Elance Administrative Assistant Test Answers

Per Diem work is calculated:




When creating a document that lists upcoming meetings, what is the recommended section at the end of the document to ensure accuracy?

The company logo
The date and author of last update
The attendees of the previous meeting
The minutes from the most recent meeting



How often should exclamation points be used in a business email?




When do you typically date stamp paper documents?

After sealing an envelope
When sending a fax coversheet
When creating a first draft of a document
After opening incoming mail



You can automate frequently typed sections (such as standard letter headings and contract language) in a word processor by setting up:




In Outlook, how do you mark an email for follow up?

You click on Actions: follow up
You can not mark emails for follow up.
You click on Tools: follow up
You click on flag icon: red flag



What is the difference between AR and AP?

AR are debits and AP are credits.
AR involves monies that the company owes, whereas AP involves monies that the company is owed.
AR involves monies that are owed to the company, whereas AP involves monies that the company owes.



When writing a formal letter, what does the "inside address" refer to?

The banking address
None of these
The return address
The recipient's address



Which of the following do you NOT need to consider when booking domestic travel?

maximum expenditure
passport number
preferred airlines
loyalty cards



What are the three styles of business writing?

Analytical, professional, and straightforward.
Informative, persuasive, and analytical.
Demonstrative, imaginative, and creative.
Confident, detailed, and precise.



Which form should you obtain from a new contractor before they get paid?




What is the recommended method for signifying there are attachments to a memo?

Memos should never have attachments
Insert a section in the middle of the memo outlining the contents of each attached document
Refer to the attachments in the memo and add a notation about what is attached below the closing
Include the titles of your attachments in the memo subject line



Which one of these acronyms does NOT represent a real C-level executive position?




In Outlook, which section under Outlook Options would you select to set mail security?

Quick Access Toolbar
Trust Center



To establish good financial controls, who should NOT open the bank statements when they come in the mail each month?

The same person who writes checks
The President



Which of the following Personal Information Management (PIM) software packages would be most helpful in scheduling meetings and syncing your calendar with other employee’s calendars?

Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft TASK
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft OneNote



Your emails should be:

meandering and detailed
concise and conversational
lengthy and thorough
< 3 sentences



What would the following notation at the bottom of a letter indicate: "JMN/pjn"?

The author's initials are JMN and the typist's initials are PJN
The author's initials are JMN and the filing code for the attached documents is pjn
It is a mistake. You would not typically see any sort of notation at the bottom of letters
The author's initials are PJN and the typist's initials are JMN



One of your co-workers has been sharing confidential information with persons outside the company. If you are unsure of the company rules relating to this, you should

contact the company personnel manager to report the employee who made the mistake.
refer to the company policy manual.
write a letter to your supervisor so that you will be cleared of any responsibility.
ask co-workers for an interpretation of how to handle the situation



True or False? Bulleted lists are frowned upon in memos.




An informal message, especially one sent between two or more employees of the same company, concerning company business is known as a:




What does FY2010 stand for?

Fiscal Year 2010
Financial Year 2010
Finance Year 2010



Bcc differs from "Cc" in its:

ability to respond the the message
priority in the email chain
ability to see other recipients' responses
visibilty to other recipients



When writing an email, what does BCC mean?

Blind Community Copy
Blind Carbon Copy
Back Cancelled Copy
Back Carbon Copy



Tangibles are among the five factors customers use to evaluate products or services. What are Tangibles?

How respectfully the customer is treated
The lifespan of your product / service
The company's physical presentation - facilities, equipment, employee appearance, etc.
The speed and dependability with which a company delivers a product or service



Use email as a form of communication as much as possible, avoiding face-to-face or voice-to-voice contact.




If you disagree with your boss' plan for action during a meeting, what is the recommended method for making your opinion known?

Wait until the meeting is finished and explain your concerns with your boss privately
Interject with your concerns immediately
Do not make your opinion known. You are not expected to make decisions
Wait until your boss has finished speaking and list all the reasons why you think they are incorrect



In an email, what does "NNTR" stand for?

None of these
No need to respond
Notes Needed To Respond
Notes Needed Thursday



True or False? Every firm's fiscal year ends on December 31st.




