oDesk Virtual Assistant Skills Test Answers 2015

_________ are the collective values of a company that are used to evaluate whether the behavior of members of the organization are considered appropriate and acceptable.
Ans: b) Ethics

_______________ is a good place for virtual assistants to advertise their services.
Ans: d) Websites

________________ are the values that people use to decide whether a particular action or behavior is considered appropriate and acceptable.
Ans: b) Ethics

________________ is a free online document creation and storage service that allows you to create and share your work with others online.
Ans: b) Google Docs

_________________ is a virtual assistant's primary tool for reaching and 
communicating with their clients.
Ans: a) Email

_________________ is an online classified ad website where individuals and businesses can post ads for free, or for a low fee in some categories and areas.
Ans: a) Craigslist

_________________ programs are advanced text editing applications that support additional formatting features to allow for more sophisticated documents.
Ans: a) Word processing

_________________ programs are used to create newsletters and other image based documents.
Ans: d) Graphics

_________________ provides basic information including a list of the services you intend to provide and their prices.
Ans: b) Marketing plan

_________________ provides instant messaging services.
Ans: c) both a and b. a) Skype
b) Windows Live

__________________ is used to send and receive funds from around the world.
Ans: c) PayPal

__________________ is used to send and receive funds from around the world.
Ans: b) Spreadsheet

___________________ computing is the use of shared resources, information and software over the Internet rather than locally on a computer or other de
Ans: d) Cloud

___________________ is developing web content in such a way that you will increase your search engine ranking, making it easier for visitors to find you.
Ans: c) Search engine optimization

____________________ can free up quite a bit of time that you can turn into billable hours for clients.
AnsP: d) All of the above

____________________ has had many plugins created for popular website platforms like Wordpress and Joomla, apps for smart phones and tablets, and tools for use with software programs like Excel.
Ans: d) StatCounter

___________________ is the use of shared resources, information and software over the Internet rather than locally on a computer or other device.
Ans: a) Cloudcomputing

________________________ is a mobile or remote work-environment equipped with telecommunication links and basic office furniture, but without a fixed office space.
Ans: c) Virtual office

10 people do a web search. In response, they see links to a variety of web pages. Three of the 10 people choose one particular link. That link then has a 
__________ click through rate.
Ans: b) 30 percent

A _______________ is a business set up by law to act as a single person.
Ans: a) sole proprietorship

A _______________ is a set of one or more keys that when pressed trigger a specific software or operating system action.
Ans: a) Keyboard shortcut

A good way to combat procrastination is to prioritize a daily task list on the basis of ________________________.
Ans: d) ordered list

A package of information about a business that is given to new clients is called a _______________________.
Ans: d) intro package

A(n)________________ policy covers monetary damage that a client may suffer if they receive faulty services and protects the service provider in the event that they are sued.
Ans: a) professional liability

A(n)_________________ is a short summary used to describe a product, service or business that can be delivered within the short span of time.
Ans: a) elevator pitch

A(n)___________________ is a legal contract that defines the confidential information and knowledge that the parties wish to share with one another, but also want to be restricted from any other third parties outside the contract.
Ans: a) independent contractor agreement

A(n)___________________ serves as the main point of contact for the company by answering phone calls, taking messages, scheduling appointments and making travel arrangements.
Ans: a) virtual receptionist

All of the following are social bookmarking sites except ____________________.
Ans: b) Digg

An effective communicator should never ___________________.
Ans: b) blame when speaking on the phone

An organization should use _________________ for their bookkeeping system.
Ans: d) All of the above

Basic skills that are required to be successful as a Virtual Assistant include __________________.
Ans: c) good communication skills

Cloaking is a controversial SEO technique. What does it involve?
Ans: a) Increasing the keyword density on the web pages

Creating a work schedule will help you to _________________________.
Ans: d) All of the above

Delays in social media communications are due to __________________.
Ans: b) the individual

Fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, misrepresentation and unethical acts such as using a client's confidential information to compete against them are known as ___________.
Ans: c) unfair practices

Google displays up to _____ characters of a webpage's Title Tag.
Ans: c) 66

It makes sense to charge lower fees for ________________.
Ans: b) simple jobs

Measuring the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats of an organization is known as ____________________.
Ans: c) SWOT analysis

Press ___________ to paste contents of clipboard.
Ans: c) Ctrl + V

Press ___________ to search and replace in a word document.
Ans: a) Ctrl + H

Prices for your services should be ___________________.
Ans: c) dependent on your experience

