Elance Shopify Test Answers

You can specify shipping cost depending on a country?




Which programming language is used to edit a Shopify webpage theme?

All of these choices are used.



How many link lists are given to every shop by default?

Two: A main menu and a footer
Two: a checkout list and a blog list
One: A main menu
None: You must create your lists yourself



When should you use the "_thumb" suffix in your image file name for each image you upload to Shopify?

Never, this will cause unintended issues with your picture
Only with the default Liquid file
When designing an app for Shopify
When you want the image to be correctly formatted



Which of the following criteria is not available for specifying shipping rates?

Weight Based
Price Based
Location Based
Carrier Calculated Rates



If there is no badge to the left of a customer on your Orders screen in the iPhone app, the order is:

Still open
Behind schedule



Which of the following online platforms does Shopify often use for managing apps created with the API?




When setting up promotions for a Shopify webpage how many discount codes/coupons can a customer use at once

No Limit



True of False? Tags only show on Collection and Product Pages as well as Blog Posts.




What is the Shopify Job Board primarily used for?

Hiring someone to help with your shop
Alerting shop owners to openings at brick and mortar stores
Shopify does not have a job board
Shopify posts jobs they are looking to fill



Which of the following is Not an automatic email notification a customer can receive?

they create a customer account for your store
The product they have ordered is currently in backorder
their order is cancelled
they forget their password to their customer account.



Which of the following is a way to edit your theme offline?

Use the Textmate bundle to edit your theme inside TextMate (or E-editor on the PC) as a workaround
Contact Shopify to get offline editing enabled
Export the theme as a .rby format
Download your Liquid files and use a Java editor



If you want to translate anything your customer will see into another language, which files do you need to edit?

Liquid files
Trans Files
Cascading Script Files
Checkout files



How can you ensure a particular image of your products gets "featured?"

Simply put it at the front of the list
You can change the settings on the product preferences page
This is a special feature of only a handful of themes
Shopify selects products to be featured monthly



When creating a Webhook for an event, which of the following URL will work properly?




True or False? Tags are case sensitive.




How many product variants are you allowed for each product?

It depends on the product type
There is no limit to product variances you are allowed



Which of these is an example of a product variance?

The difference in price between your product and your competitor
Different sizes of clothing
The country in which you are located
All of these



A grouping of products defined by simple rules set by shop owners is called a:

Quick collection
Themed collection
Smart collection
You cannot group products on Shopify



How does Shopify calculate shipping rates?

Rates fluctuate rapidly based on current transportation costs
Shipping is always free on Shopify
Rates are based on the weight class you set up
The rates come directly from USPS



What is the difference between the {{ }} and {% %} Liquid markup?

The first is for products, the second is for checkout
The first is for output, the second is for tags
The first is used for design, the second is used for math
They are interchangeable



What is the purpose of a fulfillment service?

a third party service to process your payments
a in house Shopify team to help customize your Shopify page
a third party service that optimizes a Shopifys webpage SEO rating
a third party warehouse that prepares and ships your orders for you.



Where does Shopify tracks your online store’s traffic, revenue, and growth trends

Sales Section
Statistics Section
Customer Section
Dashboard Section



What are webhooks?

A service Shopify uses to cut down on bot traffic
A type of call to action you can place on your blog to attract more customers
A developer of Shopify themes
A tool for retrieving and storing data from a certain event with your shop



Which of these are NOT programming languages supported by the Shopify API?

All are supported
Ruby on Rails



How frequently does Shopify charge its fee?

Immediately at every sale
Every 30 days
Every quarter



How do CSV files need to be encoded when uploading in bulk?

Single-byte encoding
Java compatible



What is the purpose of tagging a data type such as a product or customer?

To help identify, describe, or search for some property of the object
To help give discount codes to a specific customer or product
To restrict tagged users from purchasing certain products
To delete all tagged items within a specified time block eg 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, from current time



How do you enter Google Analytics tracking code in Shopify?

Shopify does not recommend using Google Analytics with your store
You need to contact Shopify support to set up this feature
It is a standard feature included with Shopify



Shopify only allows owners to alter the _____ in customizing their checkout page design.




What can you accomplish by changing your DNS CNAME?

It is not recommended to change the DNS CNAME as this will void your agreement with Shopify
You will be able to allow your products to be shipped overseas
You will be able to track traffic analytics for your shop
You will be able to to use your own domain name as the the web address for your shop



True or False? You cannot hide specific pages of your storefront.




When customizing an email template, which programming language do you use?




What do you mean by SKU?

Stock Keeping Unit
Standard Keeper Unit
Stock Keeper Unit
Standard Keeping Unit



What is a Merchant Account?

Another title for your username
A section of your store for regular customers
A special account only available to premium users
An account held directly at a bank used to accept credit card payments



By default a Shopify webpage comes with a blog?




The two parts of your store are called:

Admin and Windowshop
Storefront and Admin
Storefront and Preferences
storename and storefront



Which of these is NOT a method of payment accepted by Shopify?

All are accepted



A service that authorizes credit card payments and processes them securely with a user’s merchant account is called a:

Locked down payments
Payment gateway
Merchant fund source
Secure Money Transfer



What is Shopify's easy-to-use in house programming language called




What is the name of Shopify's ecommerce template language?




When canceling an order will unfulfilled products be automatically restocked?




What is the purpose of the Bogus Gateway

Forming partnerships with similarly themed stores
Setting up a joke shop for events like Halloween and April Fools
Brainstorming new tags
Testing, primarily testing transactions without being charged a commission



When setting up a new order notification which of the following options are available?

Staff member: Send the email notification to a staff member.
All of these options
Mobile phone: Send an order notification to a mobile phone number.
Email address: Send the order notification to your email address.



Which of these are NOT available pricing tiers for Shopify?

Basic - $29 per month
All are available tiers
Professional - $59 per month
Unlimited - $179 per month



True or False? You can use the Shopify iPhone app to close/reopen orders.




Shopify offers Mobile webpage themes




What is an SKU?

Stock Keeping Unit
Safe Kiosk Unit
Sold Karat Unit (only for jewelers)
Sale Keeping Unifyer



What file format can you export and import files in




Can I change my collection handle?




True or False? You can create groups of customers to send email newsletters to.




What is the name of the tool Shopify uses to prevent spam?

Shopify does not currently prevent spam



Which operating system is required for Shopify?

All are supported



A feature that fetches and displays data on a Shopify shop page from an outside location is known as what?

API Fetcher
Data Streaming
Application Proxy
Shopify does not allow for outside data to be displayed on a shop page



True or false? Smart Collections can be formed on both products and customers.




True of False? You can set the administrative interface to any language you wish.


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