Elance Web Design Test Answers 2015

In CSS, z-index is used to do what?

Increase speed; make the index page go zip
To create a big Z on the index page
Make images popup
Bring div elements to the front or back of other div elements on a webpage



Which one of these statements are TRUE about designing for the web

Browser rendering of fonts is different between most browsers.
You should design your site no wider than 1080px wide
You should never design your site to be responsive
You should save your images at four times their intended size to ensure the highest possible quality on the screen



Progress trackers

should be avoided, if users see their are multiple steps, they are less likely to complete the form.
is a good technique to help users have context where they are in a multi-step process.
should only be used when the entire page reloads between steps.
distract users from the form itself.



True or False? HTML5 uses some self-closing tags.




What is the tag for an inline frame?




Which of the following would create a shadow on a div with text inside it?

Light box
Fancy box



What is the "Three-click rule" ?

Three mouse clicks on a button or element should be considered as an element to be highlighted.
Three mouse clicks is a click-limit for a button to trigger an action
A special use case if the user is using the old three button mouse.
A web user should be able to find any information with no more than three mouse clicks.



The most important thing to consider when designing for the web is to

have as many attractive elements as possible to ensure users are impressed with your site.
design for the intended audience
use rounded corners to make the page feel softer and help users feel comfortable interacting with the page
make the default font-size 20px to ensure that all content is readable.



Search boxes should be:

clearly visible, quickly recognizable, and easy to use
designed with an icon of a magnifying glass, always
used only when the content of the site can not be organized categorically
displaying a speech or image search option, like Google



True or false? It is possible to combine structures (e.g, linear and hierarchical).




What are the general syntax for inline image?

img src=file



Which of the following will NOT be found in the <head> section ?




Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) most accurately means:

Using Google Adwords pay-per-click to improve rankings of a web page
Using strategic keywords and phrases to improve the search engine rankings of a web page
Use meta tags with names of competitors, in an attempt to attract better rankings and therefore more viewers, with a strong ROI
Home grown wording and imagery that appeals to users



To create a link to an anchor, you use the______property in A tag.




CSS3 offers developers the ability to create rounded corners and drop-shadows without using images. What are the benefits of NOT using images?

More flexibility with crossover from web to mobile
Quicker loading times
Better SEO results
All of these



DOM is best described as:

A language-neutral object oriented system applied to HTML
The new HTML6
PHP combined with JQuery



A “Tableless” website refers to:

None of these
A website with less tables
An ecommerce website that does not sell tables
A website that does not use tables for layout.



You cannot designate an inline image as a hypertext link.




How would one create a link that enables users to e-mail you?

<a ref="mail:support@mailtome.com">Click here to mail us</a>
<a ref="mailto:support@mailtome.com">Click here to mail us</a>
<a href="mailto:support@mailtome.com">Click here to mail us</a>
<a href="mail:support@mailtome.com">Click here to mail us</a>
<a src="mailto:support@mailtome.com">Click here to mail us</a>



tracking and leading cannot be controlled in web design.




Which one of the following elements are still usable with HTML5 doctype?




Which of the following ATTRIBUTE use define the author of a page?

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="30">
<meta name="keywords" content="HTML, CSS, XML, XHTML, JavaScript">
<meta name="author" content="Hege Refsnes">
<meta name="description" content="Free Web tutorials on HTML and CSS">



Interpret this statement: <strong>Michelle</strong>

It will print out Michelle in bold font
It highlights Michelle as being strong
It makes Michelle strong



In Web design, what are the aspects of space that you should be considering:

Line spacing
All options
White space



Which of the following is a correct JQuery statement?

<?php echo '<p>Is this JQuery?</p>'; ?>
document.write("Is this JQuery?");



How would you write Hello in an alert box?

alert ("hello");
alert "hello"
alert ("hello")
alertbox ("hello");



When designing call to actions, it's best to

Not using any styles on the button or link for user familiarity and also for optimizing SEO
Add motion or blinking effects to the static state of the button to make it as clear as possible
Draw user attention with considerate prominance through size, color and position



Which is a good way to implement Responsive Web Design?

