Elance Customer Service (Call Center) Test Answers

When using a headset you should NOT:

Be conscious of confidentiality
Talk to others while on the phone with the client
Make sure the headphone is working correctly
Be conscious of other conversations in your office



When picking up a call after a long wait you should:

Thank the caller for holding and engage them in some friendly conversation.
Pick up the phone and say: "How can I help you."
Apologize for the wait and ask what is wrong.
Thank the caller for holding and get right down to business.



True or false? An escalated call is an opportunity to gain a loyal customer.




If you want a problem solved that day, when you call you should:

Call first thing in the morning, even before business hours.
Email them.
Call right at 5 oclock so people will be motivated to help.
Call well before the close of business.



Why is the ability to think quickly important while on a call?

Creates longer queue wait time
Ensures accuracy
Improves efficiency
Guarantees customer feedback



Which is not part of active listening?

Reflect understanding
Paraphrase what was heard
Forming assumptions



As a call center manager, you should support your staff by:

Tell them not to take it personally, it's just a part of the job.
All of these
Teaching stress reduction techniques such as deep breathing and meditation.
Tell them not to worry, just follow the script.



When placing callers on hold and when you know it will be a long wait:

Place the caller on hold and hope the call gets picked up quickly.
Ask permission to place the caller on hold and let them know how long you think the wait will be.
Place the caller on hold and check back with them periodically.
Ask the caller if they would like to call back at a less busy time.



Which is the best way to uncover customer needs?

Wait for a complaint
Look at customer history
Ask questions
Answer their questions



Which is an example of an open ended question?

Are you doing OK?
How can I assist you today?
Have you called us on this matter before?
Can I help you?



Relationship Marketing refers to ...

An emphasis on direct to consumer selling efforts through a marketing campaign
When two call center agents have had to assist the same customer in separate occasions
a form of marketing developed from direct response which emphasizes customer retention and satisfaction



Skills of persuasion are:

Important in a call center all the time.
Is required when dealing with customers from different countries.
Is important only if the customer is important.
Not necessary, you just follow the script.



A script is important because:

It allows you to determine what your available options are when solving a problem.
It helps you learn what the company does.
It tells you what your manager would say.
It gives you something to say when your mind goes blank.



What are the essential professional components of any telephone call?

Hello and good bye
Call back in an hour
Please and thank you
Hold please



Which is not a key characteristic of a good Call Center Customer Service Representative?

Positive body language
Pleasant speaking voice
Problem solver
Willingness to help



When I am in a loud environment, I_______.

tend to lose my place
tune out everyone else and go about my work
find it hard to concentrate
easily get stressed



Cross selling refers to

The suggestion of related products to a customer.
Suggesting a customer contact another call center to assist with their product
when a customer is transferred to a different department within the same company



When busy and answering the phone you should:

Speak as fast as possible.
Talk slowly and clearly.
Give one word answers.
Ask them to call back at another time.



When answering a cell phone you should:

Be aware of your speaking volume.
Cover your mouth while talking.
Talk as quietly as possible so other people don't hear you.
Talk as loudly as possible so the caller can hear you.



Prior to starting your shift, what should be done first?

Go over yesterday's call log
Log onto all systems before shift starts
Test your headset with a neighbor
Make a call



When working in a call center you should cultivate the:

Ability to think quickly.
Ability to do quick math without a calculator.
Ability to visualize a customer's appearance based on voice.
Ability to make friends.



As a call center manager (choose the best answer):

You should host regular staff meetings where everyone can learn from each other's experiences.
Encourage competition by pointing out your worst employee.
Make sure everyone is constantly meeting their quota's no matter what.
Keep everyone motivated by competing for prizes and rewards.



When you receive a cold call for your boss you should:

Ask who is calling and for what purpose
Transfer the call to your boss right away
Set an appointment for the sales person to see your boss
Promise to have someone call back



What does providing outstanding customer service mean?

Acting as a classic Customer Service Representative
Following your company's customer service guidelines
Going above and beyond expectations
Successfully completing your job duties



When a customers expresses a complaint, what is the best choice of action?

Be skeptical
Regard their account as accurate
Investigate further
Dispute their claim



Which is the best way to avoid bouncing customers around?

Understand the customer's problem and find who can best solve their problem
Try to resolve the customer's problem yourself
Transfer them to a Manager if you are unsure
Transfer them to a department you think is best



It is generally acceptable to start logging off your systems 1 minute prior to the end of your shift.




