How To Pass Any Interview

Interview answers on 30 oDesk and Elance common and tricky questions


1. What experience do you have in this area? / What relevant work experience do you have in this career field?
Interview answer should include:
  • Details about specific work related experience for the position you're interviewing for.  Make sure the experience is relevant to the position.
  • If you don't have specific career related experience then:
    • Speak about prior experience that has helped you develop the specific knowledge and skills required for the position you are applying for.
Do not:
  • Don't talk about previous experience that is not related to the position in question.
2. How do you typically interact and communicate with your clients?
Interview answer should include:
  • You are reliable and can easily communicate with client.
Do not:
  • Do not hesitate answering this questions, otherwise client will understand that communication is not one of your strengths.
3. Do you have any questions for me / us?
Ask questions, because they demonstrating your desire to benefit a potential employer.

Good questions:
  • What departments or projects would benefit most from my skills and experience?
  • What do you expect the learning curve to be before I'm effective and efficient?
  • Tell me more about the position, the company, the department, the team.
4. What are the most difficult decisions to make? / Describe a difficult work situation / project and how you overcame it / Tell me about a time when you helped resolve a dispute between others
Interview answer should include:
  • Concrete good examples of difficult situations that really happened at the office. Tell that which you did to resolve the issue.
  • Only strengths ("Despite the fact that it had been difficult when Mike Cruz quit without warning, we could arrange the department workload to pay for the positioning until a alternative was hired.") and become specific.
  • Techniques you accustomed to solve the issue without concentrating on the particulars from the problem.
5. How do you evaluate success / How do you measure success?
Answer should include:
  • You're able to set realistic, yet aggressive goals that push you and you're able to achieve them, you go the extra mile on all projects, client satisfaction is high, your boss is elated at your performance on all projects, etc.
Good answers:
  • I evaluate success in various strategies. At perform, it's meeting the objectives set by my supervisors and my fellow workers. It truly is my understanding, from speaking to other workers, that the ABC enterprise is recognized for not only rewarding success, but giving workers chance to grow as well. Right after work, I appreciate playing softball, so achievement around the field is catching the winning pop-up.
  • For me, success is about performing my job well. I need to be recognized as a person who normally does their best and tries their hardest to create my ambitions.
  • I evaluate success determined by not just my function, however the perform of my team. In order for me to become thought of profitable, the team requirements to attain both our person and our group ambitions.
  • I evaluate success according to outcomes. It's not always the path you take to attain good results that matters. Rather, it is quantifiable final results.
  • To me, success is when I'm performing effectively and satisfied with my position, understanding that my operate is adding value to my business but also to my all round life and the lives of other persons.
6. How do you handle pressure? / How do you deal with pressure or stressful situations? / How well do you perform under pressure?
Interview answer should include:
  • Show that you can meet a stressful situation head-on in a productive, positive manner and let nothing stop you from accomplishing your goals.
Good answers:
  • stress is very vital to me. With anxiety, I do the best probable job. The appropriate strategy to handle anxiety is to ensure I have the correct balance in between great pressure and negative anxiety. I have to have very good anxiety to stay motivated and productive.
  • I react to scenarios, rather than to tension. That way, the predicament is handled and doesn't grow to be stressful.
  • I essentially work better below stress and I've located that I love working inside a difficult atmosphere.
  • From a individual perspective, I manage tension by visiting the health club each and every evening. It's an awesome tension reducer.
  • Prioritizing my responsibilities so I've a clear idea of what requirements to become accomplished when, has helped me efficiently manage pressure around the job.
  • If the persons I am managing are contributing to my strain level, I discuss solutions for far better handling complicated situations with them.
  • I discover that when I'm below the pressure of a deadline, I can do some of my most inventive perform.
  • I'm not an individual who features a difficult time with strain. When I'm below stress, I concentrate, and get the job carried out.
  • I find it exhilarating to become within a dynamic atmosphere exactly where the stress is on.
  • I discover a previous pace to become invigorating, and thrive when the pressure is on.
  • I've performed a number of my finest operate below tight deadlines, exactly where the atmosphere was really stressful.
  • I'm the sort of individual who stays calm beneath stress, and handles tension relatively very easily.
7. Tell me a little about yourself / Tell me about yourself
Interview answer should include:
  • Some personal interests which don't relate directly to your work including: long distance running or yoga, volunteer work, hobby which you are passionate about like quilting, astronomy, chess, choral singing, golf, skiing, tennis, or antiquing;
  • Past jobs as well as work experience that is related to the position you're interviewing for;
  • 3-4 of the personal qualities, skills and/or areas of expertise which would help you to excel in the job for which you are interviewing;
  • Top few skills which make you an ideal candidate for the job.
