MS-Access Test Answers

Ques: To ensure a value no greater than 30 is entered into a field you would use:
Ans: A validation rule

Ques: The action of typing a record into a database is:
Ans: Data entry

Ques: Why use a database instead of a spreadsheet?
Ans:  Multiple data from various tables are needed.

Ques:  What is a form?
Ans: An Access object where you can enter, edit or display data from a table or query

Ques: Which query can you delete records?
Ans:  Delete Query

Ques: Can a primary key be used as a non-primary key in another table?
Ans:  Yes

Ques: Microsoft Access does not offer parameterized queries.
Ans: False

Ques: Before you split a database, you should:
Ans: Back up the database file

Ques: True or False: You can import an Excel spreadsheet to an Access table.
Ans:  True

Ques: What would Format("210.6", "#,##0.00") return?
Ans:  210.60

Ques: How to you ensure that a field is filled out properly?
Ans: Use a validation rule.

Ques: What is a data type?
Ans: It determines the kind of values users can store in a field

Ques: What happens when you freeze a column?
Ans: It prevents the column from moving positions

Ques: What is a purpose of a report?
Ans: To represent data in a more aesthetic, professional manner

Ques: What would Format("1267.5", "Currency") return?
Ans: $1,267.50

Ques: True or False: You use an AutoNumber data type when you want unique numeric values to be created automatically by Access when you create a record.
Ans: True

Ques:  Which one of these is not a valid database relationship?
Ans: many-to-pair

Ques: What is a drop down list?
Ans:  A way to have a user select from list of values in a table or form.

Ques:  An Access file can import:
Ans: All of these

Ques: Of these, which can comparison operator symbols be applied to?
Ans:  All of these

Ques:   Of these, what could be the purpose for splitting a database?
Ans:  All of these

Ques: How do you sort data in order?
Ans:  All of these

Ques: What kind of relationships can you do in a database?
Ans:  All of these

Ques: How do you save a file?
Ans:  All of these

Ques: When you press the Tab key, which way does the insertion point go?
Ans:   The adjacent field

Ques:  What is a primary key?
Ans: It uniquely identifies each record in a table.

Ques: True or False: You cannot assign a Macro to a Command Button.
Ans:  False

Ques: What is a caption?
Ans: The label for a field when used on a form.

Ques: On the ribbon with the Window tools, how can you view opened queries, tables, and reports?
Ans: All of these

Ques: Can relationships be between primary keys and non-primary keys?
Ans: Yes

Ques:  Where in an Access window can you search for a specific record?

Ans: 2 of these are correct

Ques: Which of these would be a proper way to type a parameter?
Ans: [Where was this shipped to?]

Ques: Why should you enter sample data in tables after creating them?
Ans: To check for potential data maintenance problems

Ques: Name the object that is linked to a table that is used to enter data?
Ans: Form

Ques: What language is used to extend and automate MS Access?
Ans: Visual Basic for Applications

Ques: Which two objects can a report object be based on?
Ans: Table and Query

Ques:When you use the Max function, you are searching for...
Ans: The largest value in a field

Ques: The Input Mask Wizard is used to....
Ans:  Format data being entered into a table

Ques: What type of query is used to show data but that does not alter data on the table?
Ans: Select

Ques: Where can you find the # of results in a Query?
Ans:  Lower left of the screen

Ques: What are relationships for?
Ans: To ensure referential integrity

Ques: What are the 3 buttons for sorting data?
Ans: Ascending, descending, clear all sorts

Ques: How does changing the appearance of a datasheet affect the underlying table structure?
Ans:  It does not change the structure

Ques: Before deleting a query object in your database you need to check whether any report objects are based on it. How do you do this?
Ans:  Use the Object Dependencies Task Pane

Ques: Choose the correct criteria to enter when prompting a user for the Customer Name in a
Ans: [Enter the Customer Name]
Ques: An Input Mask is:

A data pattern which dictates how users can enter data into a field
Ques: Which of these is not a valid aggregate function for a query search?
Ans: Quo

