Elance Sencha Test Answers

What is Sencha Touch?

A workspace for mobile devices
A communication tool for mobile devices
A high-performance HTML5 mobile application framework
An object oriented programming language



What is the great way to allow the user to swipe through multiple full-screen pages?

Using Ext.ScrollView.PageScrollView
There's no way to allow this feature
Using Ext.Carousel
Using Ext.PageScrollView
Using Ext.ScrollView



What is the class "decode" shorthand for?




What is Ext?

Ext is a Class name in Sencha Touch
Ext is used to access the Classes of Sencha Touch
Ext is the global namespace for the whole Sencha Touch framework
Ext stands for External Function in Sencha Touch



Which of these are unique problems in deploying web-based charts on mobile touch devices as opposed to desktop environments?

Small screen sizes limit the amount and complexity of data that you can display at once
All of these
Hardware limitations make redrawing chart data very expensive
Accurately selecting data points in order to get detailed information is difficult with touch input



The most basic Sencha application consists of, at least, each the following: the Sencha libraries, ___, JavaScript file containing the apps source code.

a css file
an index.html file
a controller



What is the difference between VBox and HBox?

VBox is the updated version of HBox for Touch 2.0
HBox is typically used for much larger file sizes
VBox is vertical instead of horizontal
VBox is used for dynamic elements while HBox is used to static elements



What is the function used to determine how the child Components should be organized and displayed on the screen?




Which of these are acceptable variable names?

var xmlReader
var base64encoder
var isGoodName
All are acceptable



What is Xtype?

Xtype is function in Sencha Touch
Xtype is used to describe the behavior of a Class
Xtype is an easy way to create components without having to use the full Class name
Xtype is a sub Class in Sencha Touch



What is the function of Controllers?

Controllers manage Views, Views fire events, Controllers respond to them
Controllers are used to define the Listing functions
Controllers control the overall application
Controllers control the architect of applications



What is the following code doing? Ext.define('App.new.CustomList' {extend: 'Ext.dataview, //...}); Ext.create(App.new.CustomList);

Defining the class App
Instantiating the class App
Defining and instantiating a class App
extending the class App



Why is it often a good idea to destroy Components when you know you won't need them any more?

Because most mobile devices have a limited amount of memory
To keep your proprietary code out of the hands of developers
You otherwise run the risk of bricking a users mobile device
You shouldn't ever destroy Components



Which of these are methods of every config?

Open and close
Yes and no
Getter and setter
On and off



What is a listener?

An object or array of objects that will provide custom functionality for this component
A config object containing one or more event handlers to be added to this object during initialization
The term used to describe users of your program
The initial set of data to apply to the tpl to update the content area of the Component



What type of structures does Sencha Touch follow?

Command Line Structure
Responsive Designing Behaviour
HTML5/CSS3 Behaviour
All of These



What are proxies responsible for?

The actual loading and saving of data
Nothing special, they are just glorified arrays
Ensuring that your program will be compatible with all mobile devices
Protecting and encrypting user data



What does MVC stands for?

Multiple Views Controller
Model View Controller
Mobile View Controller
Main View Controller



What is app.js?

App.js is a file to write the main Class of applications
App.js files control the application
Special javascript file to embed Theme and code
The main Javascript entry point for your app



What is Ext.container.Viewport?

A specialized container representing the viewable application area
A function declared in an App.js file to show the main home page of apps
A card layout to which you can add application components
A user defined Class in Sencha Touch



Which naming convention should acronyms follow?

Orthographic casework



Which syntax should you use to get automatic getters and setters and have a much cleaner codebase?




What is Sencha?

A rails framework
A MVC Javascript framework
A Java framework
A scripting language



What type of apps are developed through the Sencha Touch Framework?

Android based development apps that work on Androids
HTML5 based mobile apps that work on Android, iOS and Blackberry devices
This framework is only used for Blackberry devices
OOPS based mobile apps that work on both Android and iOS



If we create a container 300px wide with flex configs of 1 and 2, what will be the pixel width of each of the flex items?

200px for item 1 and 100px for item 2
100px for item 1 and 200px for item 2
300px for item 1 and 0px for item 2
150px for item 1 and 150px for item 2



Which of these are capabilities of Components in Sencha Touch?