Search engines do not index some common words (such as "or" , "and" , "when" , and "in" ) within the webpage. What are these common words called?
Ans: d) Stop words

Social media platforms can be used for __________________________.
Ans: d) All of the above

The _____________ of a website is very important.
Ans: d) All of the above

The business image for an organization that caters to entertainers should be _________________________.
Ans: b) business-like and professional

VAs typically calculate approximately _________ of their non-billable time to cover business duties like paperwork and marketing.
Ans: a) 5%

Virtual Assistants must protect all confidential information that they obtain while working with clients due to ___________________.
Ans: a) Business ethics

Virtual assistants should always ______________________.
Ans: d) All of the above

VoIP services cannot be used for ______________________.
Ans: b) sending faxes

What does updates to Facebook status resemble most closely?
Ans: b) Posts on Twitter

What is "social media optimization" ?
Ans: c) Creating short content which is easily indexed

What is "social media optimization" ?
Ans: b) Video Blog

What is Anchor Text?
Ans: c) It is the visible text that is hyper linked to another page

What is Keyword Density?
Ans: e) The number of times the keyword is used / (DIVIDED BY) the total word count on the page

What is meant by "micro-blogging" ?
Ans: b) Blogs with limited individual posts, limited by count typically

What is meant by the concept of "viral" in social media?
Ans: a) Social media which is spread to viewers by the customer, growing in popularity

What traditional marketing technique is YouTube closest to?
Ans: b) Television advertising

When making lists, it is best to ___________________.
Ans: c) make a list for each project

When working for a client it is best to have a(n)__________________.
Ans: b) written contract

Which black hat SEO technique is characterized by a method to deceive search engines, by detecting the search engine bot and "feeding" it with a different HTML code than the HTML actually served to users?
Ans: d) Cloaking

Which of the following activities could be looked down upon by Google as per their quality guidelines?
Ans: c) Internationally adding keywords to the TITLE tags and ALT attributes

Which of the following allows a user to access their computer or a clients computer via the Internet?
Ans: a) remote desktop sharing

Which of the following allows users to connect to and monitor up to five social profiles with a free acount?
Ans: c) HootSuite

Which of the following business structures is most common for home based businesses?
Ans: a) sole proprietorship

Which of the following can help to earn more from current customers?
Ans: b) providing additional services

Which of the following gives you common law protection against others in your state using the same name?
Ans: d) All of the above

Which of the following is a characteristic of social media communications?
Ans: d) All of the above

Which of the following is a designation given by the state of residence rather than a federal tax entity?
Ans: a) sole proprietorship

Which of the following is a great way for virtual assistants to meet and network with their peers?
Ans: b) Virtual assistant organizations

Which of the following is NOT a social media platform where users can post their own tips and reviews?
Ans: a) Yelp

Which of the following is NOT an instant messaging application?
Ans: d) Windows Live Messenger

Which of the following is useful for managing both Facebook posts and Twitter feeds?
Ans: a) HootSuite

Which of the following statements about Google's technical and quality guidelines is true?
Ans: c) Avoid using robots.txt to prevent crawling of search results pages or other auto-generated pages, even if they don’t add much value for users coming search engines.

Which of the following uses videos as the presentation medium?
Ans: d) Vlogs

Which of these is a benefit of having an organized work flow?
Ans: d) All of the above

Why is it important to have a company blog hosted on the company web domain versus a third party blogging site?
Ans: b) Search engine rankings will include hits on the blog as part of the overall website hits

Work invoices should ______________________.
Ans: a) be sent out in a timely manner

Writing down a list of daily tasks in the order they need to be accomplished is a(n)_______________________.
Ans: d) ordered list

oDesk English To Arabic Translation Skills Test Answers 2015

Translate the following sentence:
A pizza for lunch is plenty for me; what about you?
Ans:   والبيتزا لتناول طعام الغداء الكثير بالنسبة لي. ماذا عنك؟

Translate the following sentence:
Absorbed in an interesting conversation with my friends, I missed my scheduled appointment with the dentist.
Ans:    استيعابها في محادثة مثيرة للاهتمام مع أصدقائي، وأنا غاب تعييني مقررة مع طبيب الأسنان.

Translate the following sentence:
After six months, the disappearance of my puppy is still shrouded in mystery—even if I will never change my mind about who I think was the likely kidnapper.
Ans:   بعد ستة أشهر، واختفاء بلدي جرو لا يزال يكتنفها الغموض حتى لو أنا لن أغير رأيي حول من اعتقد ان الخاطف المحتمل.

