ANIMALS button under Images and select which types you want

What happens when you include double quotes around a phrase when searching?

Google search looks for quotations
Google search excludes the words inside the quotes
Google search performs a phrase match
Google search performs a broad match

Which of the following is not offered as a default date range modifier?

Past year
Past fortnight
Past month
Past 24 hours
Past 2 days

True or False? You can only find images in Google by clicking on the 'Images' tab first.


How would you search for a PDF file related to the word calculus?

calculus filetype:pdf
calculus pdf
calculus file:pdf

How would you use Google to find all PDF files on the website example.com?

inurl:example.com file:pdf
inurl:example.com "pdf"
+example.com +pdf
site:example.com filetype:pdf
site:example.com file:pdf

Which of the following will retrieve pages containing the exact phrase "all cats are grey in the dark"?

all cats are grey in the dark
(all cats are grey in the dark)
phrase:all cats are grey in the dark
"all cats are grey in the dark"
allintext:all cats are grey in the dark

True or False: You can track your UPS, FedEx, or USPS packages by typing the tracking number directly into the search box.


You enter: "I have a dream" into the search box with the quotation marks. What results will be displayed?

Pages with the exact phrase I have a dream
Pages with the words I or have or a or dream
Pages with all the words I and have and a and dream anywhere on the pages even if not a phrase.
No results because you cannot put more than two words into the search box

How would you find Groups messages containing 'alternative music' in the subject?

insubject: "alternative music"
intitle: "alternative music"

What does Fusion Tables let you do?

visualize, combine, host and share your data tables.
see the current market rates
research information that contains statistics ONLY
convert units back and forth
see another person's work

How would you find the answer to the conversion of 10 mm to Meters?

10mm to Meters
mm to meters (10)
10:mm to meters
None of these
10mm- Meters

What kinds of directions are given in Google Maps?

Walk and Drive Only
Drive, Walk, Public Transit, and Bicycling
Drive Only
Public Transit, Drive, and Walk

True or False: Advanced search DOES NOT allow you to learn the reading level of your search results


If you leave the search engine box empty and click on the News tab on the Google search engine what will happen?

It will ask you to type in what you are searching for.
It will give you the top news stories on the internet.

You need to find information on the Canon MX340 printer. You only wish to view results from Canon.com websites. Which is the correct entry?

-MX340 site:canon.com
MX340 site:canon.com

How would you search for the phrase "puppy food" in the site dogs.about.com?

site:dogs.about.com "puppy food"
dogs.about.com “puppy food”
page:dogs.about.com “puppy food”

True or False: Advanced search does not allow you to decide how many results per page you want to see.


What Google product does not appear in the toolbar?


What information is entered into the search bar to track a package?

This is an extra service that must be requested when delivering the package.
Tracking number
This is not possible.
Receipt number

How would you search for local weather for zip code 19104?

all of these
forecast in 19104
weather 19104
weather in 19104
forecast 19104

How do you search for PDF results only?


What are the two buttons below the search bar on the Google home page?

Search and Advanced Search
Go and Popular Searches
Search and Google Services
Google Search and I'm Feeling Lucky

How do you change your location when searching for a particular place near you?

None of these
Click on Change Location on the left side of the screen
By searching for your location
Turn on your computer's GPS

Which of the following operators is used to exclude an item from results?


If you want to exclude a term, what symbol do you put in front of it?

A star (*)
A dash (-)
A forward arrow (>)
An exclamation point (!)

You are searching for sites that contain stored copies of a specific format of document (for example a .pdf), what is the appropriate Operator?


What is the correct syntax for searching the meaning of a specific term on Google?

what is:

What search will produce the temperatures for each day of next week in Johannesburg?

Johannesburg climate
climate Johannesburg
Weather Johannesburg
Google does not give you a weather forecast

The search results that show up for you on Google can be different than those that show up for someone else.


True or False: The more words you add into the query, the more you limit the search results


You wish to change the number of results on a page to 50 when searching. How will you achieve this?

