Elance Google App Engine Test Answers 2015

When programming your app to search for atom data, what will it search for?
RSS feeds.

What is the shortest and longest duration you can set cookie expiration?
One year, ten years.
One month, two years.
One day, two weeks.
One week, two months.

Why does Python in App Engine use the native JSON library?
It is slower, but more stable than simplejson.
It costs less than simplejson.
It is much faster than simplejson.
It is slower and less stable than simplejson, but more secure.

Can you sign into the App Engine Admin Console with your google account?
Yes. Though you must set up a new screen name and password.
No. You need a new Google App Engine account.
No. You must sign in with your Python compiler account.

When coding the users API with Go, why would a programmer include an opaque value?
So App Engine doesn't consume too many resources.
To keep App Engine from freezing.
So App Engine doesn't get viruses.
So the Go App Engine SDK can communicate with App Engine.

What two programming languages do App Engine's tools use?
C++ and Visual Basic.
PHP and C#
Python and Java

What is the name of the feature that allows applications to be served via both HTTPS and HTTP through the custom domain?
SSL for Custom Domains
App Identity
Traffic Splitting

If you want to develop your app using Java, what is necessary before starting?
Python compiler.
Java developer suite.
App Engine Java software development kit
The Borland C++ compiler.

What is one of the languages you can write apps in?

What is Google App Engine for?
Google App Engine is for detecting malicious apps.
Google App Engine is for running web applications on Google's infrastructure.
Google App Engine replaces the modern computer.
Google App Engine is a system to develop hardware interfaces.

When Java programming for App Engine, what a preferred development kit?
Boreland C++ Compiler.

What is the default daily limit for emails customers can send using billing service? Not counting Admin Emails (3,000,000 mails per day)
Depends on which billing system the application is using.
100,000 messages
1000 messages
100 messages

What does AppStats do?
It is an app that tells you how your computer is performing.
It tells you which apps are selling the best.
It is an app that tells you how someone else's computer is performing.
It measures your app's performance.

Does the Python runtime environment include a Python interpreter?
Yes, but it needs to be enabled in the .conf file.
No, it has to be purchased from the Python store.
No, but it can be added later.

Users API allow users to grant a third party or application limited permission to access your app on his or her behalf without sharing credentials using the OAuth protocol
Only for Java
Only for Python

Within Google App Engine, is the global interpreter lock still applicable?
Yes, but it needs to be enabled in the .conf file.
No, it has to be downloaded and implemented with a script.
No, but it can be added later.

GAE contains several runtime environments including: Java, Python, ____, and ____
.Net, Ruby
Closure, Scala

What is the current preferred version of Python for App Engine?
Python 2.5
Python 3.0
Python 1.5
Python 2.7

Python 2.7 will use multi-threading technology. Why is this important for Google App Engine?
It reduces the amount of time for RPCs to complete.
It increases the time for RPCs to complete.
It completes RPCs in the same amount of time as the previous version.
It circumvents RPCs entirely.

What scalable technologies is App Engine based off of?
BigBird and GFS
BigTable and GFS
TableBig and DFS.
BigCharts and YFS.

Do you have to use a server to upload your application?
No, it is already provided.
Yes. It is highly recommended to upload to GitHub.

True or false? Generally available (GA) features have many sections. For instance section "Data storage, retrieval, and search" covers both PHP and Python environments for 100%.
Incorrect, it covers only PHP for 100%
Incorrect, there is no PHP environment supported by GAE
Incorrect, there is no "Data storage, retrieval, and search" section among GA features
Partially correct

What is the right link to the Cloud Console?

What does App Engine scheduler do?
It designates a date that your app should be completed.
It routs incoming requests to be served by your app's instances.
It schedules your app to be introduced to the public.
It schedules a time for your app to be run for the first time.

Google Cloud SQL features:
Lets your application read files from and write files to buckets in Google Cloud Storage, with with internal error handling and retry logic.
A fully-managed web service that allows you to create, configure, and use relational databases that live in Google's cloud.
Enables support for outbound sockets using the language-specific, built-in libraries.
Lets developers factor large applications into logical components that can share stateful services and communicate in a secure fashion.