While obtaining a request from a customer, which is suggested?

Suggest another employee to speak to
Repeat back to them to clarify understanding
Tell them "I understand"
Jump to the task right away



Why is the ability to solve problems so important in a call center?

Problem solvers move through the queue very quickly
Quick problem solvers get good feedback
Only strong problem solvers get promoted
So the call can be resolved efficiently and timely



How long should someone be kept on hold?

It depends on what they want
9 minutes
1 minute or less
As long as it takes



A Call Center department plays an important role in the company but has a minimal impact on the overall business.




NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) can be used effectively in customer interactions




When working in a call center it is important to remember:

Speak clearly and at a moderate pace.
Speak loudly so the people on the phone can hear you.
Speak quickly so you can get through more calls.
Speak slowly so the people on the phone can understand you.



When calling a company you should:

Make your conversations brief and to the point.
If the person you are calling is not available just say: "I'll call back later."
Talk to anyone, just get your problem resolved.
Be prepared to tell a friendly story



When someone calls you with a problem and you don't know what to do you should:

Ask them to check on the internet
Ask them their phone number and offer to call back when you have an answer
Say "I don't know, let me check on that." Then place them on hold.
Get the callers name and problem, along with phone number, ask if you can place them on hold and find out who can help them.



Before hanging up the phone:

All of the above.
Always end the phone call pleasantly.
Let the caller hang up first.
Be sure you have answered all the caller's questions.



When you need to transfer a call to another person, you should:

Say, "I am transferring you"
Say, "I can't help you, but I will transfer you to someone who can"
Ask caller to call back at a different time
Ask permission from caller to transfer the call



After being asked the same question by the 5th customer, what do you do?

Act as if it were asked to you the 1st time
Pretend to have to find the answer
Tell them "I get a lot of this"
Hint that you have been answering this question all day



Addressing a customers needs the first time they call your call center is ....

telephony soft skill
First Call Resolution
Smart Matter



Marketing is in the job of making promises. Customer support has the job of helping fulfill the promises that Marketing has made.




A customer on the phone can hear you smile.




When answering the phone you should:

Keep your voice down
Pause before saying hello
Speak in a normal tone of voice
Speak loudly and slowly



When a customer asks a lot of questions and takes up a lot of time, it is best to

Answer quickly as possible
Explain you are busy
Suggest they call back another time
Be patient



When placing a customer on hold and you do not have hold music, it is best to

Just place them on hold
Use your mp3 player for hold music
Notify them that it will be a silent hold
Do not place them on hold



A queue is ...

a type of ordering system that all call centers utilize
a French word for "customer"
A customer experience data base
The line of calls waiting to be handled.



When a customer asks to speak with a Manager as soon as you answer the phone, what do you do?

Tell them that a Manager will be a while
Transfer to a Manager right away
Tell them you will be happy to transfer to a Manager, and ask if there is anything you can help them with
Ask questions to prevent a Manager from getting involved



When should you escalate a situation to a manager?

When you have the know-how to make a decision
When you can not attempt to form a resolution
When a delay is not detrimental to the situation
When you have made an effort to resolve but could not



A Loyalty Business Model consists of ...

A single disappointing experience in which a competitor gains customer loyalty due to receiving a bad experience previously
quality of product or service leads to customer satisfaction, which leads to customer loyalty, which leads to profitability.
Achieving or exceeding department metrics
prior expectations of overall quality



When screening calls, the proper response to a request to talk to your boss is:

He/She is out golfing for the day
He/She is unavailable to take your call
Ok, I will put you right through
May I ask what this is regarding?



What does the phrase "Killing them with kindness" mean?

Being kind to further aggravate
Saying words like "yes" and "OK"
Showing understanding and sympathy to calm down the customer
Being kind until they hang up



Which is the best definition of a call center queue?

An actual line at the call center
A "line" of inbound callers waiting to be answered
Calls completed
Callers on hold



In a call center some people will be difficult no matter how professional and helpful you are. In these cases you should:

Tell yourself you will not get angry and that you have been successful in situations like this before.
All of these
Remind yourself that you care about people and that most people are not difficult to deal with.
Remind yourself that your mission is to help people and you are successful when you do this.



Your tone of voice does not have a direct correlation to providing good customer service.




What would you do if a call came in 30 seconds before your shift ends?

Answer and proceed as if it were not the end of your shift
Answer, but rush through call
Allow it to be placed in the queue
Answer, but transfer to someone who is just starting their shift



Which is one way to calm down an angry customer?