Ques: When you run a query to find records in related tables, Access, by default, uses... an Inner Join
Ans: an Inner Join

Ques:  Can you modify information while viewing a report?
Ans :  No, you can only view information with a report

Ques: The Following statements are all true except:
Ans: You can only have one criterion per line in the design grid

Ques: What does DAO stand for?
Ans: Data Access Object

Ques: What does DAO stand for?
Ans: Data Access Objects

Ques: How do you move to the last record in a table?
Ans: All are correct

Ques: What is an example of a comparison operator symbol?
Ans:  All of these

Ques: You wish to filter data on a report before printing without changing the design of the report. How do you do this?
Ans: In Layout view, select the Home Tab and click Filter, uncheck the Select All check box, and check the values you want to filter on

Ques: What does a group header or group footer do?
Ans:  Displays the field label of grouped data on the top or bottom of a report

Ques: Datasheet views are different from continuous forms in very subtle ways. Which of the following statement is false?
Ans: Datasheet Views cannot have code modules associated with them.

Ques: To adjust the length of fields in a report while displaying data you would use:
Ans:  Layout View

Ques: Which of these can you apply conditional formating to?
Ans: Form

Ques:  To query two tables that are unrelated you:
Ans: Create a junction table which contains fields common to both tables

Ques: You are creating a Macro and you require the SetValue Action, but it does not exist.  What do you do?
Ans: Click the Macro Tools Design Tab and choose "Show all Actions" from the Ribbon

Ques: What is typically displayed on a Relationship Report?
Ans: The current date and database name

Ques: What would StrConv("Tech on the Net", 3) return?
Ans: Tech On The Net

Ques: You need to create a lookup field where more than one option can be chosen.  Where would you do this?
Ans: In the Lookup Wizard check "Allow Multiple Values"

Ques:  In the design view of a make table query the destination table name is displayed:
Ans: In the propery sheet with selection type query properties.

Ques: When you open an Access Form, what is the second event that fires?
Ans: On Load

Ques: Field selectors are located..
Ans: at the top of a table

Ques: Access 2007/2010 theoretically allows how many concurrent users accessing the same .accdb database file?
Ans:  255

Ques: The report header displays on:
Ans:  The first page only

Ques:  Which of the following is not included in the Access Built-In Functions for SQL Aggregate
Ans: Median(«expression»)

Ques: What is the "iif" function named?
Ans: Immediate If

Ques: What does ADO stand for?
Ans: ActiveX Data Objects

Ques: Which of the following Access 2010 macro actions does not require you to select "Show All Actions" in order to use it in Macro Design?
Ans:  RunCode

Ques:  A calculated control is one form that uses an expression to generate the data value for the master key of a table
Ans:  False

Ques: "Yes/No" answers in Access are commonly stored as:
Ans:  0 or -1

Ques: When you move between records on an Access Form, which one of the following events fires?
Ans: On Current

Ques: Which of the following is NOT a type of query in Access?
Ans: CrossSelect

Ques:  What is the maximum size of Microsoft Access 2010 database file?
Ans:  2 GB, minus the space needed for system objects

Ques: When do you use the Lookup Wizard?
Ans:  You want to lookup the value of a field from another table or create a list of values to choose from

Ques: Which of the following helps to study the information in a table and then make changes to streamline the data?
Ans: Table Analyzer Wizard

Ques: In a loop that begins with "Do Until rs.EOF = True", what problem occurs if you omit "rs.movenext"?
Ans:  The code continues executing but Access appears to hang.

Ques:  You require a form control that provides a text box to which a drop-down list is attached.  Users can either type a value directly into the text box or select from the list of choices available. Which control will you choose?
Ans: Combo Box contro

Ques: What would Mid("Alphabet", 3, 10) return?
Ans:  phabet

Ques: Each sales person has many customers.  Each customer can have many orders.  In building a query for how much in sales a salesperson is generating, what kind of relationship will exist between customer and orders?
Ans: One-to-many

Ques:  What would Replace("alphabet", "bet", "hydro") return?
Ans:  alphahydro