What is the safety measure to prevent unintended deletion of apps?
Google App Engine must be deleted.
Google App Engine must be disabled.
Apps must first be disabled.
Google App Engine must be disconnected from the web.

Which one feature from the given Communication features does not exist in GAE?
Google Cloud Endpoints
URL Fetch

Is BigTable distributed outside of Google?
Yes. It must be purchased in the app store.
Yes, but from only select sources.
Yes, it is distributed by thrid-party venders.
It is proprietary.

What kind of environment would a Go application be tested in?
It should be released to the public via Google App Store for testing.
A live environment.
A sandboxed environment.
It should be tested in a non-sandboxed environment that allows it to use all resources.

GAE has set of Tools, select a tool which does not exist in Datastore toolset
Datastore Statistics
Datastore SQLite Stub
Bulk Loader

Why does App Engine include a sandbox?
So external software can't attack your newly created program.
Because it is required by law.
For the sake of running more efficiently while developing.
So apps run in a secure environment.

What is the 1 GB price per month for the disk space after exceeding 1 GB?
$13 per GB per month
$1.3 per GB per month
$0.13 per GB per month
$0.013 per GB per month

User feature of GAE allows application to sign in users with:
OAuth and SAML only
Google Accounts or OpenID
Google Accounts only
Google Accounts, OAuth and SAML only

What framework are you using when developing in Python?

The Viewer role has access to the admin Console to perform:
Request logs
Upload/rollback application code, update indexes/queues/crons
Download Charts
Upload/rollback application code, update indexes/queues/crons

When setting up Python Imagine Library, you must declare the library in what file?

Which item is not an official address/hashtag of the Platform?
#appengine on Twitter
/r/app_engine on reddit
@app_engine on Twitter
#appengine in G+

The capacity of the dedicated memcache in GAE is:
1 to 20GB
10 to 200GB
No guaranteed capacity

If you wish for your datastore to be read-only, what do you click?

App Engine does not support certificate type:
Single Domain/Hostname
DigiCert Extended Validation Multi-Domain Certificate (EV MD)

What does App Engine use to manage domains?
Google Domain Engine
Google App Domain Companion.
Google Apps
App Domain Manager

What is the preferred Datastore when programming with Python 2.7?
High Repetition Data Store
High Replication Datastore
High Resolution Data Store.
Google Data Store

GAE supports two classes of the memcache service: shared and dedicated. What is the price of the dedicated memcache service per GB per hour?

Select Third-party service or Experimental feature, which does not exist in GAE partner program and in the list of features:
Twilio (SMS/Voice)
SendGrid (Email)

If your application tries to serve a large response through PageSpeed, PageSpeed truncates it at:

For Enabling Push-to-Deploy a developer does not need to:
create a "netrc" file in his local development environment
have an SSL certificate
grant remote access permissions to his Google accoun
receive a corresponding auth token

How many types of instances does GAE offer?
Three: Frontend, Backend, SQL Server
Four: Frontend, Backend, SQL Server, *nix Disk Image
Five: Frontend, Backend, SQL Server, *nix Disk Image, Windows Disk Image
Two: Frontend and Backend

When accessed via SSL, what protocol is automatically used with Go?

What happens to the non-applicable java.lang.System class in App Engine?
You can choose to enable it via the configuration file.
It is disabled.
It is re-enabled.
Google App Engine automatically downloads the dependencies.

What happens to the request handler after 60 seconds?
The request handler uninstalls Java 7.
The handler is interrupted.
The handler shuts the program down.
The request handler disconnects Google App Engine from the web.

Select the item that does not exist in the list of Channel resources.
Channels Created
Channel HTTP Requests
Channel Hours Requested
Channel API Calls

Select the customer's daily limit for Read and Write operations in Datastore.
50,000 for each one
120,000 in toto for both Read and Write operations
50,000 in toto for both Read and Write operations
120,000 for each one

Lets review some limits and quotas of SSL for a Custom Domain section: The limit of Mappings per certificate is 20. What is the limit of Certificates per account?

What is the default cost of Frontend class per hour per instance?