“Please check in with me on this project every other day.” It is Wednesday and you checked in with your supervisor this morning. According to this sentence, when is the next day you should check in with her?

Next Wednesday
Monday Morning



How often should you use an auto-reponse message?




When would it be best to use the "Bcc:" feature?

When responding to a spam email
When organizing an internal meeting
When sending one message to a large group of clients
When sending an informative article around the office



A master travel itinerary does not always need to include:

meeting times
flight numbers
passport number
flight times



The purpose of using the CC field is to:

indicate those on the thread who need to take action
keep others informed
create a call-to-action



Which of these are NOT an important factor to consider when analyzing your workstation for the first time?

The distance to the bathroom
The size or style of desk
The type of desk chair
The amount of lighting



Which service would you use to setup direct deposits?




If you have to email your boss bad news, which of the following is considered the best way to accomplish that?

Use the Pour it On Method and tell them the bad news first without sugar coating it so that you do not waste time.
Use the Sandwich Method and give them some good news followed by the bad news and then conclude with any recent positive results.
Do Nothing and let them figure out on their own
Use the Beat around the Bush Method to avoid engaging the problem and instead talk about other parts of the company



A good email 'Subject' line should:

be straight to the point
contain a greeting
be very general
inspire interest or curiosity



What does "COB" mean in the following sentence: I need your status report by COB.

Close Of Business
Carry Out Business
Common Operating Budget
Cost Of Business



A master travel itinerary does NOT always need to include passport number




When adding a signature to a letter or e-mail, the order (top to bottom) should be...

Name; Position; Company; Address
Company; Address; Name; Position
Name; Position; Address; Company
Name; Address; Position; Company



If you want to send an Excel spreadsheet in a format that recipients can't manipulate, you could ________.

save it as a screenshot
save it as a PDF
None of these
recipients will always be able to manipulate an excel document



In business, what does TBD commonly stand for?

Team Building Development
To Be Divided
To Be Determined
Treasury Bureau Department



In business, what does SLA commonly stand for?

Staff Level Appointment
Service Level Agreement
Secured Legal Assessment
Senior Level Associate



In Outlook What would you do if you want to send a particular email to 25 persons at one go and you do not want anyone in those 25 recipients to know who else received the email?

Use 'from' and send the emails separately
Use CC and send the mails
Print and use the postal service
Address the email to yourself, and then use Bcc for the other 25 email addresses



At some point your boss may ask you to take ______ at a meeting. This task isn't reserved for secretaries only. Any person who attends a meeting may be asked to do this.




True or False? You should use the hold button as often as possible when fielding incoming calls.




Correct the following sentence: "There is no way your missing the company's picnic."

"There is no way you're missing the companys picnic."
"Their is no way your missing the company's picnic."
"There is no way your missing the companies picnic."
"There is no way you're missing the company's picnic."



In Outlook, If you send an email and want to get it back because you forgot to put in important information, how do you get it back and send out the right email?

Click on Actions: Recall and Replace
Click on Actions: Recall on read email.



Outward correspondence is always printed on:

Completely blank printer paper
Lined printer paper
A legal pad
Company letterhead



When would be a good opportunity to use the "Cc:" feature?

You want to get your boss's attention
You find a press release that is relevant to everyone in the office
You get a message and you're not sure if it's spam
You want to delete an email



What does the "tab" key do in word processing programs?

Double spaces the paragraph
Bolds the font
Deletes the last word



Which is a good policy for effective teamwork in a support environment?

Let people know which successful parts of a project were your idea
Work alone on the parts of a project you do well, so that the outcome represents a cohesive vision
Share credit for both successes and failures
Call out people who aren't pulling their weight to the group



<AR> means:

Already Read
After Receiving
Action Required
Anonymous Response



When logging a phone message, which of these is NOT a recommended field in the call log?

The caller's message
The caller's email address
The caller's phone number
The caller's name



What should you include in the first two lines of an email?

Your company's name
Your contact information
The purpose of the email
Your boss' name



True or False? If your superior is conducting activity such as insider trading and is caught by the SEC, you could be liable as well if you handled any of the traded information?




Which of the following is not an appropriate font for use in business correspondence?

