Elance Software Quality Assurance Test Answers 2015

What is UAT?
User acceptance testing
User attemptation testing

What is boundary value analysis?
A process in which the tester takes boundary values and middle values for testing
A process in which the tests only takes boundary values for testing

The testing technique that requires devising test cases to demonstrate that each program function is operational is called ____________ testing.

Which of the following should NOT be present during an inspection?
A recorder
The developer
A moderator
A reader

Which of the following is typically NOT included in a test plan?
List of features to be tested and not tested
Design diagram

A set of planned activities that are necessary to provide confidence that the software conforms to requirements is ___________________.
Software Development
Software Quality Assurance

True or False? The testing environment does not need to track changes in configuration as it is not a production environment.

What is the purpose of an inspection?
To gather preliminary information
To fix the software
To find problems and see what's missing
To make recommendations

What is the CMMI?
None of these
Capacity Maturation Modular Institute
Capability Maturity Model Integration
Connection Maturity Management Initiation

Which test is OFTEN the responsibility of the customers or users of the system?
Regression Testing
Functional Testing
System Testing
Acceptance Testing

Quality Assurance is the same as Quality Control.

True or False? Software Quality Assurance is organized into goals, commitments, abilities, activities, measurements and verifications.

True or False? The developer is the best person to perform QA testing on the software as they know it so well.

Software defect (bug) is best defined as:
An error visible for the user, e.g., browser crash.
A discrepancy between the way the system-under-test is expected to function and the way it actually functions.
Slow response.
Obvious failure, for example, server crash.

True or False? Deliverables such as requirements, a testing plan and test cases must be defined as part of the software development and testing processes in order to guarantee that testers can effectively follow-up throughout the project from the software quality perspective.

Which of the following statements is true?
Effective methodologies help produce superior software with less time, money and effort
Effective methodologies take into account more than just the testing that will be performed
All of these statements are true
When setting up Software Testing Methodologies you need to be aware of the big picture

True or False? Metrics can be used to indicate the relative strength of a software quality attribute.

When running a testplan which of following should be tracked?
Number of unknown software bugs.
Number of words in the test plan.
Number of code lines executed in the software being tested.
Number of test cases that passed vs failed.

For a program that is supposed to accept any number between 1 and 10, four test cases that test the input of 0, 1, 10, and 11 are what type of test?
Case statement
Load testing
Boundary case testing
Performance testing

Which element of the QA process comes first?
Review documentation and meet with developers
Build test suites
Update QA status
Prepare for next build

Unit tests are usually conducted by:
Business Analysts
Test Engineers

True or False? The elements of software quality assurance consist of reviews, audits, and testing.

A Test Plan is a document describing the ____________ of intended testing activities.
(all of these)

In relation to software quality, what does SCM stand for?
Software Change Manager
Software Configuration Management
Supply Chain Management
Support Change Management

Who typically performs unit testing?
Outside Parties
Unit testing does not exist

What is loader Runner
Tool which is used to create test cases
Tool to test performance of application

True or False? People who perform software quality assurance must look at the software from the customer's perspective.

Compatibility testing for web application usually includes:
Testing with different numbers of concurrent users.
Testing with different sets of test data.
Testing on different computers.
Testing with different browser-operating system combinations.

Which of the following is an approach for Integration Testing?
Bottom Up Approach
All of above
Top Down approach
Big Bang Approach

True or False? Equivalence testing divides the input domain into classes of data from which test cases can be derived to reduce the total number of test cases that must be developed.

Software reliability problems can almost always be traced to:
Errors in implementation
Errors in design
Errors in accuracy
Errors in operation
Both errors in design and errors in implementation

Types of UAT
Positve and negative
alpha and beta

Which of the following is NOT a section in the standard for SQA plans recommended by IEEE?
Reviews and audits

Which of these are considered best practice in software testing and validation?
Perform both static and dynamic testing
Trace requirements to test components
All of these
Perform thorough regression testing

Which of the following are characteristics of testable software?
Stability and observability
Observability, simplicity, and stability

Which of the following is a technique used in security testing:
Eye tracking
Equivalence partitioning
Alpha tests
SQL injection

Diff between test cases and test suites
Test cases describe functionality but collection of test cases in sequential manner is called test suites
Test cases and test suites are same

Static and dynamic analysis have same objectives?