Translate the following sentence:
After washing and polishing cars for many years, Arnold had developed big muscles and never needed to go to the gym.
Ans:   بعد غسل وتلميع السيارات لسنوات عديدة، وكان أرنولد المتقدمة عضلات كبيرة وأبدا في حاجة للذهاب الى صالة الالعاب الرياضية.

Translate the following sentence:
At halftime, considering the situation on the field, the coach decided that it would be better to speak to his players before it was too late.
Ans:   في الشوط الثاني، والنظر في الوضع على الميدان، قرر مدرب فريق أنه سيكون من الأفضل التحدث إلى لاعبيه قبل فوات الأوان.

Translate the following sentence:
David solemnly promised his family that, when he returned, he would surely be a richer person both culturally and financially.
Ans:   وعد ديفيد رسميا عائلته أنه عندما عاد، وقال انه سيكون بالتأكيد الشخص أكثر ثراء ثقافيا وماليا.

Translate the following sentence:
Do you know that bald man in the small car that is turning left at this very moment?
Ans:   هل تعرف أن الرجل الأصلع في السيارة الصغيرة التي تحول اليسار في هذه اللحظة بالذات؟

Translate the following sentence:
Driving in northern Italy in the morning can be very dangerous because the fog often extends from Milan to Turin and lasts for many hours.
Ans:   يمكن أن يقود في شمال إيطاليا في الصباح يكون خطرا جدا بسبب الضباب وغالبا ما يمتد من ميلانو إلى تورينو ويستمر لعدة ساعات.

Translate the following sentence:
Finally, I can see a flower on that little balcony.
Ans:   وأخيرا، أستطيع أن أرى زهرة على أن شرفة صغيرة.

Translate the following sentence:
Frank called yesterday to inform me that they're having a party on the Fourth of July.
Ans:   دعا فرانك أمس ليبلغني أنهم جود طرف في الرابع من يوليو تموز.

Translate the following sentence:
Gathering his courage, Rodney asked for another cup of coffee and immediately left the shop, followed by his dog.
Ans:   جمع شجاعته، وطلب رودني لكوب آخر من القهوة وغادر المحل، تليها كلبه على الفور.

Translate the following sentence:
Give your aunt a kiss before you leave.
Ans:   إعطاء عمتك قبلة قبل أن تغادر.

Translate the following sentence:
Gladys said she wasn't responsible for the incident, but the judge, who had seen her in his courtroom many times before, didn't believe her.
Ans:   وقال غلاديس انها ليست المسؤولة عن الحادث، إلا أن القاضي الذي كان ينظر لها في قاعة المحكمة له عدة مرات من قبل، وليس يصدقها.

Translate the following sentence:
Greg often tells me that my car, which I bought just three months ago, already needs serious engine repairs.
Ans:   جريج كثيرا ما يقول لي ان سيارتي التي اشتريتها قبل ثلاثة أشهر فقط، يحتاج بالفعل إصلاح محرك خطيرة.

Translate the following sentence:
He often said that he worried more about us than about himself. Now, however, after so many years, we've finally figured out his true nature.
Ans:   قال كثير من الأحيان أنه أكثر قلقا بشأن لنا من حول نفسه. الآن، ومع ذلك، وبعد سنوات عديدة، لقد برزت أخيرا طبيعته الحقيقية.

Translate the following sentence:
I already informed the students that, if they have questions, they can contact me or my colleague.
Ans:   أبلغت بالفعل الطلاب أنهم إذا لديك أسئلة، فإنها يمكن الاتصال بي أو زميلي.

Translate the following sentence:
I assure you that I called several times last week and that I will call you again next month.
Ans:   وأؤكد لكم أن اتصلت عدة مرات في الاسبوع الماضي وأنني سوف ندعو لكم مرة أخرى الشهر المقبل.

Translate the following sentence:
I don't doubt the fact that everything you see now will be totally different tomorrow morning.
Ans:   أنا لا أشك في حقيقة أن كل ما تراه الآن سيكون صباح الغد مختلفا تماما.

Translate the following sentence:
I don't know what time it is in Melbourne right now; for that matter, I don't even know what time it is at my grandmother's house.
Ans:   أنا لا أعرف ما هو الوقت في ملبورن في الوقت الراهن. لهذه المسألة، وأنا لا أعرف حتى ما هو الوقت في منزل جدتي.

