How to get job easily at oDesk?

How to get job easily at oDesk? This question give you the way to find out job from this article. Get job easily at oDesk … just keep your eyes on… 1. Cover letter 2. Good communication skill 3. Always aware about your communication media 4. Take oDesk as Friend 

1. Cover letter To get job easily at oDesk you need to Apply for jobs that you are confident, knowledgeable, and interested in. When you will apply for first time you should bid at a standard lower price to get job easily at oDesk. Write an attractive cover letter before submitting your application. Write those point that buyer has written in the job opening description. Put some of your skill as relevant to what the job demands. A good cover letter brings your dream comes true.

2. Good communication skill Commutation is very important for every freelancer. Use all of the major communication methods such as yahoo messenger, Google talkSkype. Because the buyer can reach you easily when they need. You must need to response very quickly & accurately to the buyer. Your communication skill both oral & writing must would be fluent & fresh for achieving the project.

3. Always aware about your communication media Check your mail and notification regularly & also response to them timely To get job easily at oDesk. One of important tactics is to keep on eye out for newly posted job posts for easily get work. Being one of the first 5-10 candidates to apply, which can increase your chances of winning the project, since the employer/hiring manager is pretty much awake and attentive when browsing through the first few applications.
4. Take oDesk as Friend Always take oDesk as your place where you share your views, question, about your skill etc, which will help you to get solution about any problem.
For the new freelancer…. At first you should have good knowledge about computer with internet browsing. You need to 100% complete your oDesk account by filling up every step.