Do not:
  • Do not share employment (or personal) history;
  • Do not share personal information about your family;
  • Do not share spouses, partners, children, or any other strictly personal information;
  • Do not discuss any references to topics that would cause concern about your ethics, character, productivity, or work ethic.
8. Why do you want this job? / Why do you want to work for this company?
Interview answer should include:
  • That you are passionate about the job;
  • Specific about what makes you a good fit for this role, and mention aspects of the company and position that appeal to you;
  • Make sure to relate the answer to your long-term career goals.
Do not:
  • Do not mention salary, hours, or commute as the primary reasons you want the job. 
Good answers:
  • I like customer assistance since I love the constant human interaction and also the satisfaction that comes from helping an individual resolve an issue
  • I've constantly been passionate about education, and I consider you guys are performing excellent points, so I want to be a part of it
  • This is not only a fine chance, but this organization is a place exactly where my qualifications could make a difference. It consists of the challenge to maintain me on my toes. That is the form of job I like to anticipate every single morning.
  • I effectively realize that this is a business around the way up. Your website says the launch of several new solutions is imminent. I want be a part of this enterprise because it grows.
  • This job is actually a fantastic fit for what I've been thinking about all through my profession. It gives a good mix of short- and long-term activities.
  • The work I uncover most stimulating permits me to use each my creative and analysis expertise. The buzz on this enterprise is the fact that it rewards men and women who deliver options to substantial difficulties.
9. Why should we hire you? / What makes you the best candidate for this role? / Why do you think you'll do well at this job? / What Can You Do Better for Us Than the Other Candidates? / Why should we pick you instead of someone else?
Interview answer should include:
  • That you can not only do the work;
  • A couple of moments to check the task description together with your capabilities, in addition to mentioning that which you have accomplished inside your other positions. Stay positive and reiterate your curiosity about the organization and also the position;
  • 6 - 8 strengths in terms of skills, past experiences, areas of knowledge and personal qualities that will help you to excel in the job;
  • Good examples of methods you've applied your talents to include value in jobs, internships, school projects or volunteer work. Describe situations or challenges, actions you required, and results you produced by tapping each resource;
  • Examples of success in a similar career field or job position;
  • Examples where you are very experienced with a certain skill that the job requires.
Do not:
  • Avoid responses that indicate you think you're smarter than others;
  • Avoid saying point-blank that you're a hard worker or that you get along well with others;
  • Do not criticize your colleges or competitors;
Good answers:
  • Although I'm not acquainted with others what you are meeting with, I am certain you will find plenty of gifted people using for this type of position. However, given my unique background encounters, I believe I will be a strong candidate with this position.
  • You have described that you're searching for a task manager that can effectively manage employees. Within my 10 experience like a manager, I've developed strong inspirational and team-building abilities. I had been granted manager-of-the-year in my innovative methods for motivating employees to satisfy and exceed due dates. If hired, I'll bring my leadership capabilities and methods for achieving profit gains for this position.
10. What are your greatest professional strengths? / What do you consider to be your greatest strength? / What is your greatest strength?
Interview answer should include:
  • Only positive response;
  • Example demonstrating strengths in a professional fields;
  • 3 - 5 particularly strong skills that match this position, which can include education or training, soft skills, hard skills, or past work experiences. Give examples of how you have used that strength in the past;
  • Examples of ability to: solve complex problems, work well on a team, shine under pressure, focus in chaotic situations, prioritize and organize, cut through the fluff to identify the real issues, influence other positively.
Good Answers:
  • I include an quite strong work ethic. After I am concentrating on an activity, I am not going only to meet payment dates. Rather, I like to complete the job well before schedule. A year ago, I even acquired an additional benefit for finishing my newest reviews 7 days ahead of time.
  • I have quite strong writing capabilities. Getting labored just like a copy editor for five years, I have had a strong concentrate on detail if the involves my writing. I have also written for a number of guides, so I know the way to shape my way with words to match the task and audience. Just like a marketing assistant, I'll be capable of effectively write and edit press bulletins, increase quite happy with precision and ease.
  • I am a skilled sales rep using more than ten experience. I have exceeded my sales goals every 3 several weeks and that i have acquired an additional benefit each year since i have have started with my current employer.
  • I pride myself in my customer care capabilities and my capacity to solve what's difficult situations. With five experience just like a customer care connect, I started to effectively understand and resolve customer issues. Around the related note, I furthermore have strong communication capabilities, which supports me deal with clients, team people, and professionals. I am recognized for just as one effective team member getting a talent for giving presentations.
11. What do you consider to be your weaknesses? / What is Your Greatest Weakness
The goals of this question is to check your self-awareness and honesty.
