Elance Ebay Development Test Answers

What does the “createBundles” call do?
It randomly creates product bundles.
It bundles different calls.
It does nothing.
It enables a seller to create one or more product bundles.

URLs for Category Lists for Global eBay Sites do not include:

A token in a SOAP Request is a text with the _____ tag.

What domain does the call, FindHalfProducts refer to?

To protect bidders from fraud, information about a user is made anonymous during bidding. The following rules apply:
Bidders can not see their own information, Information is not made anonymous in other cases
Bidders can not see their own information, Information is made anonymous in other cases
Bidders can see their own information, Information is not made anonymous in other cases
Bidders can see their own information, Information is made anonymous in other cases

The XML and SOAP versions of the Trading API are based on the same schema. Which link to the schema or to the wsdl file is wrong?

What are the Seller vs. Buyer benefits of using Sales Maximizer.
Seller: Increase revenue by increasing order size. Buyer: Offering seller discounts.
The seller gets a tax break for selling more items.
There are no benefits.
The buyer maximizes the amount of items they buy at a discount.

What is “getRecurringJobExecutionHistory” responsible for?
It returns the instances of a recurring job that have already occurred.
It returns instances of a job that never occurred.
It returns instances of a job that will occur in the future.
It returns instances of job history that have returned.

What format are special characters encoded in?

The Resolution Case Management API is created specifically to?
Channel complaints to a third-party.
Cause more disputes.
Deliver refunds automatically.
Handle dispute resolution.

What has the CalculatedShippingRate container been replaced with?

What does the acronym, DSR mean in this context?
Discount Seller Ratings
Detailed Seller Ratings
Daily Seller Rankings
Detailed Seller Rotation

What does the acronym, API mean?
Application Product Intervention
Application Program Interface
Application Problem Interface
Application Project Interval

Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro are tools with advanced functionality for managing:

What is the ActiveInventoryReport responsible for?
It reports anomalies in inventory.
It reports problems with customers.
It reports the fastest selling inventory.
It reports the price and the quality details for a sellers active listings.

What encoding scheme must use all applications that are calling eBay services?

Seller Offers API is responsible for?
Selling services the seller may offer at a discount.
It offers coupons at a discount.
Creation and management of discount campaigns and sales events.
Elimination of discount campaigns and sales events.

If you wanted to add products to the eBay catalog, what call would you use?

An order line item is created in the eBay system after the buyer has committed to purchase a seller's item. Which Listing Type or Feature does not exist in the list of order lines?
Best Offer
Auction listing
Fixed-price listing
Buy It Later in Auction Listing

Sales Maximizer is responsible for?
Helping sellers upsell.
Producing coupons.
Automating customer relations.
Minimizing sales volume.

What is Basic Call responsible for?
It returns basic product information to the website.
It retrieves products that are associated with an applied key word.
It makes product calls basic.
It retrieves product information at random.

In this context, what does the acronym WSDL refer to?
Web Service Definition Language
World Service Definition Language
Web System Deferred Language
Web Standard Devised Language

"All Buying" view of eBay`s "My eBayPage" contains subItems: Buying Reminders, Watching, Bidding, BestOffers, Won, Didn`t win. The same actions for all of them except one could be performed by calling GetMyeBayBuying web method. What is the name of the action that could be performed by GetMyeBayReminders call?
Buying Reminders

The API also lets you list items on:

Which of the HTTP Headers for XML API Calls is not required or conditional, but recomended?

As you develop your application, it is a good idea to follow these practices, except one:
Build flexibility into your application
Follow the best practices (if any) that PayPal defines for each call
Understand the eBay release cycle
Handle all errors

What kind of service is Order Adjustment
SOA Service
SODA Service
SOUP Service
SOPA Service

What two syntaxes can be used to make API calls?

What is the call “getJobs” responsible for?
It is responsible for employing people.
It lists the sellers pending jobs.
It lists bulk data exchange jobs for the seller.
It makes Ebay lists future tasks.

The “login” call is returned in JSON. In this context, what is JSON?
JavaScript Object Notation.
JavaScript Open Notation
JabbaScript Objective Notation
JavaScript Order Notation

What does Return Management API do?
It manages all aspects of customer relations.
It retrieves and manages buyer returns.
It handles all complaints automatically.
It automatically returns merchandise.

