Elance Windows 8 Test Answers 2015

What kind of browser comes installed with Windows 8?
Internet Explorer

Which of these programs can run in both desktop and Windows 8 Style UI mode?
Windows Media Player
Internet Explorer
Windows Store
Microsoft Word

Which cloud storage software does come built in with windows 8?
Cloud Storage
Google Drive

How do you pin an app to the start screen?
Right Click + Pin
Properties > Pin to Start
Previously opened apps stay on the start screen by default
Drag and Drop

In what two ways can you interact with the Windows 8 user interface?
Mouse & gestures
Touch & gestures
Mouse & voice commands
Mouse & touch

True or False? Windows 8 comes installed with a traditional Start menu

What kind of account do you need to use the Windows Store?
A Microsoft Account
A Windows Account
A Hotmail account
A Google Account

How do you pin a program to the task bar?
Drag and drop the program on to the task bar
Right Click + Pin to Task Bar
Open up the task bar manager and check the programs you would like to add
Left Click + Pin to Task Bar

True or False? Windows 8 requires a physical keyboard

What edition of Internet Explorer ship with Windows 8?
IE 10
IE 6
IE 9
IE 7

True or False? Windows 8 includes the Libraries Feature in Windows Explorer.

What kind of applications can 32-bit Windows 8 Run?
16-bit MSDOS Programs
All of these
Windows Store Apps
32-bit Windows Software

What is an important difference between Windows 8 and Windows 8.1?
32 Bit vs 64 Bit
Windows Store vs No Windows Store
Intel Compatible vs Amd Compatible
Start Button Vs No Start Button

How can you exit an app?
Windows Key + F4
Alt + F7
Shift + F4
Alt + F4

What do you type in Run to quickly launch the Registry Editor?
registry editor

When using mouse and keyboard on Windows 8, what key on the keyboard you need to press when going to Start Screen?
Windows Key + S
None of these
Windows Key
Alt + Shift + S

Which of these can be used to unlock your Windows 8 computer?
A picture
All of these
A traditional Password

True or False: In Windows 8.1, you can pin a Library (i.e. Documents) to the Start Menu.

Which keyboard shortcut opens Windows Explorer?
Windows Key + E
Windows Key + Z
Windows Key + X
Windows Key + C

How do you take a screenshot in Windows 8?
Windows Key + S
Windows Key + C
Windows Key + P

True or False? You can setup Windows with a Microsoft Account as a user

What can the task manager modify?
Startup Programs
running processes
All of these

Why does Windows 8 Index commonly searched locations on your PC?
To improve the user experience
All of these
To use the CPU more efficiently
To make searches faster

What do you type in Run to quickly launch the Command Prompt?

The Charms bar has which of the following features?
All of these

Windows 8 64 bit requires
15 GB hard disk space
10 GB hard disk space
25 GB hard disk space
20 GB hard disk space
16 GB hard disk space

From where can you access Add or Remove Programs?
PC Settings
Windows Store App
Settings Bar
Control Panel

How do you access Disk Management?
Start > Control Panel > System Security > Administrative Tools > Computer Management
D:\\Program Files\Windows Apps\Computer Management
Start > System Security > Administrative Tools > Computer Management
C:\\Program Files\Windows Apps\Computer Management

True or False? Windows Store apps can be uninstalled from the Windows 8 home screen.

How much space is required on a hard drive to run Windows 8 64 Bit?

How do you reset your windows environment?
Delete all contents of the C drive and restart your computer
Open the boot partition upon start up and reformat the hard drive
Control Panel > General > Remove Everything and Reinstall Windows
Settings > Change PC Settings > General > Remove Everything and Reinstall Windows

Which of the following is false regarding Windows 8?
Windows 8 Includes Modern Internet Explorer 10
You can only download Windows Modern Apps from the Windows Store
You can enable the Start Button from the Control Panel > Users > Account
You can also install familiar programs from the previous versions of Windows

How do you access the task manager?
Windows Key + T
Right click the Start Screen
Right click the taskbar
Ctrl + T

What is the minimum resolution needed for Windows 8?

Where do you go to add a network printer in Windows 8?
Control Panel > Printers & Fax Machines > New Connection > Enter IP address of printer
Hook printer up to the computer and allow Windows 8 to detect it
Right Click on Task Bar > Properties > Printers & Fax Machines > Enter IP address of printer
Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers > Advanced printer setup

All of the following are Settings bar options EXCEPT
Add or Remove Programs
Power Options

True or False? You can remove Windows Store Apps from Add or Remove Programs

How do you display all Metro/Modern Style running apps?
Windows Key + Shift
Shift + Tab
Alt + Tab
Windows Key + Tab

Whats the easiest way to view tile groups from the home screen with a touch-enabled device?
Swipe to the right
Swipe up
Swipe to the left
Pinch the screen

Where are Windows 8 Apps stored by default?
C:\Program Files\Apps
C:\Program Files\WindowsApps

On a computer, how do you view all running Windows Store Apps?
Windows Key + Tab
Swipe the right side of the screen
Right Click the Start Screen
Windows Key + A

What is the minimum amount of RAM you need for Windows 8 32bit?

What is the Right Click equivalent in the Touch Screen gestures when using Apps?
Swipe from Right
Swipe from Left
Swipe from Top or Swipe from Bottom
Hold Down and Drag
Use 5 finger touch

How do you view options for a Windows App tile by touch?
Swipe down
Swipe right
Swipe left
Swipe up

What is the touch equivalent of a right click in the Windows 8 home screen?
Swipe right
Swipe left
Swipe up
Swipe down

What how much additional RAM does it take to run Client Hyper V?

Which combination shows a menu that contain all the useful tools that comes in start menu in old versions of windows?
Windows key + t
Alt + m
Windows key + m
Windows key + x
Alt + x

On which version of Windows 8 is Windows to Go available?
Windows 8 Enterprise
Windows 8 Standard
Windows RT
Windows 8 Pro

All of the following are Windows Store App options EXCEPT
Turn Live Tile Off
Pin to Taskbar

Which editions of Windows 8 come with Media Center
Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 enterprise
Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro
All editions of Windows 8 have Media Center
Windows 8 and Windows RT

How do you access the settings bar?
Windows Key + I
Windows Key + C
Swipe the left side of the screen
Windows Key + S

What Key combination triggers the Settings in the Charms Bar?
Windows Key + X
Windows Key + S
Windows Key + T
Windows Key + I
Windows Key + Z

What is the Shortcut of the Hidden Menu on the Bottom Left Screen?
Windows Key + X
Windows Key + H
Windows Key + Alt + Shift + H
Windows Key + Tab

In Windows 8, What is the tool used for benchmarking the computer performance?
Resource Monitor
Windows Experience Index (WEI)
Windows Update
Performance Enhacement Panel
Windows Performance Index (WPI)

How do you access all apps in Windows 8 by touch?
Left click the start screen
Pinch the screen
Swipe down from the top of the screen
Swipe up from the bottom of the screen

The keyboard shortcut to search Windows 8 settings is
Tab + Alt + S
Windows Key + W
Tab + W
Windows Key + S

What is the maximum length in characters allowed in Windows 8 Filename?

When using Windows 8 on a touch screen, which of the following acts as a right click?
Tripple tapping
One long tap
Double clicking
Swipe up and down twice

What is the minimum resolution needed for the Windows 8 "Snap" feature?

What is the default search category from the Windows 8 Style UI?
All of these