Interview answer should include:
  • Only positive aspects of your skills and abilities as an employee;
  • Skills that aren't critical for the job. For example, if you are applying for a nursing job, you might share that you are not particularly adept at conducting group presentations;
  • Skills that you have improved upon during your previous job. You can show your initial level of functioning, discuss the steps you have taken to improve this area, and then reference your current, improved level of skill.
Do not:
  • Do not say 'Nothing! I'm perfect!';
  • Do not say 'I can't meet a deadline to save my life';
  • Do not mention anything that you improved upon that is related to the job for which you are interviewing.
Good Answers:
  • When I am focusing on a task, I'm not going simply to meet due dates. Rather, I favor to accomplish the work well in front of schedule.
  • Being organized wasn't my most powerful point, however i implemented a personal time management system that actually assisted my organization abilities.
  • I prefer to make certain that my jobs are perfect, so I am inclined to possibly spend a tad too enough time checking it. However, I have arrived at a great balance by establishing a method to make sure things are done properly the very first time.
  • I used to hang about until the final minute to create visits for that coming week, however i recognized that arranging ahead of time makes a lot more sense.
  • Sometimes, I take more time than necessary on the task, or undertake tasks personally that may be easily assigned to another person. Although I have never skipped a deadline, it's still an attempt that i can know when you should move onto the following task, and also to have confidence when setting others work.
  • I've learned to create my perfectionism try to my advantage at the office. I'm excellent at meeting due dates, with attention to detail, I understand my jobs are correct.
  • I accustomed to prefer to focus on one project to the completion before beginning on another, but I have learned to operate on many projects simultaneously, and i believe it enables me to become more creative and efficient in every one.
12. What is your greatest professional achievement?
Interview answer should include:
  • A task/project/deal;
  • What you were required to complete it;
  • What you did;
  • What you archived;
Do not:
  • Do not say “hire me”;
  • Don't be shy when answering this question.
13. Tell me about a past accomplishment you are especially proud of
The purpose of this question is to find out what's important in your life. 
Answer may include:
  • Accomplishments that are work or not work-related.
14. Tell me about a challenge or conflict you've faced at work, and how you dealt with it / Tell me how you handle conflict at work / What is the most irritating thing you've experienced about your co-workers? / Tell me about a problem or disagreement you had with previous supervisor?
Interview answer should include:
  • Examples how you handle conflict in constructive ways;
  • Awareness that conflict is inevitable, you work to diffuse the situation and contribute to resolving it. 
  • positive response;
  • Nothing negative about a previous employer.
Do not:
  • Don't try to avoid this question by stating that you haven't had any conflict in your previous work experiences.
15. What's your dream job?
Do not:
  • Don't be specific;
  • Do not tell that the job you're applying for is the perfect job.
Good answer:
  • A job where my work ethic and abilities are recognized and I can make a meaningful difference to the organization.
16. Why are you leaving your current job? / Why are you looking to leave your current position? / Why did you leave your last job?
Interview answer should include:
  • Only positive—say nothing negative about your past employers;
  • Eager to take on new opportunities.
Do not:
  • Don't speak badly about your previous employer;
  • Do not say anything that related to pay or benefits, being passed over for promotion, not getting along well with your  manager or coworkers, or the hours not fitting your schedule;
  • Do not tell that you were fired;
  • Do not mention that you have been looking for a job many months.
Good answers:
  • I'd really enjoy being a part of product from starting to finish, and that i know I'd obtain that chance here.
  • My previous role was very rewarding and permitted me to lead to the organization and it is clients however seem like I'm ready to defend myself against a bigger role and hang of duties, and my current clients are away from a stage where they are able to offer me this chance.
  • The company experienced a reorganization.
  • I am choosing the chance to grow my career possibilities.
  • I want to utilize a brand new firm that provided greater chance.
  • I found myself tired of the job and searching for more challenges. I'm a great worker and that i did not want my disappointment to possess any impact at work I had been doing in my employer.
  • There is not room for growth with my current employer and I am prepared to move onto new stuff.
  • I'm moving for this area because of family conditions and left these position to be able to result in the move.
  • After many years within my last position, I am searching for an company where I'm able to lead and also be inside a team-oriented atmosphere.
  • I am thinking about new stuff as well as an chance to make use of my technical abilities and experience of another capacity than I've previously.
  • I lately received my degree and I wish to utilize my educational background within my next position.
  • I am thinking about employment with increased responsibility, and i'm very ready for new stuff.
  • I left my last position to be able to hang out with my loved ones. Conditions have transformed and I am greater than ready for full-time employment again.
  • I am seeking a situation having a stable company with room for growth and chance for advancement.