Only javascript.
Mostly CSS3 with some jQuery
Using only images.
HTML5 only.



Which of the following is not a method for adding CSS to an HTML page.

Adding Inline CSS to the HTML
Linking to a separate CSS file
Entitling CSS to the HTML
Embedding CSS into the HTML



Social media apps such as Facebook offer interfaces to web developers to integrate into their own web projects. These are referred to as:

Interactive Modules
Social Widgets



True or False? HTML stands for HyperText Markup Logistics.




True or False? No matter which word is used, Java and Javascript are still one in the same.




What is a common database querying language.




Designing a UI refers to:

Any of these
Designing and Developing the user interface for mobile web
Designing the user interface for mobile apps
Designing the user interface in Photoshop for web



When a user interacts with a menu, what's a good way to provide feedback?

Changing the color or background of the menu
Playing a sound
Changing the font size of the menu



Which of these browsers is notorious for giving web developers a headache, not to mention more work to do?

Internet Explorer



Software programs, like your Web browser, use a mathematical approach to define color.




The page title is inside the____tag.




It's important and helpful to design forms in an order and position as they normally are presented (e.g. address or credit card information forms)

True, it helps create a good user experience and builds trust.
False. I can be as creative as possible without thinking about the user experience.



Choose the correct HTML tag for the largest heading




A “responsive” website is one that:

Has a lot of mouseovers or rollovers for users
Links to businesses that will respond to your query
Resizes to fit different screen sizes
Reacts to the click of a mouse



When designing a responsive web site, it's important to

All of them.
Build the site on a scalable grid for easy and clear content "collapsing".
Make images and videos responsive.
Hide interactive elements for smaller sizes.
Use condensed fonts for smaller screen sizes.



True or False? Apache is a popular open source web server.




In relation to the web, CMS stands for:

Competent Malware Safety
Content Management System
Computer Master Science
Content Management Services



Tables can be nested (table inside of another table).




<p> and <br> have the same effect




A URL redirect is:

When a domain is forwarded to another domain
when a domain name or a URL is directed to another domain or URL.
A pop-up activator
None of these
When a link on a website leads to another site



Visual hierarchy helps

establish a pace and order for reading and priority of content
you make critical decisions on how to write the HTML for the site
you add more photographs to a design



SVG is

An acronym for Slicing Virtual Graphics.
A vector based graphic file format supported in most modern browsers.
A new and higher resolution raster image type for use on mobile devices
A new, secure, file transfer protocol for getting your website online.



SASS and LESS are

Special tools in Photoshop, specifically to help making web design graphics easier.
None of these.
Well respected web design sites that help shape web design best practices.
Precompilers that use a syntax with more features that can make writing CSS easier.



What is the full form of CSS?

Colored Style Sheets
Creative Styling Sheets
Colored Styling Sheets
Cascading Style Sheets
Creative Style Sheets



True or False? ASP.NET and PHP are one in the same.




The <h1> tag:

defines the least important text
defines the most important text
defines the most important call to action
defines the most important heading



What is the correct HTML tag for inserting a line break?




What does FTP stand for

File Transfer Protocol
Fast Temporary Prototype
File Type Protocol
Feel The Pain
Fast Track Program



Which of the following affects the User Experience of the website?

All of them.
The responsiveness of the layout.
The number of javascript libraries and style-sheets added.
The layout of the website.
The quality and size of the images.



Which of the following affects SEO?

Alt and Title tags
All of these
Visible page content
Web page titles



H1 is the smallest header tag.




Which of these is not a responsive technique for images

Using absolute width and height values for images
Using max-width or min-width css properties to allow an image to shrink and grow in it's space
Using SVG graphics that scale with the size of a website
Using percentage values on image width properties to keep an image at a size relative to it's container



Where is "RewriteEngine on" used?

