Elance Amazon Web Services Test Answers 2015

What type of distribution is available for CloudFront?
Download and streaming

The process of shipping inventory to Amazon and out to your customers can be automated using this service:
Amazon Glacier
Amazon Fulfillment

What is Amazon EMR responsible for?
Elastic Map Reduce is a web service that makes it easier to shrink data files.
Elastic Map Reduce is a web service that makes it easier to process large amounts via a Hadoop framework.
Elastic Map Reduce is a web service that makes it easier to read large maps.
Elastic Map Reduce is a web service that makes it easier to build large servers.

What is AWS IAM?
AWS Identity and Access Management.
AWS Independent Access Manager.
AWS's security console.
AWS Identify Alternative Mechanism.

What is an example of a security group used by Amazon RDS?
MP3 security group.
EC2 security group.
CT3 security group.
PHP security group.

What is an RDS?
Recumbent Database Service
Recreational Database Service
Relational Database Service
Residential Database Service

AWS Free Tier is wide enough to get acquainted with almost all services.

What type of Route53 alias could be set?
Elastic Load Balancer
Another Route53 record set
S3 site endpoint
All of these

What method is used to send emails with SES?
Both SMTP and API
Only using SMTP
Only using API
Only using Web Console

What does AWS use for content delivery?
Amazon CloudFront.
Amazon ContentFront.
Amazon DeliveryPoint.
Amazon Service Front

This service can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data at any time, from anywhere on the web:
Amazon Fulfillment
Storage Gateway
Simple Storage Service (S3)

What two interfaces does Amazon S3 use?
REST and SOAP interfaces.
SOAP and RAST interfaces.
SOAP and Ruby interfaces.
SOAP and Java interfaces.

AWS provides consolidated billing, allowing one account to pay for multiple services:
True, but only for high volume ($500+ per month) accounts
True, for any number of services
True, but only for up to three services

What part of AWS handles their DNS?
Amazon Route 44.
Amazon Route 53.
Amazon Cloud Services.
Amazon Route 66.

What data format must an HTTP request to DynamoDB be made in?

It is possible to create custom OS images in EC2.

If you wanted to delete a subnet or a gateway, what would you use?
AWS Network Console.
AWS Cloud Console.
AWS Virtual Console.
AWS Management Console.

AWS provides a scalable, distributed in-memory cache service called:

What does AWS Compute provide?
Traditional servers similar to RAID.
Scalable virtual private servers.
Linux-based web hosting.
Static virtual private servers.

When in a "Stopped" state, an EC2 instance is billed:
At half the rate of a Running instance of the same type
At the full rate for the instance
For instance storage only

What is the software prerequisites for using AWS at the command line?
Solaris, Windows 98, MacOS.
Linux, OS X, or Unix
OS X, Windows XP, or Solaris.
Windows XP, or Vista

With help of _______ you can restrict network access to EC2 instances.
Elastic Load Balancer
Elastic IP
Placement Groups
Security Groups

If instance is under termination protection, what would happen after a scale down policy action?
Instance will be kicked from ELB and autoscaling group
Instance will be terminated
Instance will not be terminated, but will be excluded from autoscaling group
Instance will remain as is

AWS's managed NoSQL database service is called:

What is the name of the Amazon Web Service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud?
Virtual Private Server
Virtual Cloud Server
Elastic Compute Cloud
Elastic Cloud Server

What happens if primary RDS instance in MultiAZ deployment fails?
Software changes settings to use secondary RDS instance
AWS switches endpoint to a secondary RDS instance, no additional actions from users are needed
RDS data is lost, adminstrator have to restore it from a snapshot
AWS automatically recovers RDS instance from snapshot

What kind of data does Amazon Kinesis process?
Streaming data.
Checksum data.
Static data.
Revolving data.

AWS provides a highly available and scalable Domain Name Service called:
Route 53

What format does CloudFormation use for templates?

What type of parameter is “email”?

What is the service, Amazon SES used for?
Establishing your own global cloud network
Sending email
Connecting to a global cloud network
Setting up a home cloud network

What is Amazon Elastic Transcoder?
It is a service that lets you convert video files stored in your Amazon Simple Storage Service.
It is a specialized file conversion network that uploads your files to AWS.
It is a file-sharing entity of AWS.
It is a service that lets you stream videos from AWS.

Amazon MWS stands for:
Amazon Market Web Server
Amazon Marketplace Web Server
Amazon Marketplace Web Service
Amazon Marketing Web Service

RDS Multi-AZ deployment is available for:
All of the above
SQL Server

The capacity management, load balancing, scaling, and health monitoring of an AWS application can all be handled automatically by:
Elastic Beanstalk
Amazon Fulfillment

What is the name of the Amazon Web Service that provides easy to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud?
Relational Database Service
Relational Database Cloud
MySQL Cloud

It's possible to bill for applications that are built in, or run on top of, Amazon Web Services, using:
Amazon DevPay
Amazon Fulfillment

Which of the following is an AWS Elastic Beanstalk component?

Which of these can you use to deploy and manage your applications?
AWS Elastic Beanstalk
AWS Manager
AWS Agent
AWS Management Suite

What are pipelines under Amazon Elastic Transcoder?
Queues that manage your transcoding jobs.
Queues that manage your data transactions.
Queues that manage your file transfers.
Queues that manage your compression jobs.