Select appropriate description for the concept with name "Item" in the context of eBay APIs.
An item is someone who has registered as a member of eBay.
An Item is a named grouping of similar categories on eBay.
An item is an entry on eBay that offers or advertises one or more listings for sale.
An item is something sellable or marketable on eBay.

How would you go about allowing Hong Kong users to access your eBay App?
Replace the SubscriberRegistrationGlobalId tag with the AllowAllUsers tag.
Delete the the SubscriberRegistrationGlobalId tag.
Update and reload your app's deployment descripter via the SubscriberRegistrationGlobalId tag.
Do nothing; they can use it by default.

What call displays items related to a specific category or item ID?

When using a URL paired with HTTP GET, what does the acronym, NV mean?
New Value
Near Value
Name Value
Non Value

The getVersion call is responsible for?
Getting different product versions.
Returning the payout version.
Returning the current version of the Payout Details service.
Updating the program to the newest version.

What does eBay's Merchandising API allow users to do?
Over-sell and undersell.
Nothing. There is no Merchandising API.
Cross-sell and up-sell items.
Side-sell and cross-sell.

In the Production environment, a user is eligible to create an eBay Store if he or she is a registered seller on eBay and meets one of the following conditions:
has a cumulative feedback score of at least 20; is registered with ID Verify; has a PayPal account in good standing.
All answers are wrong.
the test user must first list at least one item for sale in the Sandbox; the test user must have a PayPal Sandbox account linked to that user's eBay Sandbox account.
There is no way to create an eBay Store in the Production environment, but you can create it in the Sandbox

There are five user roles in eBay API: Registered eBay Users, Developers, Sellers, Store owners, Bidders and Buyers. Registered eBay Users have access to:
any information about seller.
the user`s real name.
only the user ID of the person they are dealing with, and other info if a conflict arises.
only the user ID of the person they are dealing with.

For an application to be able to operate in the Production or the Sandbox environment, it needs to have the appropriate IDs for that environment. Which key does not exist?

Which of these is a Sandbox Service Endpoint?

Why are there no longer any new Open eBay Apps?
eBay is no longer accepting applications.
It became infested with viruses.
There never were any Open eBay Apps.
eBay is still accepting applications.

There are three types of promotional sales:
Price discount only, Free shipping only, Special Price discount and free shipping
Price discount only, Free shipping only, Price discount and free shipping
Special Price discount only, Free shipping only, Price discount and free shipping
Price discount only, Special Free shipping only, Price discount and free shipping

DSR trends are monitored in specific time increments. What are they?
Hourly, Daily, Weekly
Daily, Weekly, Monthly
Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly
Only annually.

Which of the SOAP URL Parameters does not exist?

“getUserReturns” retrieves information for how many buyer returns?
Only one at a time.
One or more.
It doesn't handle buyer returns.

“itemFilter” in getUserReturns is responsible for?
Expanding results to all listings.
Restricting results to a specific listing.
Filtering the number of items to specific users.
Listing the number of users filtered per item.

eBay's base components are simple and complex types that model eBay business-level objects (e.g., items). Which is not an eBay component?

In the Version scheme, what does the second digit indicate?
The minor release version.
The major release version.
The newest release version.
The super release version.

eBay has a list of login credentials that are completely independent and not interoperable. Which is NOT an eBay login credential?
Developers Program authentication token
Production authentication token
Developers Program username and password
username and password

The following API calls can be used to create and manage promotional sales:
GetPromotionalSale, SetPromotionalSaleListings, GetPromotionalSaleDetails
GetPromotionalSale, GetPromotionalSaleListings, GetPromotionalSaleDetails
GetPromotionalSale, SetPromotionalSaleListings, SetPromotionalSaleDetails
SetPromotionalSale, SetPromotionalSaleListings, GetPromotionalSaleDetails

When eBay gives a user a unique id number, the attribute is called:

Who is the intended audience of the eBay Developers Program?
Those who are experienced in selling products on Ebay.
Those who are versed in XML.
Coders who write in Python.
Programmers educated in cobal.

To sell an item, a seller must:
Opt in to seller policies.
Opt in to business policies.
Opt out of business policies.
Nothing. There are no business policies.

You can avoid paying VAT(Value-Added Tax) charges on your eBay fees by registering:
a valid VAT-TAX with eBay.
a valid VAT-ID with eBay.
a valid TAX-ID with eBay.
a valid SSN with eBay.