All of these
Render themselves onto the page using a template
Center themselves on the screen
Show and hide themselves at any time



What web technologies are used in Sencha?

All of these



True or False? Sencha 2.x has a backwards compatibility feature to assist in migrating your 1.x code.




Jasmine is a JavaScript BDD library. What makes Jasmine special?

It does not require the DOM to work
It does not depend on other libraries
It does not require the DOM to work & it does not depend on other libraries
It requires the DOM to work



True or False? Method names may only contain alphanumeric characters.




Class names should be properly namespaced using which notation?

Function rounded set
Object property dot
Double colon object
Class property slash



Which of the following would be a proper implementation of createDelayed().




During runtime applications can use the validate() method on model instance to trigger ____.

all the required validations
returns a Boolean value in correspondence to whether an object has valid syntax
storage of valid data
validation of Sencha standards



What is Sencha.io Scr?

A cloud-based storage center to uploading, editing, and sharing your code
A Component that returns the screen size resolutions
A cloud-based tool to help you dynamically resize images to adapt to changes in device screen size
The source code for Sencha Touch



True or False? Classes that are not distributed by Sencha should never use Ext as the top-level namespace.




Which of these are a valid character to include in a class name?

All are valid



Which sentence about Ext.data.Store is TRUE?

Proxy is required to load or read from Store.
The Store class encapsulates a client side cache of Model objects.
Stores cannot be sorted and filtered - in both cases either remotely or locally.
The Store class saves any type of data with out any structures.



Which of the following is not a subclass of Text?




How long does sencha.io src cache images?

Seven days
One month
Up to one day
One hour



To use Sencha.io Src in its default mode, you must prefix your absolute src attribute with:




What is the name of the documentation tool provided by Sencha?




True or False? In Touch Charts, not all CSS style rules behave the same (or even work) in an .scss file.




What is the main difference between init() and launch()?

init() is executed before launch()
launch() is executed before init()
init() initializes objects while launch() sets the objects value equal to something else



In: "src='http://src.sencha.io/x50/http://sencha.com/files/u.jpg'," What does x50 represent?

The image will only take up 50% of the screen
The image will be 50px by 50px
The image will be reduced 50 pixels in resolution
The image will repeat in a tile format 50 times



How are new applications generated in Sencha Touch?

Direct download from Sencha Touch website
All of These
Through Sencha command
Through Sencha Theme designer



In the Drawing and Charting Package, which class manages both the rendering of each series and how the axes are drawn and defined?




Which of these is a technique for improving page load times when some browsers are not able to make large numbers of simultaneous requests to servers on the same domain?

Domain cutting
Domain cleaving
Domain fracturing
Domain sharding



All of the configurations for a given Component are listed in the "Config options" section of which page?

Component feature page
Object modify page
List tools page
Class docs page



Unless you tell it otherwise, Sencha.io Src will resize the image to fit the physical screen of the mobile handset visiting your site, based on:

Its functional hardware setup
It's user-agent string
The version of Sencha you are using
The mobile-source string



Sencha's theming subsystem is called Syntactically _____ Stylesheets.




What do profiles allow developers to offer?

different user interfaces in different device categories
different user experiences in different device categories
user accounts with individualized data
universal user experiences in different devices



In order for this piece of code to work properly what piece of code must be placed before it? "Ext.app.Controller"




What two ways can an event component be added?

On the view definition itself or on a separate controller class
Inherited from the Ext.Container class or Ext.Component class
On a separate class controller or included as a module
On the view definition itself or included as a module



The Ext.device.Geolocation provides Sencha applications with information about latitude, longitude, ____, speed, _____.

altitude & triangulation
geo-tagging & IP Location
altitude & compass heading
compass heading & triangulation



True or False? Sencha Touch lists don't rely on being bound to stores of model instances.




True or False? Sencha.io will not automatically preserve aspect ratio.




Stores have which of the following relations to data-bound components?

Any change to the store will result in an update of the Data-bound components
Data-bound components connect to stores to display lists or trees of data
Data-bound components encapsulate the connection between stores and othe storage mechanism
Data-bound components are the underlying architecture of stores



True or False? In the Drawing and Charting package, you need to load the Charting package to create a drawing surface.