Translate the following sentence:
I don't think you would have resisted the temptation if Pamela had asked you to go with her on her trip to the East.
Ans:   لا أعتقد أن كنت قد قاوم إغراء إذا باميلا طلبت منك أن تذهب معها في رحلتها إلى الشرق.

Translate the following sentence: I have lived in this city for over two years and am still unable to say whether or not I want to stay here for a long time.
Ans:   ترجمة الجملة التالية: لقد عشت في هذه المدينة منذ أكثر من عامين، وأنا لا يزال غير قادر على القول أم لا اريد البقاء هنا لفترة طويلة.

Translate the following sentence:
I heard on television that the police finally know who is guilty of that terrible crime.
Ans:   سمعت في التلفزيون أن الشرطة تعرف في النهاية من هو مذنب تلك الجريمة الفظيعة.

Translate the following sentence:
I just called Marley, and his mother told me that he's lying down in his room.
Ans:  أنا فقط ودعا مارلي، وقال لي إن والدته انه الاستلقاء في غرفته.

Translate the following sentence:
I know a very shy waiter who doesn't want to speak to his customers and who never collects tips.
Ans:   أنا أعرف النادل خجولة جدا الذي لا يريد التحدث إلى زبائنه والذي لم يجمع النصائح.

Translate the following sentence:
I remember that we arrived late; the movie had already been playing for a while and, as a result, the plot was impossible for us to follow.
Ans:   وأذكر أن وصلنا في وقت متأخر. الفيلم سبق أن لعب لفترة من الوقت، ونتيجة لذلك، كانت مؤامرة من المستحيل بالنسبة لنا أن يتبع.

Translate the following sentence:
I still haven't figured out which evergreen plants in my little garden should be watered twice a day and which just once.
Ans:   ما زلت لم أحسب الذي النباتات دائمة الخضرة في بلدي حديقة صغيرة يجب أن تسقى مرتين في اليوم والتي مرة واحدة فقط.

Translate the following sentence:
I told you very clearly that the key was under the blue doormat outside the kitchen door.
Ans:   قلت لك بشكل واضح جدا أن المفتاح كان تحت ممسحة الزرقاء خارج باب المطبخ.

Translate the following sentence:
I was obliged to leave by Alma's colleague, who asserted unjustly that she preferred another person to me.
Ans:   أنا اضطر إلى ترك للزميل ألما، والذي أكد ظلما أنها فضلت شخص آخر لي.

Translate the following sentence:
I'm not proud of telling you that the guy who wore the sausage costume to the party was my cousin's best friend.
Ans:   أنا لست فخورة تخبرك بأن الرجل الذي ارتدى زي السجق إلى أن الحزب كان أفضل صديق ابن عمي.

Translate the following sentence:
I'm not sure my dog will recognize you and your sister after so many years.
Ans:   لست متأكدا سوف كلبي التعرف عليك وأختك بعد سنوات عديدة.

Translate the following sentence:
I'm quite hungry since I've been sitting in the waiting room for three hours.
Ans:   أنا جائع جدا منذ لقد كنت جالسا في غرفة الانتظار لمدة ثلاث ساعات.

Translate the following sentence:
If someone asks you to open that door, tell him that you are not authorized to do so and that he should come to ask me.
Ans:   اذا كان شخص ما يطلب منك فتح هذا الباب، أقول له أنك غير مخول للقيام بذلك، وأنه يجب أن تأتي لتسألني.

Translate the following sentence:
It was clear that this poker player could learn something from every game he played.
Ans:   وكان واضحا أن هذا لاعب البوكر يمكن أن تتعلم شيئا من كل مباراة لعب.

Translate the following sentence:
Just because I loaned you my bicycle for more than a month doesn't necessarily mean that there is a deep friendship between us.
Ans:   فقط لأنني كنت المعارين دراجة بلدي لأكثر من شهر لا يعني بالضرورة أن هناك صداقة عميقة بيننا.

Translate the following sentence:
Look at that huge cloud coming toward us; do you think it's going to rain soon?
Ans:   ننظر في ذلك سحابة ضخمة قادمة نحونا. هل تعتقد انه سيكون للمطر قريبا؟

Translate the following sentence:
Many toy stores in my town have already started playing the usual Christmas music.
Ans:   وقد بدأت العديد من المتاجر لعبة في بلدي المدينة بالفعل تشغيل الموسيقى عيد الميلاد المعتاد.

Translate the following sentence:
Mark and Paula don't feel the need to live together.
Ans:   مارك وباولا لا تشعر بالحاجة للعيش معا.