When using Apache in the .htaccess file
While editing PHP Errors



Allowing white space in your design is a good design tool to_____.

allow room for future advertising or feature placement.
reduce a page view's complexity and increase user's speed of comprehension.
keep fonts from overlapping and causing visual issues when people zoom in.
give space for animations like drop down navigations and expandable content.



Which resource allow us to use fonts that are not system fonts?




As you’re building your template, some of the divs seem to be stacking rather than aligning next to each other as you had intended. Which of the following is a solution to get them to align next to each other?

{ position: relative } with specific coordinates
{ float: right }
{ float: left }
Any of these



Some CSS3 declarations are not compatible with older browsers, especially IE8 and earlier versions. What could be a solution?

All of these
Create alternative stylesheets and add PIE.htc
Don’t use CSS3 rounded corners or shadows that are not compatible with these older browsers
Use images instead of CSS3



Sprites are

An image with multiple graphics in it that can be used as a CSS background-image to show only parts of the sprite.
All of these.
A design term to reference the rendering quality of font's and images on the web.
A unit of measurement to measure performance and runtime of design assets in the browser.



The asterisk (*) in css refers to:

Any Element
All websites
All links
Everything in the web code



Viewport dimensions at which we decide to alter the page design, are known as:

Compound fractures
Media Queries
Flexible grids



How would you target “My Link” in a Strict doctype?

<a href=”link” style=”declaration”;>My Link</a>
<a href=”link” class=”my-link”>My Link</a>
<a href=”my link, declaration”;></a>
All of these



What is the preset order of direction listing when using a CSS shorthand property, which can be extended as "property-right" or "property-bottom"?

top right bottom left
top left bottom right
right bottom left top
left top right bottom
bottom left top right



All HTML tags are enclosed in what ?

? and !
. and <!--
# and #



Which of the following is NOT a component of Responsive Web Design?

Web fonts
Fluid grid
Flexible images
Media Queries



Responsive typography generally uses what unit of measurement to scale up and down




In HTML, the names of IDs and Classes are referred to as




What declaration would generate a "scrollbar" IF text exceeded a div's fixed size?

{ overflow : auto }
{ overflow: hidden }
{ overflow: visible }
None of these



To adjust leading, one would need to use which CSS property?




Relative path make your hypertext links______.




When designing forms it's helpful to

avoid designing focus states, they are distracting and confuse users.
hide submit buttons until the form has finished being filled out
put a "Reset Form" button next to the submit button
consider streamlining the process by using things like autocomplete comboboxes and date pickers



What's the name of the meta tag used for mobile website design




In a CSS Stylesheet, the commands or styles for each ID and Class are called:




Which of the following is a type of HTML code that controls the appearance of the document contents?




Skeuomorphism is used in web design to

make users have to focus more by skewing the typography to force more concentration while reading
enhance and make traditional user experiences more interactive
make the site feel more physical and touchable by using graphic textures like leather and paper
help users acclimate to elements on a page because they resemble and retain cues from the physical object with the same function



Which DTD does NOT allow inline styling?

4.01 Transitional
!Doctype HTML
None of these
XHTML 1.0 Strict



True or false: The default browser font size is 16px




What is the default CSS position of an element?




Why do you need a humans.txt file in your web development?

This file is an extension of the robots.txt file in a human readable format.
This file credits and identifies the people who may take part in the creation of the website.
This file is used by web spiders to identify website owners.



In web design terminology, 'widows' and 'orphans' refer to

A user who cannot log in to his/her account
A page on a website that no other site page links to
An image that clashes with the rest of the site design
A DOM element take out of document flow
An isolated line or word of text



Choose the correct HTML tag for the largest heading




Is the attribute "align" supported by html5?




If you want to increase the font size by 2 relative to the surrounding text, you enter +2 in the tag.




Which attribute you should use to create a "tooltip" for an image?