Elance SAP Test Answers

What are the primary roles of the Business Information Warehouse Server?

It is a data warehouse management and administration
Sales and Marketing



Which is the integration point between SAP SD and SAP FICO

Accounting Document
Material Document



In SAP the word 'Service' refers to what?

A service offered by the database
A service offered by the hardware
It's a service offered by the Software Component
A service offered by the protocols



Identify one BEX component:

Safari browser
Netscape browser
Bex browser
Internet browser



What does a "transport" refer to in SAP Basis

transport is used in Plant Maintenance, not in Basis
transport is used in Procurement, not in Basis
It is used to manage and control system changes
transport is used in Logistics, not in Basis
transport is used in Materials Management, not in Basis



In the Project System, the ________ is the structure used to organize project tasks into a hierarchy.

PERT chart
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
account structure
General Ledger (GL)



What is used to create authorisations?

Roles and Profiles
Message codes
Reason codes



What is LSMW used for?

A SAP implementation methodology
Functionality of the Logistics Execution module
For writing and printing SAP forms and reports
Migrating data from legacy systems (non-SAP systems) to SAP systems.



What is abap/4 query?

A tool to replace queries.
A tool for editing.
A powerful tool to generate simple reports without any coding.
A tool to replace the values of internal table.



________ is an in-memory relational database system recently developed by SAP.




What is the correct function of the dispatcher in SAP?

It performs equal distribution of transaction load to the work processes
Does nothing
Works in the background processing jobs
Transport data only



BPM does what?

It brings process, people and information together
It's helps with workflow
It houses all processes in one place
It helps cut cost



What different kinds of objects does an SAP database consist of?

Database and tables
Tables, index, transparent tables and database structures
Index, tables and database
Index and tables



a maintenance generator can be made in the following view

maintenance view
database view
search help
none of the above



The function of the SAP FI module is

Financial Accounting
Financial Industries
Financial Modeling
Fixed Income



What is TMS in Basis

Tracking monitoring system
Time measurement system
Transport management system



The primary function of materials requirement planning (MRP) is to _____________.

Guarantee material shipment
Guarantee material receipt
Guarantee quality production
Guarantee material availability



_________ is the transaction for customizing the SAP IMG.




The function of the SAP QM module is

Quality Measurement
Quality Management
Quantitative Methods



Which of the following is NOT a sub-component of Financial Accounting?

General Ledger
Accounts Payable
Project Accounting
Accounts Receivable



What is an RFC?

Redistributed finance cost in the FI module
Remote function call
Regional funds center in the FM module
Road freight cost in the Shipping module



What is ERP?

Electronic record planning
Electronic resource processing
Electronic record processing
Enterprise resource planning



_________ is the SAP programming environment.

ABAP Development Workbench



The majority of SAP is programmed in the ____________ language.




What is ABAP?

The main SAP programming language
One of the SAP databases
A SAP security system
A SAP business warehouse



What is SAP R/3?

It's a one tier client base application
It's a database application only
It is a 3 tier based client/server application
It's a three tier client, server



Which transaction code we use to login to the configuration area in SAP ERP?




What is OLAP?

OLAP is a database schema used for designing
OLAP is just a reporting tool used to process all batch jobs
OLAP stores the database dimension and definition
OLAP is a reporting tool that understand the database schema, composition facts and dimension



All custom code and custom transactions should start with the letter ___.




A ________ executes an SAP R/3 program and can be entered by end users to navigate between business functions.




Can a business user perform configuration in SAP?

Typically not
Most of the time



What is SAP HANA?

SAP's implementation of a new document storage system
SAP's replacement of the R/3 transactional system
SAP's implementation of the latest HR enhancements
SAP's implementation of in-memory database technology



The table VBAK stores data related to

Production Order Records of PP
Transfer Order Records of WM
Sales Transactions records of SD
Purchase order records of MM



What is the T code to display a ABAP program




What transactions relate to SAP SD

Inquiry,Quote,Sales Order,Contract
Inquiry,Quote,Sales Order,Production Order
Inquiry,Quote,Sales Order,Transfer Order
Inquiry,Quote,Sales Order,Purchase Order



Availability Check is functionality related to Human Resource Module




EHP in the SAP Stands for the following

Enahancement Pack
Environment Health Program
Event Host Protocols
Environmental health phase



The T code related to Data Migration work bench in SAP is




What is BEX?

Business Exporter
Business Entry
Business Explorer.
Business enhancement



When you create or edit objects in the ABAP Workbench or Customizing, your changes are captured and tracked on a __________.

change id
user exit
enhancement point
transport request



What is considered the standard path to production?

Sandbox - Dev - Prod
Dev - QA - Prod
QA - Dev - Prod
Dev - Sandbox - Prod



Which of the following is NOT an SAP module?