Give them a discount
Let them vent, then find the root problem to solve
Acknowledge that they are going overboard
Interrupt them and give them suggestions



What do you do when you are asked a question you don't know the answer to?

Transfer to a Manager
Ask them to call you back later
Leave them on the line with you as you research
Place them on hold to find the solution efficiently



An Inbound call center ...

direct inward dialing
outsourced agency
receives calls



It is acceptable to interrupt a customer when you have something to say.




The customer is not always right, but should be treated as such.




If finding a solution to a problem is taking longer than expected, what should you do?

Leave them on hold until you have the answer
Transfer them to someone else
Check in to notify you are still working on their issue
Ask them to call you back later



When making phone calls you should:

Ask to speak with the department that can help you.
Identify yourself.
Identify the purpose of your call.
All of the above.



When writing down phone messages you should:

Just ask them to call back.
Take the next phone call and remember to write the message down later.
Get the phone number and first name.
Accurately record all the callers information and the best time to call back.



A proper way to answer the phone is to:

Say "Hello"
Say "Why are you calling?"
Say "Can I help you?"
Greet caller, identify the organization, then yourself



While speaking with a customer it is OK to

Read articles
Check emails
Take notes
Use a chat service



To place a call on hold you should:

Transfer caller to someone else
Just place caller on hold
Ask if they would be willing to hold
Tell caller to hold



Closing a call correctly shows the customer:

All of these
That you are willing to solve their problem.
That you will keep working with them until tthe problem is solved.
That you care and you are willing to keep working for them.



Showing empathy for a caller is:

Only important if the caller says they are sick or angry.
Only important if the caller is nice to you.
Important in every case.
Only important if the management says you should.



What is the first appropriate thing to do when you receive a call from an irate customer reporting a problem he/she is experiencing at the time you answer the call, without having your opening spiel completed yet?

Escalate the call immediately to your supervisor.
Interrupt the customer and tell that you have to finish first your opening spiel.
Listen to your customer's complain, apologize and continue with your spiel and call control.
No longer tell your spiel, apologize to the customer and tell that its not your fault.
Tell your opening spiel while the customer is talking.



When you recieve a call that is a wrong number you should:

Laugh and say, "I do that all the time."
Try to make a customer out the the caller.
Say: "I'm sorry, you must have the wrong number. What number where you calling?"
Just hang up.



When closing a call you should always:

End the conversation quickly and move on to the next call.
Make sure the customer knows that they can call during business hours if the problem is not solved.
End the conversation confirming that the customer feels that everything is taken care of and that they are satisfied with the results.
Assume that everything is taken care of but verify customer contact information.



When you are angry with someone on the phone you should:

Yell at them and tell them you want better service.
Hang up.
Ask to speak to their manager.
Take a breath and clearly and calmly tell them what you are upset about.



When you answer the phone you should NOT:

Be too friendly
Chew gum or eat food
Be too helpful



When answering the phone, which is best?

Answer in whatever mood you are in
Have an overly excited tone
Answer as you would a personal phone
Have a happy, friendly voice



What should you do when you take a person off of hold:

Tell them everyone is busy and ask if they can call back at another time.
Tell them that they could find an answer with your online chat support team.
Tell them they would get a quicker response if they emailed their question.
Thank them for holding and transfer the call if appropriate.



If your voice is positive and full of energy it tells the customer:

You want to help with any needs they have
You are trying to be professional
You just heard a good joke
You have had too much coffee



Proper telephone etiquette:

Is important because your boss expects it
Is important for promoting a proper professional image of your organization
Is important because it is politically correct
Is not necessary because business moves too fast and time is money



When making phone calls you should:

Find out who to talk to before you call.
Have a script ready but don't follow it.
Know the purpose of your call and plan what you have to say.
Just say whatever comes to mind.



What are 3 things customers do not like when calling a Customer Service call center?

For technician at call center putting you on hold to call someone else in the center to answer your questions or concerns. You must then start your scenario all over again.
All of the above.
For technician at call center to talk when you talk
Being placed on hold and forgotten.



After a long day on the phones, you see the next call, what do you do?

Take a break, let it go back to queue
Let your Manager know you can't answer the call
Make an effort to answer as if it were your first call
Recognize you are burnt out



When transferring a phone call you should:

Transfer the call without any delay.
Place the caller on hold and transfer the call before telling them.
Tell the caller who they are being transferred to and announce the caller to the person you are transferring them to.
Send the caller to voicemail.



