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Hi Friends makes finding and hiring temporary or ongoing help for any project quick and easy. We provide employers with access to skilled freelancers from around the world and the tools to help you find the right ones for your jobs. Use the guidelines below to see just how simple outsourcing your projects can be.

Signing Up 
Registration is required in order to post projects or hire freelancers. Follow these simple steps: 

1. Complete our short registration form. You’ll be asked to create a unique username that will identify you on our system. You’ll also need to provide a valid email address and confirm reading our Terms and Conditions. No personal information is requested. 

2. Confirm your email address. When you submit the registration form, a message containing a link and confirmation code will be sent to the email address you provided. You must follow the instructions in the email to provide the confirmation code in order to activate your account. 

3. Create your profile. Take a few minutes to provide some information about yourself and/or your business. This information will be stored in your profile to provide other members with an overview of you as and employer. No personal or contact information is shared. 

Posting a Project 
To hire freelancers, you need to post one or more projects. This allows service providers to bid and correspond with you through our site. Note: Before posting your first project, we recommend reading the following article: "New Employers – Tips for Posting Projects" for valuable information on creating an effective project post. 

1. Log in to your account and click on “Post Project” in the main site menu. 

2. Create a project name. Keep it short, but descriptive. 

3. Create a project description. Provide as much detail as possible. The more accurate your project description, the more accurate you can expect bids to be. 

4. Select one or more job types. Check up to 5 boxes that pertain to the type of project you are posting. 

5. Select a budget range. Be as realistic as possible with your budget selection. 

6. Enter the number of days (60 maximum) your post should be active. If you select 1 day, your project will automatically be flagged as “Urgent”. 

7. Upload any relevant files. Click on the Upload Files button to open the browse window and select files for uploading. 

8. Select optional features. Check the appropriate boxes for the options below. (Use the Learn More link on the form to read more about an option.) 

a. Featured b. Nonpublic c. Hide all bids d. Full-Time 

9. Preview and submit your project. Click on the Preview button to see how your project post will look. Fees for posting will be listed at the bottom of the preview. (Be sure to read the notice concerning the refundable fee for posting.) Use the Edit button to return and make any necessary changes. When you’re satisfied with the preview, click on Submit to post your project. 

After Posting 
Your posted projects will automatically be tracked on your Dashboard. On your Dashboard under the "Projects and Contests" section you will see a list of all your projects. Click one of your projects for more details. On your Project page you will be able to review bids, view and reply to private messages from bidders and see questions posted to the Project Clarification Board. 

Project Clarification 
After bidding, freelancers may post any questions they have about a project to the Project Clarification Board. When you receive valid questions, answer them as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. Making sure your project is well understood is the best way to ensure quality bids. Note: Use of this feature to bypass bidding restrictions, etc. is not a recommended practice and you should restrict your use of it to answering pertinent project questions. 

Editing a Project Description 
Changing your original project description after bidding starts is prohibited, since this may cause issues for bidders. You may, however, add additional information to your description to help bidders better understand the project. You may want to consider this is you’ve received several questions via the Project Clarification Board or private messages. Click on “Edit” in the project details to add information. 

Canceling a Project 
You may cancel a project at any time before it is awarded. Note that canceled projects cannot be reopened, and all bids will be lost. To cancel a project, click on “Close” next to the project in your “My Posted Projects” list. You will be asked to confirm the action. 

Communicating with Bidders 
After bidding, service providers have access to the Private Message (PM) Board for a project. Most bidders will use private messages to provide you with information they didn’t want to list in their bids and to send samples, resumes, etc. You can review these messages and materials from your project list with the “View PM” and “Post PM” buttons. Please note that any exchange of contact information is strictly prohibited until a project is awarded. 

All details of the project not stated in the project description should be decided during these communications, including such details as copyright, delivery schedules and payment methods and schedules. 

Making Notes for Bids 
You can create private notes about bids to help with the selection process. To make a note about a bid or bidder, click on “Edit Note”. Your notes will be visible only to you. 

Selecting Freelancer(s) 
Before you select providers, we recommend reading “Four Questions to Ask Yourself When Selecting a Bidder”. When you’ve selected one or more service providers for your project, you can award the project from your bid list. On the drop-down list for the selected bid, select “Choose bid as the winning bid”. The service provider that placed each bid you select will be notified and may accept or deny the project. 

Project Start 
When a freelancer accepts a project, will send your contact information to the provider and the provider’s to you. This is considered the official start of the project. While you may still use the Private Message Board to communicate with the freelancer, you may also use any outside means you wish (phone, email, etc.) Communicate as often as necessary with your selected providers during the course of your projects. 

Payment methods and schedules should be discussed prior to the award of a project. Payments to providers can be made by any means mutually agreed upon by you and your providers. Although payment through is not required, using our payment services offers advantages for both the service buyer and service provider. These advantages include secure transfer of payments, the use of our rating and feedback system and the option of using our Dispute Resolution Services. Payment options within are as follows: 

• Direct transfer of funds between member accounts
• Milestone Payments
>> Deposit a lump-sum payment to be released on completion of a project
>> Deposit funds to be released incrementally as project milestones are reached

The Milestone Payment system provides assurance to the freelancer that the funds are available and allows the employer to release the funds only when specific goals have been met. 

Please note that any advance payments made to freelancers are made at the employer’s risk. While it is not unusual for service providers to request an advance payment, particularly on large-scale projects, employers are under no obligation to provide one and should only consider this option with well-trusted providers. assumes no responsibility for any loss of funds due to advance payments. 

To make a payment via the Milestone Payment system: 
1. Click the “Payments & Account” button on your account page.
2. Select “New Milestone Payment”. 
3. Select or enter the reason for the payment.
4. Select the project and the username of the recipient.
5. Enter the amount of the payment.
6. Click “Next” and follow the instructions on the following page.

Funds deposited through the Milestone Payment system may only be returned to the employer’s account by the service provider. By the same token, funds may only be released to the freelancer by the employer. Use the payment system to release the funds per your agreement with the service provider. 

To transfer funds directly to a member: 
1. Click the “Payments & Account” button on your account page.
2. Select “Transfer money”.
3. Select or enter the reason for the payment.
4. Enter the username of the recipient.
5. Enter the payment amount.
6. Click “Next” and follow the instructions on the following page. 

A project is considered completed after the final payment for the project has been made.

Dispute Resolution 
If a project uses the Milestone Payments system and issues arise that can’t be resolved, employers and freelancers can take advantage of’s Dispute Resolution Services. To learn about or use these services, click the “Dispute” button on your account page. After reading the overview, you can click the “New Dispute” button to enter a dispute on an active project. You can also track dispute progress from this section of your account. 

Feedback and Rating 
When a project is completed, if payment is made within the system, the rating and feedback system for that project is activated. This provides the opportunity for the service buyer and service provider to rate each other’s performance on a simple, 10-point scale as well as leave comments. Comments and feedback will become publicly available when both parties have posted, or 14 days after only one party posts. To ensure fairness, members may also post a response to the other party’s comments. A member’s cumulative rating as well as individual project ratings and feedback are made available as part of the member’s profile to help other members assess the value of working with that member. 

The feedback and rating system allows both buyers and providers the opportunity to build their reputations through performance. It also provides the entire with added protection against potential scams and unsatisfactory business transactions. 

Incomplete Projects 
You may post an Incomplete Project report if a freelancer fails to or isn’t able to complete your project. It is recommended that employers use this option with caution; keep reports on a professional level and avoid making derogatory comments about a service provider. As with feedback, the provider will have the opportunity to respond to a report and that response will be posted with the report.

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