Elance Apache Test Answers 2015

Apache is?
Web Server Software
A database language
A scripting language
A machine language

Which directive provides mapping from a URI to a directory - usually a directory outside of your DocumentRoot?

mod_rewrite provides a way to modify incoming URL requests, dynamically, based on which of the following criteria?
environment variables
None of these
CGI scripts
regular expression rules

Why is it important to set up a proxy?
It doesn't require the use of a firewall
Helps clear the cache
Better performance/improved security
Improves the aesthetic of the website

The DocumentRoot directive is set in which of the following configuration files?

The AllowOverride directive works only in which of the following sections?

The Apache HTTP Server ("httpd") is a project of which of the following groups:
the Linux Open Source Community
Gnu Free Software Foundation
The Apache Software Foundation.
Jakarta Open Source Community

What does TCP/IP stand for?
Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
Transmission Control Protocol/Infrastructure Protocol
Textual Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
Tracking Control Protocol/Internal Protocol

Which of the following is considered the main Apache configuration file?

True or false: Apache can only be run on Windows.

What character(s) in a configuration file is used to indicate a comment?

What is a good reason to log user activity?
All of these
Know who is repeatedly visiting the site
Know how ofter content is viewed
Illuminate marketing problems

With SSI, it is possible to configure output format of which of the following?
Format in which time isreturned
Format of error messages
All of the above
Format in which file sizes are returned

Who is the default user that has permission to the ServerRoot Directories?
All users on the network
Anyone with internet access
The root user
A user group

What is MIME?
An email standard
A network protocol
A web standard used to to determine the type of a file from its extension
A web standard for the handling of user credentials

Which of the following is true about the Apache HTTP Server?
It comes with an unrestricted license
It is actively being developed
All of these
It is not an Application Server

The Apache binary under Unix is called:

True or False? The files and directories underneath the DocumentRoot make up the basic document tree which will be visible from the web.

What does the Trace method do?
An HTTP request method that asks proxy to relay the content of another host
An HTTP request method that returns a diagnostic trace of actions it takes
A SSL method that logs errors
A SSL method that tracks cookies

What does the directive <VirtualHost> do?
All of these
Specifies the port that is in use
Specifies whcih IP address the site is hosting
Introduces a block of text containing directives to one host

What can be done to make a server with AuthType Basic more secure?
Include the XBitHack directive
Nothing can be done because the authentication credentials are always passed openly with Basic authentication
Include the mod_ssl module
None of these

What purpose does the mod_status module serve?
None of these
It allows the server to display a web page containing statistics about the web server's current state, including worker processes and active connections.
If the server has too many File Descriptors open or exceeds certain memory limits(specified by the admininistrator), an entry will be included in the logs.
The mod_status module has been deprecated in favor of the new mod_server_info module

If you are in a hosting situation where you only have .htaccess files to work with, you may need use which of the following modules?
None of these

The function of AllowOverride directive is
Allows users to overwrite exiting server name and port number
Allows users to change the default Log format
Tells Apache to process or not the .htaccess file and what kind of directives are allowed in it
Tells Apache to overwrite the default environment variables

A beta test site should:
Be the real site
Be scaled up from the real site
Be separate and identical to the real site
Be separate but have differing features from a the real site

Which should always be used as the path separator in Apache httpd configuration files, even for Windows?

Of the following, which is the most effective tool to mitigate Denial of Service attacks?
lowering the KeepAliveTimeout directive
use of a threaded mpm
lowering the timeout directive
a firewall

Which of the following must be true for the "Require local" directive to allows access to the server?
You are proxying content to your server.
The client address matches
None of these
The client and the server address of the connection are different.

Why can't Apache logs be rotated by moving or deleting existing logs while the server is running?
Chunks of the Apache logs are stored in memory before being written to the file system. Therefore, moving or deleting log files will lead inconsistent logging.
Using the mod_logio module, the httpd server CAN actually rotate logs files while running.
None of these
The Apache httpd will continue writing to the old log file as long as it holds the file open. Therefore, the files cannot be deleted or moved.

What does the DirectoryIndex command do?
Sorts the directory when a client requests an index of a directory
Specifies a list of resources to look for when the client requests an index of the directory name
Gives users more control of information sorted
Configures the Index Directory

The authorization providers implemented by mod_authz_host serve what purpose?
None of these
They control visitor access to parts of the server though it is deprecated in favor of the new mod_access_compat module.
They control access to particular parts of the server based on the client hostname or IP address.
They allow administrators to indicate routing information for proxy servers.

What directive must be used to set the order of the Allow and Deny commands?
None, they are applied by the order in which they appear in your file
Bind Address

Which of the following are characteristics of IP-based Virtual Hosting?
server has a different IP address/port combination for each IP-based virtual host.
Any of these
The machine hosting the server has several virtual interfaces
The machine hosting the server has several physical network connections

Which of the follow directives cannot be overridden in a .htaccess file?

Which of the following is not a freeware database manager?

Which of the following is a module compiled separately from the Apache httpd binary and can be loaded on-demand?