When you make a call that is a wrong number you should:

Ask if whoever you called can help you.
Just hang up.
Apologize and state the number you were calling.
Ask them to look up the correct number for you.



Call centers often have frustrated, angry callers. You should respond to these calls with:

Quick and simple suggestions for solving the problem.
A firm and assertive tone.
Offer to transfer them to the manager immediately.
Patience, calm and understanding.



The ability to problem solve in a call center is only important:

When you are the manager.
When you take more than 50 calls a day.
It is important all the time.
When you don't have a script.



An irate customer calls in and demands to speak with a supervisor. They called in previously and their issue wasn't resolved. What is your next step?

Place them on hold and get a supervisor.
Hang up on them.
Tell the customer that they need to calm down before you get them a supervisor.
Apologize for not having their issue resolved previously, ask them what their issue is and try to resolve before escalating to a supervisor.



When calling someone you do not know you should:

Talk about sports as an ice breaker.
Be courteous and professional and let the person know why you are calling.
Ask some personal questions.
Be familiar and friendly.



When answering the phone and trying to learn who is calling you should say:

I will put you through
May I ask who is calling?
Who is this?
What is your name?



The first person a customer interacts with can be considered the "face of the company"




A caller can tell you are sincere by your tone and pitch.




When the telephone rings you should:

Answer by the 3rd ring
Place call on hold without answering
Answer by the 5th ring
Let it go to voicemail



When taking a message you should get what information:

What the call is regarding
Name and time of call
All of the above
Best call back number



When the caller is calling for your boss and he or she is not available for personal reasons, you should:

Tell them they are having family problems.
Offer to take a message or see if you or anyone else can help them.
Tell them they are on vacation.
Tell them that they are out for a long lunch.



To work in a call center you need to have proficiency in:

Computer knowledge.
Product knowledge.
All of the above.



A call center is:

A place for people who want to work but have a low level of skill.
A centralized customer service center in an office setting where the employees are trained to handle customer service problems and inquiries.
A contracted business in India that handles customer problems.
A location where you can pick up any model phone you like.



When you call someone with a problem you should:

Introduce yourself and your company and state why you are calling
Raise your voice to the first person who answers
Tell them to help you immediately
Ask to speak with a manager



The goodbye greeting is important because it

Is nice
Brings closure to the sale
Gives the last impression
Is expected



When answering a cell phone you should:

Answer immediately, regardless of circumstances.
Announce your name when taking the call.
Say, "Who is this?" Before discussing anything.
Don't say anything until you know who is calling.



When using a headset you should:

Put the customer on speaker phone
Speak louder
Be aware that the customer can hear the background noise.
Hold the microphone away from your mouth



If you receive permission to transfer a call:

Transfer the call immediately and get on to your next task
Place caller on hold and transfer them when you have the chance
Give the caller the complete phone number and extension of where you are transferring them to in case you are disconnected
Ask the caller to hold while you find the right person to talk to



An ACSI score, stands for ...

Agent Centers Success Index
American Centers Successful Industry
American Customer Satisfaction Index



The proper steps to follow during the initial 10-15 seconds of a phone call is to:

Answer call on 5th or 6th ring and say "please hold"
Answer and ask who is calling
Greet caller politely, mention name of company and your name, ask if you can help, determine who is calling and for what purpose
Don't answer the call. Let it go directly to voicemail



A customer calls in after owning a product for 100 days. Company policy states that you are allowed to offer complimentary technical support during the first 90 days product ownership, but the customer can either purchase an extended warranty which gives them unlimited technical support for 2 years or you can offer them a per incident agreement. Both cost money. What do you do for this customer?

I give them the opportunity to purchase either agreement, but do not offer free technical support.
All of the above.
I offer them free technical support anyway. What's 10 days?
None of the above.



If the person who is being asked for does not want to be disturbed, but the call is important, you should:

Take a message and promise to get back to them
Put them through immediately
Ask if someone else can help them
Know the company procedures for this type of call and then use your own judgement



When you have a person on speaker phone you should:

Let them know they are speakerphone.
These are all things you should do
Let them know who else is in the room.
Speak clearly.



When receiving calls it is important to:

Look your best.
Be aware of time zone differences.
Get through each call as quickly as possible.
Speak in a low, inviting voice.



Which skill is important in a call center environment?

Computer Savviness
Strong handshake
Great projection of voice
Confident stance