In order to perform SMS and Voice Integration With Twilio last one must know how to read TwiML instructions. Select inappropriate instruction or right instruction with wrong description
<Play> - play a message for the caller
<Sms> - receive an SMS
<Record> - record the call
<Say> - text to speech

To complete Migrating to the High Replication Datastore, you might NOT need to:
Create a duplicate of your Master/Slave application using the HRD.
Deploy the new HRD application.
Migrate data using the Migration Tool.
Make a copy of repository.

There is no such APIs in GAE such as
HR Datastore
Mail Service

How many roles does GAE provide to get access to the Admin Console?
Two: Viewer, Developer
Four: Viewer, Developer, Owner, Admin
Five: Viewer, Developer, Owner, Admin, Operator
Three: Viewer, Developer, Owner

The App Engine SDK does not support Java runtive environment with version below:

When reading blobs in Java, what is necessary?

In addition to sending email, SendGrid can help you receive email or make sense of the email
that are marked as SPAM
you are not going to send
you are going to send
you’ve already sent

What is the free default limit for the Blobstore Stored Data resource?
1 GB
2 GB
10 GB
5 GB

GAE has set of Tools, select a tool which does not exist in App Development toolset
Datastore SQLite Stub
Local Unit Testing
Garbage Collector (for Java only)

What is the correct url to GAE Admin console?

In relation to client organizations, what does the multilatency feature do?
Compartmentalizes your data.
Encrypts your data.
Distributes your data to third parties.
Compresses your data.

What do you use to measure the performance of your app once it starts sending email?
Performance API
Task Manager API
Event API
Google Monitor API

Why would you wish to write your code in a sandboxed environment?
To decrease the chances of piracy.
To shut down malicious and intrusive software.
To increase the resources you are consuming.
To isolate untested code changes.

The Task Queue Tool or Resource does not contain subtool or subresource
Development Console
Deferred Library
Task Queue Storage Limits
Transactional Tasks

What is one of Go API's Context object's methods of sending log messages to App Engine?

What do you use to send emails with Google App Engine?

Within Google App Engine, is Java 7 backwards compatible with Java 6?
Yes, but only when applicable.
No. Java 6 must be uninstalled before installing Java 7.
Yes. All features in Java 6 and Java 7 work cumulatively, even if the processes are redundant.
No. Java 7 disables Java 6 features.

App Engine supports two types of SSL for custom domains. You can configure your domain to use either or both. Their names are:
Server Name Indication (SNI) and Virtual IP (VIP)
TLS 1.2 and SSL 2.0
GlobalSign ExtendedSSL and GlobalSign OrganizationSSL
GlobalSign ExtendedSSL and GlobalSign DomainSSL

List of Available Charts in GAE management Console does NOT include:
Requests by Type (Queries/Second)
Milliseconds Used/Second
Disk space usage (MB)

GAE SDK for Go works fine for:
Mac OS X 64-bit
There is no such environment like Go in Google App Engine
in Linux 64-bit, Linux 34-bit, Windows 64-bit, Windows 32-bit and only for the given platforms
in Linux 64-bit, Linux 34-bit, Windows 64-bit, Windows 32-bit and only for the given platforms

After creating (migrating to) Premier account, an application will be available at

What is the Daily Limit and Maximum Rate for the Channel API Calls if you are not paying for the service?
657,000 calls ; 3,000 calls/minute
657,000 calls ; 300 calls/minute
65,700 calls ; 300 calls/minute
65,700 calls ; 3,000 calls/minute

App Engine supports any Python code that uses the:
HTTP protocol
WSGI interface and only it
CGI standard

How would you use Java and App Engine to write to the filesystem?
Disconnect from the Internet and Google App Engine automatically writes to the disk.
Edit the configuration file accordingly.
You cannot write to the filesystem with the exception of resource files.
Invoke an instance of Google App Engine within the sandbox and it will then write to the disk.

Precompilation is a tool that is enabled by default. What is it used for?
Enhancing the performance of your app.
Preparing your app for use in the sandbox.
Precaching your system resources to run App Engine better.
Stabilizing your system so your app will stay in the sandbox.

Once you have surpassed the capabilities of SendGrid, what should you use to send email?
Gmail API
Outbound Parse API
App Engine Parse
Inbound Parse API