Which of the following testing methods is NOT based on any knowledge of internal design or code?
None of these
Unit testing
White box testing
Black box testing

The following is an example of which type/class of testing: Shutting down the power on the database server during batch update.
User Acceptance
Survivability and recovery

True or False? Boundary value analysis can only be used to do white-box testing.

A _________ is a formal proposal for an alteration to a system or software.
change request
software module
configuration control

Testing that ignores the internal mechanism or structure of a system and focuses on the outputs is:
Procedure testing
Functional testing
Test documentation
Structural testing

Unit testing is usually done as:
Black Box Testing
White (Glass) Box testing
Integration Testing
Gray Box Testing

Diff between test plan and test cases
Test plan is formal planning for a project.Test cases are used for functionality of Software
No difference found

True or False? Orthogonal array testing enables the test designer to maximize the coverage of the test cases devised for relatively small input domains.

Which of the following should NOT be considered when performing unit testing?
Negative testing
Boundary conditions
Error handling
Customer acceptance

Which of the following is NOT a quality model?
ISO/IEC 15504
All of these are quality models
ISO 9000

Which of the following is NOT a quality factor that should be considered when developing software?

What is the correct order of the waterfall model phases?
Requirements, Design, Verification, Implementation, Maintenance
Design, Requirements, Implementation, Verification, Maintenance
Requirements, Design, Implementation, Verification, Maintenance
Maintenance, Requirements, Design, Implementation, Verification

You have a set of data (1, 0, 3, 22, apple, zero, !) What sign should you put between 0 and 1 ?
You can not compare numbers in such set

Who is NOT involved in developing a software testing strategy?
Project Manager
Software Engineer

What is the relationship between Quality Assurance and software testing?
Software testing and QA are both the same thing
Software testing is part of the QA process
QA is part of the software testing process
Software testing and QA are two different processes

Software Quality Assurance Analysts and Software Testers do not do the same tasks.

The ISO quality assurance standard that applies to software engineering is:
ISO 9002
ISO 9000
ISO 9003
ISO 9001

Which SDLC model requires Testing Activities to start along with Development activities?
Linear Model
Waterfall Model
Spiral Model

Which of the following stages is NOT part of the SDLC?

The approach a QA manager would take to reduce the incidence of failure due to defects is to:
Encourage the programmers to try harder to make fewer defects
Initiate code inspections to identify defects in code
Increase the type and extent of testing to remove defects before production
Classify and count the defects so that you can identify the defect of highest frequency and eliminate the root cause of the defect

Traceability of Test Cases to Requirements is necessary in order to:
Establish test engineer's personal accountability
Ensure coverage
Provide test data
Document test results

Which of the following would be considered Priority 1 for Software Quality Assurance?
Documentation of test scripts, metric tracking, load testing
Testing new features and functions, data integrity checks, regression testing
Boundary checking, Ad-hoc testing, installation combination

A self-contained subdivision of a program that may be separately compiled is referred to as a:
Trace node
Test bed

True or False? Client/server architectures cannot be properly tested because network load is highly variable.

True or False? Software Quality Assurance is the framework for independent assessment and insight into software development processes and products.

A ____________ is a document detailing a systematic approach to testing a system or piece of software.
Test Case
Requirements Document
Test Plan

Which of these is a load testing tool?

What is TDD or Test Driven Development?
None of the above
This is an iterative and incremental software development process and this can aim depends on the features.
This is a technique which has short iterations where new test cases covering the desired improvement or new functionality are written first.
This is an Iterative and incremental approach that emphasizes on the continuous user involvement.

The testing technique that requires devising test cases to exercise the internal logic of a software module is called ____________ testing.

Which type of test includes how well a user will be able to understand and interact with the system?
Alpha Testing
Usability Testing
User Acceptance Testing
Beta Testing

What is Retesting
Testing same module After Bug is fixed
Testing the effected modules after the bug fixed
Without fixed If we test Defect Again

It is NOT advisable to automate tests that are:
Not going to be repeated.
Are well-documented and easy to execute manually.
Focus on system's behavior under stress.
Deal only with interfaces.

In order to reflect the current quality status of the system-under-test (how good/bad things are), the most useful metric is:
Defects by the number of re-opens (rework).
Defects by status and severity.
Defects by priority.
Defects by developer assignment.