Choose Advanced Search and change the setting for Results per Page to 50
Append :50 to the end of the search string
Choosed Advanced Search and change the Reading Level to 50
You cannot do this

What can you use as the multiplication symbol used in arithmetic queries in the Google search bar?

x or *
^ or *
t or *
^ or t
t or x

How can you ask Google what time it is in your current location?

google time
system time
my time
Local time

Which of the following is the proper way to optimize your blog on search engine?

marking blue
underlining the key words
marking red
Adding tags

Which search query will convert 40 Celcius to Fahrenheit?

40 Celsius to Fahrenheit
40 Celusius -Fahrenheit
40 Celsius^Fahrenheit

What does "Change background image" do?

Select a different Google Doodle to be displayed.
Select a different color background for your Google homepage.
Select a different color background for Google's logo.
Allow you to select a background image for your Google homepage.

To search a word and its synonyms, include “~” before the word. For example, ~butter.


The "I'm feeling lucky" button :

Takes you to Google Plus.
Takes you to the first result of the search.
Takes you to the Google Doodle page.

Where do you view your Google search history?

By Googling "user:history"
In your Google account webmaster tools
In your browser's "history" menu/section
In your Google account profile
You can't view your search history

The word 'google' is commonly used as ___________?


What is a Google Custom Search Engine?

A search engine set up by a user to search a specified site or set of sites
A generic term for specialized search engines such as Google Patents or Google Books
An educational tool for looking up traditions in other countries
A search engine that uses what your friends have shared on Google Plus

How would I find stock information about Apple?

info: Apple
stocks: Apple

Which of the following would search the EXACT phrase, 'the early bird gets the worm'?

{the early bird gets the worm}
the early bird gets the worm
"the early bird gets the worm"
:the early bird gets the worm

How would you find weather information for the zip code 02118 in Boston, MA?

weather: 02118
weather MA
boston: 02118

True or False: Google's main search invisibly combines search terms with the Boolean construct "AND"


True or False. Google can be used as a Calculator.

False, you have to pay for this feature
False, there are no symbols on a QWERTY keyboard available for inputting mathematics
True, just enter your arithmetic into the query
True, as long as you use MathType software

Google can help you find a sale on a particular item by:

Feeling Lucky search in the main window
Searching the item in “Google Shopping”
Searching the item in “Google Finance”
Searching the item in the main window

How would you search for universities in Philadelphia

universities findin:philadelphia
searchin:philadelphia for universities
universities in philadelphia

How can you calculate 12% of 100 using Google search?

12% of 100
12,%, 100
12 percent 100

True or False: "I Feel Lucky" sends you to a casino website?


What would you type in search bar when seeking a highly-rated event caterer in a metropolitan area?

Seeking Caterer
Best Caterers city name here

True or False: To search for web pages that link to a URL, use the "link:" operator.


How would you search for quotes for the DOW stock?


What SafeSearch filters does Google have?

Moderate filtering
No filtering
All of these
Strict filtering

How can you use google to find out exactly how much 10 USD is worth in GBP using current exchange rate?

10 USC = x GBP
10 USD to british
10 USD
10 USD to GBP

How do you search the definition of a word?

meaning: <word>
define: <word>
dictionary: <word>
whatis: <word>

Keywords have what kind of impact on internet marketing?

Very little

Which of these searches returns the current time in a given location?

time Tokyo
time in Tokyo
All of these
time . Tokyo
time ! Tokyo

True or False: Users are able to customize the range of Google Search results by time.


A Google Video search searches only within YouTube.


True or False: The following two search terms will give the same results: "nikon 400" and "nikon $400"


True or False: The query involves user intent.


True or False: On the occasions when you want to search for very specific words, you can use the Verbatim tool so that Google searches using the exact words you entered.


True or False: Searching Sqrt (4) gives you the square root of 4.


How can you search mosques of India?

Indian mosque
all of these
mosques of India

How can you divide 234 with 89 using the Google search bar?

89 to 234
234 to 89

For which browser does Google support voice search?