Project System (PS)
Controlling (CO)
Human Resources (HR)
Administration (AD)



_______ is an integrated computing platform that can manage SAP and non-SAP applications.

Visual Studio
Net Weaver



_______ is a central platform to manage the application lifecycle and manage SAP implementations.

SAP Net Weaver
SAP Solution Manager



What is ASAP?

SAP's project/implementation methodology
An advanced version of the ABAP programming language
The access control system of SAP
The authorisation system of SAP



What is regression testing in SAP implementation projects?

Testing done in the SAP sandbox environment
Testing done to ensure that changes in one area has not broken something in another area
Regular testing to ensure that transaction speeds remain fast
Testing done in the SAP development environment
Testing done in the SAP production environment



SAP offers _______ as a technology for developing web applications.

Web Dynpro



Which of the following is NOT one of SAP's enterprise applications?

Product Chain Management (PCM)
Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)



What is the export parameter used to send messages back to the calling program?




What is the batch input system?

A tool to make a batch of internal table.
None of these
A tool to make a batch of external table.
An intermediate step between internal table and database table.



Which of the following does NOT fall under the SAP Logistics area?

Plant Maintenance
Materials Management
Sales & Distribution



What is AWB?

Administrative work balance
Administrator Workbench
Administrative work
Administration and Workbench



Must a configuration task be done directly in a SAP production environment

Very often
All the time
For major changes
For minor changes
Typically not



A transaction consists of what in SAP?

One step only
Two or more steps
A Series of steps
Three to four steps



A _________ contains all information about the materials a company procures, manufactures, stores, and ships.

Material Record
Material Info Record
Material Master



List the different types of ERP:

SAP, BAAN, Oracle, SQL, JD Edwards and JCL
SAP, BAAN, JD Edwards, Oracle Financials, SQL and Peoplesoft
SAP, BAAN, JD Edwards, Oracle Financials, SQL and ODBC
SAP, BAAN, JD Edwards, Oracle Financials, Siebel, PeopleSoft



SAP uses _______ to deploy new software functionality.

A series of tubes
Support Packs
Enhancement Packages



How is mining used in SAP?

to build detailed queries
to build application and detail reporting
to build reporting structures
to build the application to look specifically at detailed analyses



What is the transaction code for creating a new session while keeping the other session open in SAP?




Pretty printer is used for:

Printing the table.
All of the above.
Printing reports.
Formating the ABAP Code we write in ABAP Editor.



What is the keyboard shortcut to go "back" in SAP?

Alt + Left
Shift + Backspace
Ctrl + B



What are the different types of SAP source system?

SAP R/3 Source Systems, SAP HR, Flat Files and External Systems
SAP R/3 Source Systems, SAP Procurement, Flat Files and External Systems
SAP R/3 Source Systems, SAP BW, Flat Files and External Systems
SAP R/3 Source Systems, SAP BOM, Flat Files and External Systems



As a technical SAP consultant what do you do ?

Configure SAP functionality
Develop custom ABAP programs
Promote development changes
Implement standard functionality



Where do transparent tables exist?

In the dictionary and in the database
In the dictionary and in the workflow diagram
In the dictionary and in the structure
In the dictionary and in the design



indexes are meant by

all of the above
index of view
a copy of a database table reduced to specific fields.
index of smartforms.
index of views.



An ODS Object can be updated with what?

With a dynamic update
With a normal update
With a static update
With a delta update into InfoCubes



Which of the following is NOT a standard view on a material master?

Basic Data 1



Can user created ABAP's only start with "Z"

yes only with Z
only with X
no, Y and Z
not Z or Y



SAP SRM is used by which department?

Service Delivery



what are the T-code for vendor creation centrally ?




SAP uses ________ to correct errors in standard SAP code and to deliver changes that are necessary, for example, due to legal changes.

Custom Enhancements
Enhancement Packs
Customer Deliverables
Support Packs



Which of the following is NOT a critical success factor in implementing SAP?

An SAP implementation is solely an IT project.
Test the SAP software and hardware rigorously.
Choose the correct consultants in order to have the correct blueprint.
The blueprint is the guide for the entire project.



What is SAP xApps?

A collection of hardware
A collection of components
A collection of databases
A collection of software



What is the protocol used by SAP Gateway Process?

POP Protocol



What is MaxDB?

A SAP performance monitoring tool
A SAP data migration tool
A free RDBMS available from SAP
Maximum data bytes allowed in SAP



What does SAP stand for?

Systems, Applications, and Products
Software, Applications and Procedures
Software, Applications and Processes



__________ are independent organizations of SAP partners and customer companies that provide SAP education, influence product releases, exchange best practices, and provide insight into market needs.

Beta testers
User Groups
Forum Users
Customer Groups



What are Smartforms?