The main purpose of a ____________ is to approve or reject all change requests.
Software Development Team
Customer Liaison
Configuration Control Board
Change Control Board

To discover memory leaks, we need to execute tests that:
Exercise the functionality of the system-under-test repeatedly over time while measuring memory use.
Focus on the database fill-up and specifically on Log tables.
Measure response time on the client and on the server.
Imitate short bursts of concurrent users while measuring memory use.

Systems are audited after implementation to determine whether or not the system met certain standards. This is an example of:
Quality control
Corrective control
Quality Assurance
Detective control

Change Requests differs from Defects in that:
Defects are logged by Test Engineers, while Change Requests - by Business Analysts.
Defects are deviations from requirements, while Change Requests are suggestions how to alter requirements.
They are handled by different logging systems.
Defects always have a risk associated with their resolution, while Change Requests do not.

One of the method to do mobile test automation is instrumentation: remote control of the app-under-test without the possibility to control remotely the operating system of the mobile device. What is one of the major shortcomings of this method?
Inability to read data off the app fields.
Inability to automate clicking app objects and make dropdown selections.
Inability to automate localization tests that require configuraiton changes at the device level.
Inability to compare images.

Which of the following is NOT an example of a configuration control software?
Visual Studio

What is boundary value analysis
Only take boundary values for testing
taking only with in the range values
In which we take boundary values and middle value for testing

Which type of test design techniques does the following statement best describe a procedure to derive test cases based on the specification of a component?
Black Box Technique
Glass Box Technique
White Box Technique

Tracing eye movements is a technique characteristic of:
Performance testing
Functional testing
Usability testing
Security testing

What is the difference between process and procedure?
The procedure is who executes the necessary testing and the process is when it will be executed
The process is who executes the necessary testing and the procedure is when it will be executed
The process is what must happen and the procedure is the step-by-step of how it will happen
The procedure is what must happen and the process is the step-by-step of how it will happen

What is a walkthrough?
A formal testing of the software
An informal meeting for evaluation or informational purposes
An in-depth look into how the software functions
None of these

What is the advantage of top-down versus bottom-up integration testing?
Observation of test results is easier.
Test conditions are easier to create.
The need for stub programs is eliminated.
Major control functions can be tested early.

True or False? Graph-based testing methods can only be used for object-oriented systems.

Testing for the retirement of the system which includes Data migration or archiving is called as
System Testing
Alpha Testing
Beta Testing
Integration Testing
Maintenance Testing

Production defects are usually discovered by:
Test Engineers
Customer Support

The main role of QA analysts / test engineers during release reviews is:
Playing user's advocate by questioning design decisions.
Presenting the quality status of the application-under-test to decision makers.
Suggesting a release schedule.
Making the decision whether to release the system-under-test into production.

What is 'Equivalence Classes'?
Encryption that can protect the channel over which your conversation happens.
A special type of Universal Resource Identifier (URI).
A key-value pairs with an equals sign (=) between the key and the value.
Sampling them rather than try to test some huge set of inputs.

Which of the following is NOT an iterative software lifecycle?
Extreme Programming
Test Driven Development
Agile Development
Waterfall Method

Alpha tests differ from Beta tests in that:
Beta tests are done by the user under the supervision of the testing team at the test lab, while Alpha tests are done by the user in user's facilities without close supervision.
Beta tests are conducted by the user, while Alpha tests are done by the testing team.
Alpha tests are conducted by the user, while Beta tests are done by the testing team.
Alpha tests are done by the user under the supervision of the testing team at the test lab, while Bets tests are done by the user in user's facilities without close supervision.