Internet Explorer

How do you turn on Safe search?

Click on hide private results
Click on the option icon and click on Turn on Safe Search
Click on the share button
Click on search tools

You can run a search on Google that returns the results of all the web pages containing links to another URL?


What happens when you click on the More tab at the top of the page?

It displays a drop down menu with options like Translate, Blogs, YouTube, and Photos.
Google does not have a More tab.

If you go to Google News you will get...

The most current news about Google and the senior management at Google
The latest news from around the world
Recent tips on how to best use Google to search
The most recent Google stock quote from NADASQ

What can you do with Google Maps?

Link webpage of map to email or your own website
All of the above
Print out maps
View save searches
Get directions

How would you search for the terms breast cancer with Safe Search on?

mod:breast cancer
safesearch:breast cancer
ss:breast cancer

True or False: Users are able to search for patents by clicking More under Search and choosing Patents, then continuing to type in search box for results.


True or false: You can speak the topic you want Google to search


What tab should you select when searching for pictures of new model homes?


Google was originally designed to be...

A how-to site
A NFL scorekeeping site
A music site
A social networking site
A search engine

True or False: You can turn off Google Instant.


True or False: Google cannot look up stock quotes.


Can you google yourself?

Yes, if your 18 or older
Yes, but only if you're famous
No, someone else has to
Yes, anyone can

True or False: Advanced search allows you to narrow your results by usage rights (whether you can reuse, share or modify).


Does Google allow advertising on the results screen?


True/False: You can specify what file type(s) you want to appear in your search results.


How do you quickly search for the definition of abate?

dictionary: abate
meaning: abate
define: abate

Do you need to log in to a Google account to use Google search?

Yes, only Google Account holders have access to it.
No, it is not necessary to log in.

Is Google strict about copyright issues?

No, Google isn't strict about copyright
Yes, and it takes legal action on this point

How would you divide the following numbers: 298, 331?

298 divide 331

What search term would return only Government websites?


How would you find 3 raised to the power of 5?


You can turn off Google's AutoFill function if you don't want it to predict your search terms.


True or False: You can search for pages that were created in the last 24 hours by clicking on 'Past 24 hours' in the Search Tools menu.


True/False: Google is considered the most dominant search engine in the world.


If you google site:wikipedia.org bird, you are most likely to find:

bird.com's definition of a bird
Angry Bird's wikipedia page
Larry Bird's wikipedia page
wikipedia's definition of a bird.

Which of the following is not a search option tab at the top of Google search?


How can you find the time in London in a Google Search?

search: time in london
search: current time in london
search: what time is it in london?
All of these

Which of the following is a search tool?

Reading level
Translated foreign pages
All of these

True or False: Advanced search allows you to search pages in a particular language (for example, German)


You can search for terms in the whole page, page title, or web address, or links to the page you're looking for.


The query cache:url will display Google’s cached version of a web page, instead of the current version of the page.


How will you search to return only pages in which the anchor text on links to the pages contain the words “best,” “museums,” and “sydney.”

best museum
allinanchor: best museums Sydney

You can turn SafeSearch on or off for Google Images.


How can you add 6 and 7 using the Google search bar?

6 to 7
6 but 7

would you find information about the website wikipedia.org?


Which searching option in Google would be best to search competitive price for a wedding gowns?

Currency Exchange

True or False: Google is a search engine.


True or False: If you have Google Instant enabled, results may appear as you type.


You are able to use your location to search for a specific topic


True or false: You can add an alert for discussions.


True or False? Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.


True or False: You can use Google to convert between many different units of measurement.


True or False: You can use Google to translate.


True or False: Google is international?


Your Google searches are usually improved to minimize your time spent searching and retrieve relevant information.


True or False: You can click on a filtering option to customize the search results page you are looking at.


Will Google search in another language other that English?

Yes, Google has Language Tools
No, Google does not have this ability.

Google is the most used search engine. True or False?


How do you get travel directions from Google?

Google does not have a map program
Enter the information into the search box
Input the destination address into Google Maps

Can Google translate web pages into a different language?