  • I was commuting towards the city and investing a lot of time every day on travel. I would rather be nearer to home.
  • To be truthful, I wasn't thinking about moving, but, I saw this task posting and it was intrigued through the position and the organization. It sounds somewhat exciting chance as well as an ideal complement my qualifications.
  • This position appeared as an excellent match in my abilities and experience and i'm unable to make full use of them within my present job.
  • The company was reducing and, regrettably, my job was certainly one of individuals removed.
17. What's your management style? / Describe your management style / What's a time you exercised leadership?
Interview answer should include:
  • You are strong manager, but flexible;
  • You can adapt your skills to different situations;
  • Your ability to confidently and effectively rally a team.
18. How would your boss and co-workers describe you? / What would people you work with say about you? / What would your previous employer say is your greatest strength?
Interview answer should include:
  • A few positive examples of co-workers who enjoyed working with you with an explanation why. Several possibilities could be Leadership, Problem solving ability, Initiative, Energy, Work ethic, Innovative.
19. What are your salary requirements? / What type of salary are you looking for? / Did the salary we offer attract you to this job? / How to Answer Interview Questions about Your Salary Expectations
Before interview:
  • Do research on what salaries are in your field.
Interview answer should include:
  • You aware that your skills are valuable, but that you want the job and are willing to negotiate;
  • Ask what they want to pay or give a wide salary range and clarify that it depends on the job requirements;
  • If you switch a company then increase your current pay by as much as 15% to 20%.
20. Tell me why you're interested in this position (or our company)? / What are you looking for in a new position?
Before interview:
  • Do a little research on the company you're applying with or check message boards or comments left by other freelancers who've worked for the client to see what  kind of experiences others have had;
Do not:
  • Do not show you haven't put any effort into finding out more about the company like ‘My friend works for this company and said it is a lot of fun' or 'I've heard your company has great benefits.'
Good answers:
  • It signifies several unique challenges, and i'm looking forward to using my abilities and background to tackle these challenges.  I take programming seriously and feel it is advisable to the prosperity of both the organization as well as your clients, and welcome the chance to utilize your clients to make sure there is a great knowledge about developing items.
21.Tell me about a specific situation where you failed
Interview answer should include:
  • You are you good at learning from mistakes;
  • Situation and what you learned from it;
  • If there is no work example, use an example from your personal life.
Do not:
  • Do not say 'I've never failed'.
22. Do you consider yourself successful?
Right answer:
  • YES, because I have set goals and have met some of these goals and is on track to meet more in the near future.
23. How long do you want to work for us if we hire you?
Good answers:
  • I hope a very long term;
  • As long as we're both happy with my results.
24. Did you consider yourself a team player?
Right answer:
  • YES, I've worked as part of a cohesive team to get things accomplished and I've focus on team performance rather than individual performance.
25. What is your philosophy towards work? / Describe your work ethic
Good answer:
  • High job responsibilities, optimism, and a desire to be as efficient as possible while at work.
26. Do You Work Well With Other People?
Good Answers:
  • Working on numerous team projects has allowed me to develop my capacity to speak clearly with others, and mediate conflicts between team people. For example, around the recent project, my teammates were getting trouble going to an agreement regarding how to approach functionality in the project. I required directly into all their concerns, but got everyone to sit down lower lower and develop a solution that can make everyone happy. Because of my hearing others and mediate conflict, we're able to finish our project before schedule, in addition to received commendation out of your employer for your high quality within our project.
  • I am someone listener and apparent communicator, that's essential to like a salesperson. Clients frequently call me with complaints and concerns, and my capacity to with persistence listen and sympathise ensures they are feel appreciated. I quickly begin using these to build up creative techniques for their problems.
  • My capacity to speak effectively with others remains vital that you my success just like a manager. For example, my hearing my employees has aided me motivate my staff and improve performance. When the caliber of 1 employee's work began to falter, I met while using worker to talk about the issue. I required directly into her concerns about her work, therefore we spoken about techniques to solve her concerns while improving her performance. I firmly believe that getting the opportunity to clearly speak with and positively give consideration to employees is essential to improving their performance.
27. What motivates you at the work place?
Good answer:
  • My ability to achieve, recognition and challenging assignments.
28. Are you willing to work overtime or odd hours?
Good answers:
  • YES (if you really can work overtime);
  • NO (if you do not have such possibility).
29. How do you propose to compensate for your lack of experience?
Good answer:
  • I am able to learn new tasks and information in a reasonable period and possess a strong work ethic.
30. What position do you prefer on a project?
Good answer:
  • I can be employed in different roles and situations, but when there's an opportunity to choose I would rather be considered a project manager.