Black-box testing attempts to find errors in which of the following categories:
None of these
Interface errors
Incorrect or missing functions
Incorrect or missing functions, and interface errors and performance errors
Performance errors

Which acceptance testing is most commonly performed by the customer in a controlled environment at the developer's site?
Black Box

The following test will be characteristic of which test type (test class/category): Making sure that it takes no more than three minutes for a novice user to fill out the form before clicking [Submit] -
Black Box

Which of the following is NOT a lightweight development methodology?
Agile Development
Extreme Programming
Waterfall Method

Under Six Sigma what is the correct Software Process Cycle?
Plan - Check - Act - Do
Plan - Do - Check - Act
Plan - Check - Do - Act
Plan - Act - Check - Do

What is HTSM?
Hollow Team Strategy Model
High Tech Strategy Management
Heuristics Test Strategy Model
Holistic Test Security Model
Human Test Strategy Model

What type of testing is focused on testing the requirements of the software?
Unit testing
Integration testing
Validation testing
System testing

The cyclomatic complexity metric provides the designer with information regarding the number of:
Errors in the program
Statements in the program
Cycles in the program
Independent logic paths in the program

UX Stands for _____________
Under Existence
Usability Experience
Usage Exploration
User's Experience

Defect's (bug's) Severity and Priority differ in that:
Priority is determined primarily by the technical factors, while Severity is determined by business-related factors.
Severity is determined primarily by the technical factors, while Priority is determined by business-related factors.
Severity is determined by the developers and business analysis, while priority - by the testing team.
Severity is determined by user expectations, while Priority - by the impact on the functionality.

Condition testing is a control structure testing technique where the criteria used to design test cases is that they:
Select test paths based on the locations and uses of variables
Exercise the logical conditions in a program module
Rely on basis path testing
Focus on testing the validity of loop constructs

True or False? Program flow graphs are identical to program flowcharts.

Change request logged by a user is usually re-categorized as a defect when:
It is discovered that the requirement it is suggesting to implement already exists.
Its priority is very high and it needs to be handled immediately.
It is technologically complex.
The testing team is charged with seeing it through.

The main disadvantage of using PC-based emulators for mobile testing is:
Lack of reliability: emulators might not represent the hardware constraints adequately.
Installation issues: installing and handling emulators is more cumbersome than handling real hardware.
Compatibility: most emulators are incompatible with popular versions of MS Windows.
Lack of reliability: emulators might not represent the user interface adequately.

What aspects of software does white box testing examine?
Code statements, branches, paths and conditions
How an application functions under heavy loads
Internal program design and code
Requirements and functionality

Which of the following should NOT normally be an objective for a test?
To find faults in the software.
To demonstrate that the software doesn’t work.
To assess whether the software is ready for release.
To prove that the software is correct.

Which of the following is NOT a feature of quality software?
Delivered on time
Delivered within budget
Meets requirements and expectations
Completely bug-free

True or False? Attempts to apply mathematical proof to demonstrate that a program conforms to its specifications are doomed to failure.

Cyclomatic Complexity method comes under which testing method
Integration Testing
Gray Box
White box
JUnit test
Black Box

Loop testing is a control structure testing technique where the criteria used to design test cases is that they:
rely basis path testing
select test paths based on the locations and uses of variables
focus on testing the validity of loop constructs
exercise the logical conditions in a program module

Software safety is a quality assurance activity that focuses on hazards that:
Prevent profitable marketing of the final product
May cause an entire system to fail
May result from user input errors
Affect the reliability of a software component

Tracing defect origin, i.e., the stage in the development life cycle when the defect was created (Requirements, Design, Coding) can be helpful in:
Focusing improvement efforts.
Predicting how many defects will be discovered during the User Acceptance Tests.
Writing better test cases.
Understanding who among the development team does better.

What Is selenium
Tool used for non functional testing
free ware open source tool
web based testing tool
Automation tool
above all

True or False? The cyclomatic complexity of a program can be computed directly from a PDL representation of an algorithm without drawing a program flow graph.

Test Heuristics are...
a principle or mechanism by which we can tell if the software is working according to someone’s criteria;
a method by which learning takes place as a result of discoveries informed by exploration.
an old method of calculating the distance between two objects
No such thing!

Which of these activities is NOT one of the activities recommended to be performed by an independent SQA group?
Report any evidence of noncompliance to senior management
Prepare SQA plan for the project
Review software engineering activities to verify process compliance
Serve as the sole test team for any software produced

What is session based testing?
Session-based testing is a software test method that involves the tester recording their behaviours to be reviewed at a later stage.
Session-based testing is a software test method that aims to combine speedy results with the expectations of an agile team.
Session-based testing is a software test method that aims to up skill junior testers who might not be as comfortable with the system under test.
Session-based testing is a software test method that aims to combine accountability and exploratory testing to provide rapid defect discovery, creative on-the-fly test design.