Only to English

True or False: You can adjust your Google search settings.


Which search will return directory listings?

all of these
intitle:index.of "parent directory"
intitle:index.of name size

What does SEO stand for?

Skill of Education Online
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Office
Share Engine Online

Which of the following would be called stop words?

All of these.

Google's patented PageRank algorithm utilizes The Intentional Surfer Model. What is The Random Surfer Model a model of?

document structure
link analysis
wave motion
user behavior

How would you get the definition of the word "amphibious" in Google?

what is amphibious
amphibious: definition
definition amphibious
All of these work
define: amphibious

When searching for specific keywords contained within a web site address what is the appropriate Operator?


How would you use Google to search for yoga in only the text of a page?



has published guidelines for website owners who would like to raise their rankings
All of the above
is the most-used search engine on the World Wide Web
started as a research project at Stanford University
provides information faster than traditional reporting methods and government surveys

How much does it cost to create a Google account?


Can you shop using the Google search engine?


Can you view maps with Google?


How can you search property sellers of USA?

property sellers:USA.

Is a google account free?


Will Google Scholar search limit date criteria when searching?

No, results show as "Any time" by default
Yes, results show last ten years by default.

According to Google Search, a short video is between what time limits?

0-4 minutes
20+ minutes
Only 2 minutes or less
4-20 minutes

True or False: Google Answers is retired and no longer accepts questions.


Which of these will show a schedule of flights from Atlanta to Boston?


Where are advertisements located on a Google search?

In the tan box
Advertisements do not exist on Google
In the advertisement tab
On the side bar

How would you search for a page that includes the following terms: dog, cat?

dog cat
dog, cat
dog + cat

What search term would NOT create a graph of the function (x squared)?

graph x^2
plot x^2
map x^2

Which of the following correct searches is the simplest way to find both 2004 and 2005 results?

San Francisco Giants 2004 2005
San Francisco Giants from 2004 to 2005
San Francisco Giants years:2004-2005
San Francisco Giants 2004 AND/OR 2005

According to Google, how does their crawler interpret the rel="nofollow" tag?

Passes PageRank and de-indexes the target page.
Does not pass PageRank and does not crawl the target page.
Passes PageRank in some cases.
Does not pass PageRank but may discover and crawl the target page.
Doesn't pass PageRank and de-indexes the target page.

What is the difference between strict and moderate filtering?

Strict filtering filters videos and images, while moderate filtering only filters web content
Strict filtering is filtering for under 13 years old while moderate filtering is for under 18 years old
Strict filtering filters results that might link to explicit content while moderate filtering does not

How would you search for web pages that contain the phrases "Rolling Stones" and "Pink Floyd" separated by no more than 4 words?

"Rolling Stones" NEAR(4) "Pink Floyd"
"Rolling Stones" ~(4) "Pink Floyd"
"Rolling Stones" AROUND(4) "Pink Floyd"
"Rolling Stones" *(4) "Pink Floyd"

Which of the following will retrieve search results from government and educational sites on the topic of homelessness?

(inurl:.edu inurl:.gov) (topic:homelessness)
(site:.edu OR site:.gov) homelessness
(site:.edu OR site:.gov OR homelessness)
(inurl:.edu OR inurl:.gov) homelessness
(site:.edu AND site:.gov) homelessness

Which operator can be used to search for keywords appearing in hyperlinked text?

inranktext: or allinranktext:
inlink: or allinlink:
inclicktext: or allinclicktext:
inanchor: or allinanchor:

What's the maximum number of search results Google will display?

There's no upper limit, although some may be hidden as being "similar".

Google Social Search was introduced in what year?


For which occasion was the first Doodle created?

Burning Man Festival
Moon landing
Olympic games
Thanksgiving day

What parameter in a Google query would override language of the interface to German?


True or false: If there are no ads relevant to your search, Google will show none.


True or False: You can limit your search results to websites with less than 5 pages.


Google's main search invisibly combines search terms with the Boolean construct "OR"