Times New Roman
Comic Sans Serif
Courier New



In a business letter, if you want to include any attachments to the letter, how would you reference it?




Which of these are NOT typical tasks of an administrative assistant?

Answering telephone enquiries from customers
Providing technical troubleshooting support
operating a range of office machines such as photocopiers, computers and faxes
Sorting and distributing incoming mail to areas and staff within the organization



What does POC stand for?

Post occupied
Payment of Cash
Point of Contact



"Be sure to follow up with Michael via phone if he doesn’t return your email by 2 pm tomorrow.” According to this sentence, how should you contact Michael to follow up?

Send an email
Call him
Schedule a meeting for 2 pm tomorrow
Send a fax



What does "subordinate" mean?

A person who answers to a superior.
A person in an important, specialized position.
The highest level a person can obtain.
A person who provides expert advice to a company.



What is the most common definition for the acronym POS?

Public Opinion Strategies
Program of Study
Point of Sale
Probability Of Success



You need to finish the document latest tomorrow EOB. This means:

Tomorrow by lunch
Before business opens tomorrow
Tomorrow by the end of business
Tomorrow after work



In a business setting, what does NDA stand for?

Non-disclosure agreement
National Department of Agriculture
Needed Daily Allotment
Necessary Data Access



Which of these are NOT typically included in a fax cover sheet?

The number of pages
The sender
The deadline for reply
The recipient



True or False? Email signatures are required to contain a street address.




True or False? By responding to spam emails, employees are actually confirming their company email address as a valid address to spammers.




True or Falsle: It is always appropriate to introduce two people over email without checking with each first.




Which signature is most formal?

Best wishes,



When receiving a meeting proposal in Outlook, what do you do if you want to accept the meeting, but at another date/time?

Use "Decline and propose new time" option, which automatically changes the meeting maker and sends the proposal back for approval
Write an email to the sender asking if he can send another meeting maker
Decline the meeting and create another one, at the desired date/time



In Outlook: It is possible to view others' calendars, inboxes & contacts if they allow you to do so.




What is a fiscal year?

A profitable year for a company
A year where a company has to reduce their budget
The budget allotted for the upcoming year
A 12-month accounting period



What does PTO stands for?

Power time off
Permanent time off
Paid Time Off



Someone making a comment is doing what?

making a subjection
giving an opinion
asking a question
giving a lecture



Regarding sales, what is the most common meaning of GP in business?

Gross Product
Great Product
Gold Points
Gross Profit



When booking a meeting you should:

use text message - it is the most convenient option for everyone
use email - it provides a written record and confirmation
use the phone - it's more personal



In the business world, R&D stands for...

Record & Display
Research & Development
Retained & Disbursed
Risk & Dividend



When forwarding an email to a co-worker or supervisor via Outlook, what button should be clicked?

Mark Unread
Reply All



In business, Q3 means:

third-rate quality
quantity: 3
third quarter



What is the suggested way to begin a business letter in which you do not know who the recipient will be?

To the person reading this letter,
To Whom It May Concern:
Hello Mr. or Ms.:



True or False? When typing up a record of the proceedings of a meeting, you must keep all matters in the order they were discussed at the meeting - even if they differ to your agenda.




True or False: Emoticons and shortcuts for real words are appropriate in business emails.




In the phrase "The documents will be mailed by EOD," what does EOD stand for?

Eastern Office Day
Early off Deadline
End of Day
End of Deadline



A record of the proceedings of a meeting such as who attended, discussions that took place, action to be taken, and the time the meeting closed is known as:




It's 5pm, but there is an office crisis. What should you do?

Stay late but inform your employer that you are not happy about it and will probably not be able to do it in the future
Apologize and go home. Finishing the project a day late is fine
Stay late and do whatever it takes to get the job done
Stay late only if your employer promises to pay overtime



When adding a signature to a letter or e-mail, the order (top to bottom) should be ______.

Company; Position; Name; Address
Position; Address; Name; Company
Name; Position; Company; Address
Company; Address; Name; Position



If the supervisor on duty gives you a task you do not understand, you should

simply refuse to perform the task
tell your supervisor you do not know how to do it and ask him to assign a co-worker the task
try to figure it out on your own
get a co-worker who is more experienced to complete the task.
ask your supervisor for further clarification



If you work for multiple bosses, what is the recommended method for keeping organized?