Which items are typically included in the meta-data (as opposed to steps) of a test case?
Test objectives, Pre- and Post- conditions.
Actions, expected results, step ID.
Actions, full test data.
Actions, expected results, step-specific test data.

What are the levels of the CMMI quality model?
Functionality, Reliability, Usability, Efficiency, Maintainability, Portability
Initial, Managed, Defined, Quantitatively Managed, Optimizing
Neither of these

Which of the following is NOT a goal specifically related to configuration management?
Defect tracking
Configuration control
Customer satisfaction

Data flow testing is a control structure testing technique where the criteria used to design test cases is that they:
Exercise the logical conditions in a program module
Focus on testing the validity of loop constructs
Select test paths based on the locations and uses of variables
Rely on basis path testing

What are real-time applications that add a new and potentially difficult element to the testing mix?

Which of the following is NOT a part of the Quality Assurance Procedure?
Review documentation and meet with developers
Build test suites
Submit review feedback
Review automation tools

What types of errors are missed by black-box testing and can be uncovered by white-box testing?
Logic errors
Typos and logic errors
Behavioral errors
Typographical errors
Performance errors

An e-commerce application pulls the names of products from a server which, in turn, obtains information on different product categories from different sources. If we are testing the mobile front end for the application, we will need to test:
Products that are displayed differently, no matter what their categories are.
Five-six products from each category.
All products from all categories.
At least one product from each category.

True or False? Testing web application security is often a time-consuming,repetitive,and unfortunately all too often a manual process.

To test a function, the programmer has to write a ______, which calls the function and passes it test data.
none of the above

Statistical quality assurance involves:
Tracing each defect to its underlying cause, isolating the "vital few" causes, and moving to correct them
Surveying customers to find out their opinions about product quality
Tracing each defect to its underlying causes and using the Pareto principle to correct each problem found
Using sampling in place of exhaustive testing of software

Which of the following is NOT a common problem in the software development process?
Poor requirements
Unrealistic schedule
Inadequate testing

SQL injection consists in:
Entering invalid data through SQL queries.
Entering test data directly into SQL tables and queries.
Entering SQL statements instead of legitimate data
Pulling data from SQL server and entering it into the application-under-test.

Which of the following is an attribute of quality software?
High cyclomatic complexity
High cohesion
Low cohesion
High coupling

At what stage of the function development do the unit tests have to be created?
After function implementation
Before function implementation
After design documentation creation
During function implementation
After requirements analysis

Which of the following methods facilitates the maintainability of testing assets:
Separating test cases (actions and expected results) and test data.
Keeping all the test data as part of the test case, embedded in its steps.
Trying to avoid the separation of test cases and test data.
Documenting test plan, test cases, and test data in one document.

Which of the following is the Black Box Test Technique?
None of the above
Decision Table
Decision Coverage
Statement Coverage
Code Coverage

Object-oriented development is characterized by:
Longer development cycles
Higher overall number of defects
Higher propensity to memory leaks
Lower overall number of defects

What three core steps does Six Sigma methodology define?
Define, measure, control
Define, measure, analyze
Analyze, design, verify
Analyze, improve, control

What type of testing is focused on testing the design of the software?
Unit testing
Acceptance testing
Integration testing
Validation testing

The primary responsibility of quality lies with:
Senior management
Software testers
None of the above

Which of the following can explain a positive correlation between defect priority and the number of times it is re-opened following re-test -
High priority defects are handled last.
Defects that need to be resolved immediately are assigned to junior developers who have more time on their hands.
Developers forego unit tests to provide quicker turnaround.
High priority defects are handled first.

A software development strategy based on incremental development and certification to ensure maximum quality control is called:
Cohesion methodology
Incremental means strategy
Clean-room methodology
Concurrent development

A required numeric field is supposed to allow values from 0 to 99. What would be the best smallest set of test data for testing this field?
0, 99, -1, 100, -, ' (apostrophe), "(quotation marks), a, ab, abc, (empty)
0, 99, -1, 100
0, 99, -1, 100, -, ' (apostrophe), "(quotation marks), a, ab, A, AB, (empty)
0, 1, 9, 10, 99, -1, 100, -, ' (apostrophe), "(quotation marks), a, ab, abc, (empty)