The UserDir directive:
Allows a user's home directory to be accessible.
Specifies a directory under which all files can only be accessed by a specific user
Specifies a directory underneath the user's home directory where web files are located
None of these

The directive RewriteLog does what?
Enables/Disables the rewriting engine
Sends logging to the specified Filename
Defines an external mapname file
Controls the verbostiy of logging

You can tell Apache to parse any file with a particular file extension, such as .shtml, with the following directives: AddType text/html .shtml AddOutputFilter INCLUDES .shtml. What is the disadvantage to this approach?
None of these
Any change made to the .shtml will require a server restart
if you wanted to add SSI directives to an existing page, you would have to change the name of that page, and all links to that page, in order to give it a .shtml extension
Every new extension included through the filter requires a new DSO to be compiled into the Apache core.

What character may be used as the last character on a line in a configuration file to indicate that the directive continues onto the next line?

Which of the following is an effect of using DSO's?
There is no noticeable affect
It increases the server startup time.
It decreases the server startup time.
None of these

What security risk arises when users have write access to directories where Apache writes its logs?
Write permissions to the log directory does not pose a significant security risk.
Write access to log directories indirectly opens access to the Apache server bin/ directory.
None of these
Someone can gain access to the uid that the server is started as, which is normally root.

Which of the following is not a result of using .htaccess files?
httpd will look in every directory for .htaccess files
None of these
Users can make configuration changes and to access directories for which they wouldn't normally have access, provided the directory is not owned by ''root''.
The .htaccess file is loaded every time a document is requested.

What is the result of using the directive: XBitHack ON ?
None of these
XBitHack ON directive allows CGI scripts to load and run text files as if the executable bit were set.
XBitHack ON directive allows CGI scripts to run executable scripts on the file system.
XBitHack tells Apache to parse files for SSI directives if they have the execute bit set

The directive Alias can be used for:
Allows you to run CGI scripts
Rationalizing directories spread throughout the system/the storage of documents in other directories
Hiding a directory from the user
Assigning directories an Alias

What is the result of Options +Includes?
It tells Apache to allow system environment variables to override httpd command line variables.
None of these
It tells Apache that you want to permit remote content into a web page
It tells Apache that you want to permit files to be parsed for SSI directives

What is the drawback for using the <IfModule> directive?
None of these
It only functions for statically compiled modules.
it can suppress useful error messages about missing modules.
It ignores DSO's

Which of the following is true regarding Apache server and te <VirtualHost> directive?
When the server is not configured for DNS parsing of config files, the server is more prone to denial and theft of service attacks.
None of these
The Apache HTTP Server should be configured in a way such that it relies on DNS for parsing of the configuration files.
All of these

Which of the following is not an essential subdirectory of a web site?

Why is it significant that the SetEnv directive runs late during request processing?
Because directives such as SetEnvIf and RewriteCond will not see the variables set with SetEnv
Because variables set with SetEnv will be ignored by all DSO's.
Because variables set with SetEnv will override variables in the httpd.conf file
None of these

Httpd is a modular server. By default, a base set of modules is included in the server at:
None of these
Compile time
There are no base set of modules because Apache is dynamic.

Which of the following is not a sufficient solution to limit the security risks of Server Side Includes (SSI)?
SSI-enabled files should have a separate extension, such as the conventional .shtml
Ensure that all SSI files are SSL enabled.
Disable the ability to run scripts and programs from SSI pages. To do this replace Includes with IncludesNOEXEC in the Options directive
A server administrator can enable suexec

Which apache directive contains the less server response header details?
ServerSignature Prod
ServerSign Major
UseCanonicalName Off
ServerTokens Prod
ServerSignature Minor

<Directory />AllowOverride None</Directory> has what effect on the server
None of these
It prevents the use of .htaccess files in all directories apart from those specifically enabled.
It informes the server that .htaccess directives in a given directory will not override directives from httpd.conf.
It forces the server to ignore directives specified by the .htaccess files in the given directory.

Given the following directive "<IfDefine ClosedForNow> ", which of the following is true?
The httpd server may have been started with httpd -DClosedForNow.
None of these
The <ClosedForNow> directive has been set in the .htaccess or in a <VirtualHost> segment.
The server is has been instructed to temporarily stop accepting requests

What is an environment variable that is a part of Apache SSL?

What protocol is used to avoid revealing a password?
Challenge/Handshake Protocol
Authentication Protocol

Which of the following situations would prevent an HTTP response from being cached by the httpd server?
None of these
The response has an HTTP status code of 300 or 301.
The response includes a "Vary:" header containing the match-all "*"
The response contains an "Authorization:" header and an "s-maxage", "must-revalidate" or "public" option in the "Cache-Control:" header.

Which of the following is not a built-in handler in the standard distribution?

Which of the following describes how the mod_cache_disk module ensures that multiple URLS do not collide with one another?
It creates a 22 character hash of the URL being requested and which is turned into a filename prefix to store the data.
It creates a 22 character hash of the URL being requested and stores the information in memory. If the cache memory passes the limit set in the .htaccess config file, the data is then stored onto disk.
None of these
It creates a 22 character hash of the URL being requested. It then stores the cached data in a file using the hash as a filename. a filename prefix to store the data.