Create one folder and put all your work for all the individuals in the same folder
Create separate folders for each individual and keep projects organized accordingly
Create separate folders for each day of the week and put all work for all the bosses in the same folders
Keep all your work in stack on the corner of the desk for easy access



What does "Enclosure" mean at the bottom of a letter?

The letter pertains to property foreclosure
The letter has been overnighted and demands immediate attention
The letter included additional documents in the same envelope
The letter is wrapping up and ending a conversation chain



COB stands for?

Capable of Banking
Close of Band
Copy of Backup
Close of Business



What is an EIN?

Environmental Interest Network
Employer Identification Number
Electronic Invoice Network
Earned Income Number



After you read an office memo that is confidential, you should

discuss it only with your friends and co-workers
discuss it with government officials
discuss it with persons in rival companies
not discuss it with anyone
discuss it with your family to determine how it impacts you



Which closing phrase is NOT appropriate for a business letter?

Forever Yours,
Yours truly,
Best regards,



What do you do when the copier is malfunctioning?

Remove power, check toner, check for paper in compartments, replace power, call repair man
pry the glass top and reconfigure the central control box
unplug machine, connect to generator
Remove power, clean glass, call repair man
change paper to a heavier paper, and re-try



A period of 12 months used for accounting purposes is known as a(n) _________ year. This period may or may not coincide with a traditional January-December calendar year.




What does the “ooo” abbreviation mean in business e-mail conversation?

I’m only available in my office
Out of office
Out, On a trip, Online available



True or False? An administrative assistant who repeats every conversation heard and gossips with other staff members is prized for being friendly and professional




What is the common meaning for FIFO in business?

Fade In Fade Out
Fly In Fly Out
Free In Free Out
First In First Out



Your boss is expecting a client, but he is too busy. What would you do if the client comes earlier than the scheduled time?

You tell him to come back later as your boss is very busy right now.
You tell him to have a seat and wait for your boss, as he is very busy right now.
You introduce yourself, walk him to the meeting room, offer him something to drink and kindly tell him to wait for a while as your boss is delayed.



You got an invitation to meet your CHRO. The person you will see is:

Contract Head Recruiting Organizer
Chief Hour Recorder Officer
Chief Human Resources Officer
Central Hour Recorder Officer



What does INC in company name stand for?

Company name
New name



In Outlook, Can you manage someone else's calendar if given permission?




In Outlook, can you add meetings to other people's calendars?

Only if they allow you to



When choosing a font, you should look for something:

simple and clean
bold and unique
fancy and colorful



What is "memo" short for?




True or False? Once you are comfortable working with your boss, it is usually recommended to use phrases like "honey" or "dear" when speaking to them.




What does FYI stand for?

For Your Information
Follow your intuition
Find your invoice



What does CFO stand for?

Chief For Oracle
Chief Financial Owner
Chief Financial Officer



What is a good way to start off a letter?

To Whom It May Concern
Hi Mate
Hey There
How'd You Do
What's up



What does it mean when a job description requests an administrative assistant to have "10 key skills?"

Skills with the 10 key business practices
Skills typing along the 10 function keys on a keyboard
Skills using an old fashioned typebar typewriter
Skills with an adding machine or the 10 key pad on a keyboard



What computer program is generally used to create spreadsheets?




True or false? When using a Gmail account, it is possible to unsend an email.




What does a NET-payment term mean

Payment following delivery/shipment
Prepayment upon order
Payment upon receipt
Payment after product/service is tested and proves satisfactory



What computer program is generally used to create presentations?

Image Line



Can Outlook show multiple time zones?

Yes, it can display up to 3 time zones at a time
Yes, it can display 2 time zones at a time
No, it can only display one time zone



True or False? When drafting a letter, "Please let me know if..." is recommended instead of "Please do not hesitate to contact me should you..."




What is a management style that is used for breaking down projects into small components?

Work breakdown structure
Project breakdown structure
Work breakdown strategy
Project breakdown strategy



In Outlook, True or False: Contacts and the Address Book refer to the same function.