The eBay Platform defines two general types of errors:
Execution-Level Errors, Application Errors
Application-Level Errors, Execution Errors
Infrastructure-Level Errors, Application Errors
Application-Level Errors, Infrastructure Errors

The main difference between the Order Adjustment API and Trading API is?
The Order Adjustment API begins with lowercase letters.
The Order Adjustment API must be in capital letters.
The Trading API has replaced the Order Adjustment API.
There is no difference.

You are able to construct 3 types of applications, tools, and services that can be created using the API: Listing Application, Seller Application, Gallery List Tool. Select the appropriate description for the Listing Application type.
It is a one that displays a buyer's items in a sub-section of a web page that has other content.
It is a relatively simple program that provides a seller with the ability to list items on eBay.
It is a one that displays a seller's items in a sub-section of a web page that has other content.
This application covers most of the aspects involved in the sales process: Listing items, Monitoring buyer bidding, Discovering current bidders in an auction listing or buyers of fixed-price items, Processing and fulfilling items that have sold.

The Product Metadata API helps you perform the following tasks, EXCEPT:
Get compatibility properties (names) within a fitment category of the specified catalog-enabled category.
Get compatible applications for a product, based on its specifications.
Get the compatibility metadata version for the specified category to monitor for changes in compatibility metadata.
Get all possible values (search values) for a given compatibility property (name).

How often is Client Alerts API release made?

What is the address of the Compatible Application Check Page?

Which fault type of the Infrastructure Error Types does not exist in the eBay API?
Server faults
Client faults
VersionMismatch fault
Application faults

What does the “login” call do?
It logs the client application into the client alerts server.
It alerts the client of an application login.
It logs the client into eBay.
It logs in the applicant when a client appears.

Feedback Service is allowed a maximum of how many DSR query requests?

The following item does not contain the user name of the automated Sandbox users

The category hierarchy for a site is embodied in the:
CategorySet object
CategoryList object
CategoryArray object
CategoryMap object

You can retrieve buying guide details by using the FindProducts call to find a product. The FindProducts call belongs to the:
Payout Details API
Trading API
Shopping API
Finding API

Application-Level Error in XML call output does NOT have an element with a name:

To retrieve the data for a single item, use GetItem. The GetItem call belongs to the:
Shopping API
Payout Details API
Trading API
Finding API

Select the right combination of Infrastructure Error Severity Levels.
Exception and Error
Exception, Error, Warning
Exception and Warning
Error and Warning

If there is no web component to your application, or you do not wish to host an AcceptURL or RejectURL page, you should get tokens with which method?
via TokenGenerator Tool
via FetchToken
Client/Desktop Applications
Web/Server Applications

Sample XML for Modifying and Removing Fields has Item element, which might (should) contain any of the given elements, except:

The "My eBay" page shows a number of different views of a user's data. The given view does not exist in this page:
All Buying
My Items
All Selling
My Messages

If your application works with items on sites outside the US, or if your application can be used with more than one site, you should understand the differences in:
validation rules, business logic, and overall usage rules that are applied for different eBay sites.
culture, validation rules, business logic, and overall usage rules that are applied for different eBay sites.
language, validation rules, business logic, and overall usage rules that are applied for different eBay sites.
timezone, validation rules, business logic, and overall usage rules that are applied for different eBay sites.

A Fully Qualified Category has subelements:
CategoryName, CategoryParentName, CategoryChildName
CategoryID, CategoryName, CategoryParentName
CategoryID, CategoryName, CategoryParentName, CategoryChildName
CategoryID, CategoryName, CategoryChildName

“OpeneBaySubscriptionService” is related to?
Subscriptions to your coupon service.
Those interested in subscribing to your ebay channel.
Subscribers and billing.
Billing for OpenEbay accounts.

What is NOT a service endpoint of the eBay API?

If you're specifying a URL and HTTP header, which takes precedent?

Is the “getDeals” call currently functional? When will it be functional?
It was never a call included in eBay API Development.
No. It will be resolved in the next version.
Yes. It is currently functioning.
No. It is indefinitely out of service.

Buyers who purchase an item on eBay using PayPal as the payment method may still file a dispute using PayPal Buyer Protection. Which of the given actions belongs to the Buyer role to be performed?
Create a Significantly Not As Described case
Retrieve detailed information on a single Unpaid Item dispute or cancelled transaction
Create an Unpaid Item dispute
Cancel an unpaid transaction