Translate the following sentence:
Millie kept saying that her career wouldn't be over now if she hadn't met that horrible man.
Ans:   أبقى ميلي قائلا ان مسيرتها لن يكون أكثر من الآن إذا لم تكن قد التقى هذا الرجل الرهيبة.

Translate the following sentence:
My brother Rob and I, when we were very little, gave each other a very hard time.
Ans:   أخي روب وأنا، عندما كنا قليلا جدا، وقدم بعضها البعض وقتا عصيبا للغاية.

Translate the following sentence:
My father has not driven his car since he had an accident last September, so my mother has to drive him around all the time.
Ans:   والدي لم يدفع سيارته منذ ان تعرضت لحادث في سبتمبر الماضي، حتى والدتي أن تدفع له في كل وقت.

Translate the following sentence:
My father often advised us that finding a needle in a haystack would have been easier than doing what we were trying to do.
Ans:   والدي غالبا ما ينصح لنا أن العثور على إبرة في كومة قش يمكن أن يكون أسهل من القيام بما كنا نحاول القيام به.

Translate the following sentence:
My father's dream was to sail the seas around the Caribbean Islands.
Ans:   كان حلم والدي إلى الإبحار في البحار حول جزر الكاريبي.

Translate the following sentence:
My mother asked me to buy some milk but, arriving at the store, I found that it was already closed.
Ans:   طلبت مني والدتي لشراء بعض الحليب ولكن، وصولا الى المتجر، وجدت أن تم إغلاقه بالفعل.

Translate the following sentence:
My neighbor's dog has developed the strange habit, which he didn't have until a few weeks ago, of digging deep holes in my garden.
Ans:   وقد وضعت كلبي الجيران عادة غريبة، وهو ما لم يكن لديهم حتى قبل بضعة أسابيع، حفر ثقوب عميقة في حديقتي.

Translate the following sentence:
My opinion, which I already know doesn't match yours, remains unchanged despite what happened today.
Ans:   رأيي، وأنا أعرف مسبقا لا يطابق لك، لم يتغير رغم ما حدث اليوم.

Translate the following sentence:
My uncle Pippo lives in the house next to mine, where he moved more than twelve years ago.
Ans:   عمي بيبو يعيش في المنزل المجاور لإزالة الألغام، حيث انتقل منذ أكثر من اثني عشر عاما.

Translate the following sentence:
Nellie has worked here for many years; the boss finally decided to promote her to a better position.
Ans:   عملت نيللي هنا لسنوات عديدة؛ قررت مدرب أخيرا في ترقيتها إلى وضع أفضل.

Translate the following sentence:
Now that school is out, I don't intend to spend too much time on those useless textbooks.
Ans:   والآن بعد أن المدرسة هي، وأنا لا أنوي أن تنفق الكثير من الوقت على تلك الكتب عديمة الفائدة.

Translate the following sentence:
Only five people went to help that poor family whose house went up in flames during the night.
Ans:   ذهب خمسة أشخاص فقط لمساعدة هذه العائلة الفقيرة التي صعد فيها النيران أثناء الليل المنزل.

Translate the following sentence:
Our goal is to get to the airport, board the plane before evening, and arrive at the destination before midnight.
Ans:   هدفنا هو الوصول الى المطار، متن الطائرة قبل مساء، وتصل إلى وجهتها قبل منتصف الليل.

Translate the following sentence:
Priscilla, after many months, decided that she's going to quit her job in July.
Ans:   قررت بريسيلا، بعد عدة أشهر أنها ستكون لترك وظيفتها في يوليو تموز.

Translate the following sentence:
Recent European studies show that children who are introduced to music early on develop strong intellectual skills.
Ans:   وتبين الدراسات الأوروبية الأخيرة أن الأطفال الذين يتم تقديمها إلى الموسيقى في وقت مبكر من تطوير مهارات فكرية قوية.

Translate the following sentence:
Several years ago I stayed on my friend Dylan's farm for two weeks. I haven't left the city since then.
Ans:   منذ عدة سنوات وبقيت على صديقي مزرعة ديلان لمدة أسبوعين. أنا لم غادروا المدينة منذ ذلك الحين.

Translate the following sentence:
She stared into his eyes, where a spark of profound passion was just perceptible, and said, "How is it possible that you can't understand my feelings?"
Ans:   انها يحدق في عينيه، حيث كانت شرارة العاطفة العميقة فقط محسوسة، وقال: "كيف يمكن أن لا يمكن فهم مشاعري؟"

Translate the following sentence:
Somebody rented the apartment in front of my mother's.
Ans:   شخص استأجر شقة في الجبهة من بلدي الأم.