The SAP screens with tab strips
The SAP reporting menu
the SAPScript successor tool
It is used to write SAP Queries



Which of the following is NOT true of SAP Access Management (Profiles and Roles)?

SAP users are assigned a role to grant them access.
A user can only be assigned one role.
A reference user may be assigned to grant additional authorizations to a user.
A role may be assigned to a user for a limited time.



What is the AWB tool used for?

To monitor all exported processes in the business Information Warehouse System
To import, analyze and maintain all processes in the business Information Warehouse System
To monitor all imported/exported processes in the business Information Warehouse System
To control, monitor and maintain all processes in the business Information Warehouse System



What is the transaction code to kill SAP background jobs




What is one type of variable used in SAP?

Characteristics variable
Private variable
Personal variable
location variable



What is the purpose of SAP Source System?

It manages data
It serves as the data storage for raw business data
It's a repository for all data
It manages information processing



What are datasets?

They are regular files processed on application servers that are used for file handling in SAP
They are SAP files used for internal processing on application servers
The are SAP files used for data backup processing
They are sequential files processed on application servers that are used for file handling in SAP



Which of the following is NOT a phase in an SAP implementation?

Project Preparation



How is ODS Objects data stored?

In flat database tables and charts
In transparent tables with graphics
In transparent, flat database tables
In a simple Excel file with columns



When should the SAP production system be unlocked?

For urgent changes
All the time
Typically Never
For correcting historical transaction errors



In SAP what operation can change the database?

Add Process
Update Process
Modification Process



What is Extractor used for?

To retrieve extracted data from SAP
To manipulate data from SAP
To fill extracted data source with data from SAP
To export extracted data from SAP



SAP Dictionary structures are made up of what?

graphic tables
spooled clusters
Spooled tables and charts



List one important consideration before implementing SAP:

Ease of use



What is mini SAP?

The same as SAP Business one for small companies
A full-fledged Basis SAP system without the SAP applications (FI, CO, MM, SD, etc.)
The same as SAP all-in-one for medium sized companies
A SAP demo system limited to 1000 transactions



What is the purpose of a Dialog Work process?

Performs up to six processes at a time
Performs two processes at a time
Performs one process at a time
Preforms two or more process at a time



End Of Selection is used in:




How many types of structures are in the SAP Dictionary?




Under which module in SAP does the Project Systems component belongs to?

Private Sector
Human Capital Management
Financial Management
Supply Chain



An internal table is:

It is a standard data type object that exists at all times during program execution
It's a standard application file within SAP is for background data processing
It's a standard dataset use by SAP for running programs
A standard data type object that exists only during program run time



What is one thing that ODS does in BIW?

It analyze consolidate data
It stores consolidated data
It debug consolidated data a
It gathers and consolidated data



BAPIs are components of what business object?

Definition and Methods
Method and Interface
Events and Definition



Which of the following is NOT an SAP R/3 cross application component?

Classification System
Engineering Change Management
Material Management
Document Management



The SAP Controlling Module does what?

It controls overhead cost
Monitor financial cost
Streamline procurement costs
Simplify processes



what is the transaction code to monitor all the process chains




what is "inner join" meant for?

for joining two internal tables
for joining arrays
none of these
for joining the structures
for joining two external tables.



A _________ is a master record in R/3 that stores all business information for a document.

Document Info Record
Document Log
Header Record
Document Master



In SAP a variable is a parameter used for?

A task
A special event
A query



_________ is the annual SAP conference where SAP announces major product changes and strategic direction.

SAP TechEd
SDN Conference
Partners Conference



What is a SAP Dispatcher?

Control and manages R3 application
It's a control agent that manages resources
Control and manages SAP resources
Controls and manages databases and tables only



A value table is where?

Value tables extract values from the database
A value table is at the domain level
A value table is at the gateway level
A value table is at the host level



in SAP, what are the phases of background processing?

All Batch processing
Job scheduling
Batch scheduled jobs
Background processing



Which of the following is NOT a type of SAP notification?

Service notification
Material notification
Quality notification



What are the different type of log records in SAP?

V5 only
V4 and V3
V6 and V7
V1 and V2.



What are the CRM channels?

An internal channel
An interaction center
An internal and external channel
An external Channel



A check table is used for checking...

internal tables
table values
field level
files in SAP



What is the purpose of the R3 system?

Works in the background (Starts at a specific time)
Works concurrently with other applications
Works at scheduled times
Works when application is not busy



SAP Enterprise Database is made-up of what?

Tables and graphics
Charts and graphs



List one feature of BEX:

It enables end users to design reports
It enables end users to locate reports
It enables end users to export reports
It enables end users to execute queries



In what phase would you use the project form from the BAPI Explorer?

Design and Modification Phase
Review Phase
Modification Phase
Design phase