This service helps to create and provision deployments quickly and easily, by using template files to describe a "stack" of AWS resources:
Amazon Fulfillment
Amazon Glacier

AWS provides a facility for data-driven workflows, allowing application data to be transferred automatically between services as work is completed:
Amazon Glacier
Data Pipeline

What is the name of the Amazon Web Service that provides scalable storage in the cloud?
Cloud Storage Service
Super Storage Service
Amazon Simple Storage
Simple Storage Service

What is the proper way to denote the syntax for a customer gateway?
ec2-create-customer-gateway -t type -i ip_address -b bgp_asn
ec2-create -t type -i ip_address -b bgp_asn-customer-gateway
-t type -i ip_address -b bgp_asn ec2-create-customer-gateway
-i ip_address -b bgp_asn ec2-create-customer-gateway -t type

What alarm states are available in CloudWatch?

When an EC2 instance is in a stopped state, the user pays:
Only for EBS storage instance uses
Stopped instances requires no additional fees
Only for CPU and Memory resources
Half price for EC2 instance and EBS full storage price

AWS reserved instances is a:
Low cost EC2 instance that could be shut down anytime
Upfront fee and lowered hourly rate for 1 or 3 years
Virtual machine with provisioned EBS IOPS rate
High-performance RDS instance

How do you get access to a Windows instance in EC2?
Use Web console ‘Connect’
Use ec2-get-password command
Reboot instance and login under safe mode
Receive administrator password via email

How can you scale ELB to process requests faster?
ELB could not be scaled up or down
You can't do it. AWS scales ELB automatically depending on requests rate.
By increasing number of instances behind ELB
By using API method change_elb_type

True of false: IAM user permissions can be set to control specific EC2 instances.

Is it possible to change EC2 instance type?
Yes, while it's in stop state
Yes, anytime
No, you have only what you started
Yes, but you first need to create AMI

Which of the following tool is used to create CloudFormation templates based on existing AWS deployments?
Placement Groups

The AWS petabyte-scale data warehouse service is called:
Amazon Glacier

Spot instance is terminated when:
Spot price is higher than bid
Spot price is lower than bid
No more CPU cores are available for your spot
Instance is reached traffic limit

AWS includes an extremely low-cost storage service, ideal for backups and other rarely retrieved, high-latency applications, called:
Simple Storage Service (S3)
Amazon Glacier

How can you rewrite URLs with ELB?
Using API
None of these
Using Nginx-like rules
Using Apache-like rules

Would an AWS user be billed for their primary Elastic IP attached to an EC2 instance?

From where does CloudFront deliver your content?
Data Servers.
Server Origins.
Server Points.
Origin servers.

AWS provides storage for secure cryptographic keys via specialized security hardware through this service:

This high level application management service allows layered "stacks" of AWS services to be provisioned, managed, and configured automatically, using the Chef framework's "recipe" system for custom configuration:
Elastic Beanstalk
Amazon Glacier

How can you decrease network latency for cluster type instances?
By using placement groups
Starting instances at once
Reserving cluster type instances
By using same security group for all instances

If AWS sends you a message stating that one of your instances will be terminated because of hardware failure, you need to:
Terminate it manually as soon as possible
Create a full backup
Change shutdown behavior
Stop and start this instance

What should be set up to move files from S3 to Glacier automatically?
Archiving rules
Glacier rules
Lifecycle rules
Backup rules

What is the default queue limit for SQS for a new account?
No limits are set
10,000 queues and 50 requests per second
1,000 queues and 5 requests per second
1 queue and 500 requests per second

Autoscaling group supports:
Vertical scaling
Only scaling up
Horizontal and vertical scaling
Horizontal scaling

Which of these entities could be transferred between AWS regions?
AMI and EBS snapshot
S3 bucket
EC2 and RDS instance
DynamoDB storage

This service provides a solution for connecting local storage volumes with secure, off-site incremental backups in Amazon S3:
Amazon Glacier
Storage Gateway
Data Pipeline

Is it possible to have stored procedures in RDS MySQL?
No, you don't have access to enable them
Yes, they are enabled by default
No, it's prohibited to store procedures
Yes, they could be turned on via API

What ports to proxy are available with ELB?
21, 22, 80, 443 and 1024 to 65535 inclusive
25, 80, 443 and 1024 to 65535 inclusive
80 and 443
80 and 8080

What could be set up as an origin of CloudFront distribution?
S3 bucket or external web service
(all of these)
AWS-US-EAST-1 region S3 destination point
4.114 Clause Reader (v 1.1)

Amazon guarantees maximum availability across:
Each Elastic Block Store volume
Each EC2 Server Instance
Each service Region, as a whole
Each Availability Zone

What of these sections is always required in CloudFormation templates when launching stacks?
Resources, Mappings
Resources, Parameters

What command is used to implement CloudWatch custom metrics?

Is Cooldown in AWS Auto-scaling a mandatory parameter?
There is no such parameter as Cooldown

What is the default email limit for SES for a new account?
10,000 per day and 5 per second
No limit is set
1,000,000 per day and 50 per second
1,000 per day and 1 per second

Which of the following database options are available with OpsWorks?
Only MySQL
Oracle and MySQL
Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server
Only Oracle

VPC implementation is available:
Only in single availability zone
All of these
In multiple availability zones
In multiple AWS regions

It is possible to set up replication between RDS instances.