Translate the following sentence:
That black cat kept climbing over the fence to eat the food out of my poor dog's bowl.
Ans:   تبقى أن القطة السوداء تسلق السياج لتناول الطعام من وعاء بلدي الفقراء الكلب.

Translate the following sentence:
That's incredible! The cowardly elephant fainted when he saw the little mouse under his feet.
Ans:   هذا غير معقول! أغمي الفيل الجبان عندما رأى الفأر الصغير تحت قدميه.

Translate the following sentence:
The accident happened just as I was going to the store to buy bread.
Ans:   الحادث وقع تماما كما كنت ذاهبا إلى المتجر لشراء الخبز.

Translate the following sentence:
The committee asked Roberta if she had ever had an experience like that, and she firmly responded with a yes.
Ans:   وطالبت اللجنة روبرتا إذا كانت قد أي وقت مضى تجربة من هذا القبيل، وأجابت بحزم مع نعم.

Translate the following sentence:
The helicopter, piloted by my fellow student, will land in the field exactly where that big red cross has been marked.
Ans:   المروحية، يقودها زملائي الطلاب، وستحط في مجال بالضبط حيث اتسم أن الصليب الأحمر كبير.

Translate the following sentence:
The man on the couch is reading a newspaper.
Ans:   الرجل على الأريكة يقرأ صحيفة.

Translate the following sentence:
The police officer was very cordial, even if he had no intention of letting us go without a ticket.
Ans:   وكان ضابط شرطة ودية جدا، حتى لو انه ليس لديه نية لترك لنا بالذهاب بدون تذكرة.

Translate the following sentence:
The principal affirmed that the student left in charge of the class was unable to keep order.
Ans:   وأكد مدير المدرسة أن الطالب غادر المسؤول عن الطبقة لم يتمكن للحفاظ على النظام.

Translate the following sentence:
The soft snow has finally covered our mountains, so we can start skiing and building snowmen.
Ans:   وقد غطت الثلوج الناعمة أخيرا جبالنا، حتى نتمكن من البدء في التزلج وبناء الثلج.

Translate the following sentence:
They will deliver my books today, while yours will be delivered tomorrow morning.
Ans:   وسوف تقدم كتبي اليوم، في حين سيتم تسليمها لك صباح الغد.

Translate the following sentence:
Tom's most important achievement was winning the national championship, which allowed him to travel a lot.
Ans:   الإنجاز توم أهم والفوز في البطولة الوطنية، والذي سمح له بالسفر كثيرا.

Translate the following sentence:
Tomorrow is the last day to hand in our assigned work. We will have to work all night in order to finish in time.
Ans:   غدا هو اليوم الأخير لتسليم عملنا المعين. سيكون لدينا للعمل طوال الليل من أجل الانتهاء في الوقت المناسب.

Translate the following sentence:
We are still raising money to finance the renovation of our school; so far we've raised over $2,000.
Ans:   نحن ما زلنا جمع الأموال لتمويل تجديد مدرستنا. حتى الآن لدينا جمعت أكثر من 2،000 دولار.

Translate the following sentence:
We citizens are demanding more attention from the administration for our everyday problems.
Ans:   نحن المواطنون يطالبون بمزيد من الاهتمام من الادارة لمشاكل اليومية.

Translate the following sentence:
When the horse realized the danger, he threw himself into the cold water of the river.
Ans:   وعندما أدرك الحصان الخطر، ألقى بنفسه في الماء البارد من النهر.

Translate the following sentence:
You can forget about going to the game tonight if you don't first finish all the homework assigned to you for Monday.
Ans:   يمكنك نسيان الذهاب الى مباراة الليلة إذا كنت لا تنتهي أولا كل الواجبات المنزلية الملقاة على عاتقكم ليوم الاثنين.

Translate the following sentence:
You helped me so much after the big fire that devastated my house, and I'll never forget it.
Ans:   أنت ساعدتني كثيرا بعد الحريق الكبير الذي دمر بيتي، وأنا لن ننسى ذلك.

Translate the following sentence:
You know that I'm a very busy person, but you still don't seem to understand that for me every second is precious.
Ans:   أنت تعرف أن أنا شخص مشغول جدا، ولكن كنت لا تزال لا يبدو أن نفهم أن بالنسبة لي كل ثانية ثمينة.